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Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes Defines and Explains Ecstasy to its Visitors

Rhodes seaside is all about romanticism and passion for adventure and history. If want to delve into the glorious past of Greece, Rhodes and other Greek islands are must-visit for you. The island’s pebbled and sandy beach and inroads seem to know every bit of the glorious history of the islands. The seaside hotels are harmonious to the essence of the city and rightly serve to the taste and requirement of the passengers coming in from almost every corner of the world. The Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes is one of the beach hotels of Rhodes that is much sought-after by the s ea-loving people. The hotel is all outfitted with cool restaurants and pubs, aesthetically excellent pools and everything that one can expect from one of the best seaside hotels in Rhodes.

Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes Greece

Miraluna Location

Miraluna Kiotari Bay is located on the outskirts of the city, to be specific, in Kiotari. From the Diagoras Airport and the City Center, the hotel is a short drive.

Miraluna Kiotari Restaurants and Bars

The hotel is accoutered with a range of fine dining spaces that are pride of the beach hotel of Rhodes. The Artemis is a specious dining room in the heart of the hotel. A la carte breakfast, dinner and lunch are served to the visitors here. You can savor your taste buds with Greek as well as Mediterranean dishes that are served with the right interiors escalating the ambience successfully. The Dionyssos tavern, on the other hand, is known for the fresh meals that they serve. The grill house of the bistro has been a favorite of the bon vivant people for years.

Rhodes Miraluna Kiotari Bars are the watering holes you could be craving for all these years. The Zeus Bar being the main watering hole, the other salons are equally enticing and can get you naughty at any point of night. The roof garden of the hotel is equally appealing for the drinkers as it serves with a whole range of drinks and cocktails to the visitors. Notwithstanding the exotic pool side bar, the beach bar beach bar is a real ecstasy for the visitors. The amphitheater bar can take you back along the path of centuries. The disco bar is for the naughty folks who want to tap their feet to some chartbusters while sipping Tequila or something. Good cheers!

Shopping at Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes

The Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes is rigged up with various lounges and a huge lobby where you can shop till you drop. Especially in the evening, the indoor shopping places go more vibrant and get footfalls. You can get everything from greetings cards to books, from cigarettes ti ornaments here in this Miraluna Kiotari only. The mini market is the best place for some quick shopping before you catch your flight to home.

Miraluna Exclusive: Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre-a Miraluna Exclusive

The amphitheatre is an unrivaled feature of the Miraluna Kiotari. The arena is fun-filled all around the day throughout the year, with gala dance, drama music and game shows enchanting the visitors.

Spending Holidays in London – Book Some Great Serviced Apartment Accommodations

A trip to London is one of the great trips throughout the world which gives and outstanding experience which is full of excitements and the memories which can never be forgotten. It has been recognized that London is one of the best destination for spending the time by exploring the London etc. It has the best budget serviced apartments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, museums, shopping malls, parks etc. It also has the “SHAKESPEAREN THEATER” which is the world’s famous art center.  Though, you can have a great experience by visiting these place especially Royal parks. This may come with some challenges if suitable preceding arrangements are not made for affordable hotels or serviced apartments.

Royal parks in Central London
Royal parks in Central London

Royal parks in Central London

As like finding appropriate visiting places, to find a right accommodation for staying in this emperor country could be an intimidating task, though, with the proper information on the available websites for accommodation can make it easy. The following mentioned are some guidelines on how to do this:

There are vast ways to find the London accommodation online. First, you have to decide, in what type of stay you are interested? This will decide to get the right accommodation. It doesn’t matter that your stay is for vacation or for business cause; you will get the great services. Booking a serviced apartment with entertainment services means a stay for vacation. On the second, is at what is cost of your stay, you have to do a comparison by considering prices for the accommodation, and pick the appropriate one which is comfortable and fits within your budget. You can do this by visiting official reservation website like

apartments rental in London
Apartments For Rent In London

The other thing that should be considered when seeking an accommodation is the consideration on the factors like discounts on accommodations. This is supposed to be done for restaurants, serviced apartments, cafes etc, with good discounts and terms of payment should be flexible which can easily be suited according to your mind.

