Nine Indie Publishing Lessons We Learned in 2014

Last year, 1.5 million words or so hit the market with my name on them. This year, the same thing happened. Sean and Dave, working in various combinations with me or without me, produced like maniacs. Sterling & Stone, as a bona-fide entity rather than just a name on paperwork somewhere, came to fruition. WeContinue reading

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This is Why the Smarter Artist is Important

You know what I always wanted to be, ever since I was a kid? A storyteller. Not just a writer, but a teller of stories. At no point did I want to be a blogger. At no point did I want to teach or sell knowledge. At no point did I want to be anContinue reading

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Is This a Turning Point in Self-Publishing?

To anyone with an Internet connection and a love of literature, it’s obvious that self-publishing is the future of the book industry. Self-published titles are up 17 percent just since 2012 and a whopping 437 percent over 2008. Clearly (and much to the delight of readers), writers are finding themselves increasingly empowered by the levelingContinue reading

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