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Rhodes Island Hotels

Every visit to a place starts with the planning of the place where you will accommodate yourself.  While there are plenty of options available in Rhodes both in the New & the Old city, a list of 400+ hotels, we have listed the name & contact numbers for the few hotels that would reduce the effort for finding a place.

The hotels in Rhodes:

MelenosLindos (

Being on one of Europe’s most beautiful Islands, Hotel MelenosLindos provides a spectacle view of the Ageansea and a panoramic view of the coastline from a distance. This hotel is built with a distinct impression of the Lindian architecture in the mid-17th century and has grand white washed stones that give the impression of the village being built within itself.

Contacts: MelenosLindos, Rhodes Island, Tel: +30 22440 32222.

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel: (

This one is an eco friendly hotel that is housed by the Old city of Rhodes. Constructing this hotel was done keeping in mind the Greek architecture from earlier centuries, which is the main theme and thus a reason for experiencing the centuries old architecture. This hotel is easily accessed from the Grand Masters palace and therefore can be very helpful in accessing other parts of the city.

Contacts: Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel, 14 Alexandridou,Old Town. Tel: +30 22410 39765

Zacosta Villa Hotel: (

Zacosta provides a beautiful balance between medieval culture and modern facilities. The hotel provides handcrafted furniture for usage along with satellite TV. Located at a stone-throw distance from the Kings Castle, Zacosta has a lot of other places-to-go like museums, stores, local restaurants around the place. Being a part of the Old City, it gives you an experience to remember and a fair share of the ever famous medieval culture.

Contacts:  Zacosta Villa Hotel, Xenofontos 23, Medieval City, 30 22410 33450

Pefkos Beach Hotel: (

Being an island, Rhodes has many accommodation options and one of them is the Pefkos Beach Hotel, claims of being the best beach in Rhodes, the Pefkos hotel has more than one reason for a visit. The hotel has a wide view of the Pefkos Bay, from which it gets the name, which is a breath taking sight from a hotel room while on a vacation. With multiple types of accommodation available, Pefkos Beach Hotel has a reason for a deserving place on our list of hotel options.

Contacts: Pefko Beach Hotel, Pefki, Rhodes. Tel: +30 22440 48008

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