Central London Serviced Apartments
Central London Serviced Apartments

While reserving an accommodation especially serviced apartments in Central London for vacations online, it is really great to book an apartment because they provide many great facilities, which can never be provided by any hotels and stay-in restaurants. The bookings of serviced apartments in London are made much trouble-free with the vast available options on the internet and that are conveniently be accessible through Travelofix. Now London serviced apartments bookings are much easier. Now the people who are visiting London for vacation, business purpose, official meetings etc have the wide range of services according to their request.

Top 4 Best Road Trips Before You Go to College

You tossed your cap high into the air at graduation and after four fun and memorable years, you’re a high school graduate. With college in the near future, you’re feeling excited, nervous, and a little sad too. Some of your best friends will be studying at universities hundreds of miles away from you.

Knowing that your time together will soon be cut short, you need one last chart-topping hurrah. What better way to say goodbye to your buds than to go on an unforgettable road trip? Here are a few of the best road trips to take this summer with your friends.

1. Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone National Park
Yellow Stone National Park

Image via Flickr by DirectDish

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Yellow Stone is worth the drive out west. Located in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, this 3,468-mile park offers exciting explorations and leisurely activities. Rent an RV and sleep among the wildlife or stay in one of the many lodges at the park. Here are some awesome things you can do at Yellowstone:

  • Marvel at the site of the spectacular geysers — particularly Old Faithful. Just remember to keep your distance from the boiling waters.
  • Go horseback riding through the mountains. What better way to connect with nature than to ride an animal through the beautiful mountains?
  • Kayak through the pristine Yellowstone Lakes. If you love watersports, kayaking through one of America’s most famous National Parks is a necessity.

2. St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida
St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

Image via Flickr by Hyku

If you’re a fan of surf and sand, visit Florida for its awesome shoreline and fun-filled cities. If you were already planning to buy or lease a new car for college, now would be a great time to head to a dealership like Hoffman Ford and scoop one up. You’ll need it for the drive between St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Orlando. Here are just a few of the cool things you can do.

  • Go parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and jet skiing, just don’t forget your sunblock and your sea legs.
  • Enjoy a sunset drum circle at one of the beautiful beaches. Unique to beach life, drum circles are fun gathering of drums and dancers celebrating their natural surroundings.
  • Visit the nation’s best theme parks. Tampa has Busch Gardens, an African-themed zoo and theme park filled with water rides, record-breaking roller coasters and African safaris. Orlando has a plethora of theme parks including water parks, Disney parks, and Universal Studio parks.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle - Washington
Seattle, Washington

Image via Flickr by Dougtone

Seattle is an excellent city for its diverse list of things to do. Become one with nature in the nearby mountains or relish in the city’s eclectic spirit. It truly has the best of both worlds. Everyone on your trip will enjoy themselves since there’s something for everyone in this Pacific Northwest area. Here are several activities you should plan on doing:

  • Catch a huge fish at the famous Pike Place Market. Well, the fishermen will do it for you, but you’re guaranteed a fresh dinner when you shop at this famous fish market.
  • Get out of the country and take a ferry to Canada for the day. Just remember to bring your passport to visit this neighboring country.
  • Take the three-hour trip to Mount Rainer and hike through its trails. Stretch your legs and test your mountaineering skills as you hike through these beautiful green mountains and volcanos.

4. New York City, New York

New York City, New York
New York City, New York

Image via Flickr by snorepey

You know about its iconic prestige, you’ve heard about the fantastic Broadway shows, delicious cuisine and exciting sightseeing tours, and you’ve wanted to go for as long as you can remember. It’s time to round-up your friends and make the drive to the Big Apple. There are so many things to do in this magical city but here are some suggestions for your first visit:

  • Take a ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands. A trip to New York City, New York is not complete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go on a bicycling tour or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Chose to circle the park and take in the scenery, or visit the zoo inside the park.
  • Watch a show on Broadway. Known for its theatrical brilliance, Broadway presents some of the most famous live musicals. Even if you’re not a fan, you may become one after seeing a show on Broadway.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, find a reliable car, and set off on an incredible trip you’ll never forget.

Most Popular Things To Get Involved on a London Holiday

There is something special about each city in the world. And while you are there, it is essential to see, participate and be a part of that something special. From experiencing London Eye to attending a game of Rugby or being a part of its festivals and on-street soiree, there is so much to get involved in:

Sightseeing Tour of the City: A Panoramic View

There are several less popular or lesser known corners in London, which can best be explored on a sightseeing tour. Visit the brilliant places that you know on a walking, boat, cycle or a bus tour in the city. Travel around London, and take a view of the special sights of the city.

Popular Attractions: Things to See

Popular Attractions Things to See

There are some major attractions in city, which will draw you towards them. Visit these popular attractions that everyone visits through a stay in London. Include a visit to Shards, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, London Bridge and Windsor Castle. You can shortlist the most fascinating attractions while finalising your plan on the itinerary. It is ideal to stay at one of the lodgings close to these attractions. Booking a stay with any of the secret London hotels through will keep you close to maximum options, while saving your time and cash on transportation.

Encourage Your Team from the Stands: Sports and Matches in London

Encourage Your Team from the Stands Sports and Matches in London

London has a big role in keeping the spirit of sports alive. While you are here in London, it will be a good idea to attend a match of Rugby, or cricket, as these two are the most enjoyed sports of London. People are crazy about the famous rugby league, and cricket matches. Take a ticket to a match and shout out in support of your favourite team from the stands. Besides, you will find several popular sports options like football, extreme sports, snooker, martial arts and racquet sports and tennis to participate in.

View its Performances and Enactments: Theatrical Culture

Theatrical culture is still popular in London, ever since the Shakespearean times. You will find several theatrical shows, with dramatic musical performances to story enactments or dramas. Book your place for one of these shows. There are a lot of options available for you, like the circus, musical performances, pantomime, concerts, opera, dramas, or the famous film festivals. These are a popular part of London’s culture.

Attend its Festivals and Fairs: Celebrations in the City

Festivals and fairs in London are the base of excitement and thrill. With so much happening here, you can participate in festivals in every season and for different reasons. London Book Fair, Pride London festival, Changing of the Guards, Chester Fair Wine and beer Tasting, Kew Summer festival, to City of London Festival, the Winter Wonderland, or the Christmas Fair. You can look for festivals and fairs according to the time of the year you are here. Season special festivals are the soul of the celebration in the city.

Nightlife Culture: Bars and Nightclubs

Nightlife Culture Bars and Nightclubs
Nightlife Culture Bars and Nightclubs


London has a high voltage nightlife in London! There are several pubs, bars and nightclubs in the city, which spring in life with the fall of evening. Join the daily soiree at these nightclubs, and enjoy the vivacity of London. There are nightclubs where live performances take place each day, then there are DJ bars where people hang out after a long and tiring day at work. And finally, some nightclubs will keep you engaged right from the fall of evening till the break of dawn. Fabric, Heaven, and Ministry of Sound are the most famous of all clubs to be at.

Visit World Heritage Sites: Past in Present

London has some world heritage sites, which attract people with some serious interest in history and culture. Make most of your vacation while you are here in the city, by visiting these world heritage sites. Visit the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret’s Church, Tower of London and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Also, be there for the big and meaningful cultural acts like Changing of the guards, Trooping the Colour and the festivals like Notting Hill Carnival. There is something special for each day.

London is a happening city, where past lives just as much, as the present. While there is so much to view from its past, you will find its present full of options too. Find out what do you want to include from this list of major things to do, offered by this English city.


Author’s Bio: Angelica is a travel writer, who works by travelling all around Europe, and sharing her experiences with other tourists. Benefit from her travels and learn about the city, you are planning to visit.

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

20 million travelers arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport last year, lured by the capital’s historic sites and the recreational opportunities in the regions beyond. If you’re planning a trip to the Beehive State, creating a hotel checklist can make sure you get the most from your stay. Read on to discover the questions you should ask before you check in.

Location Matters

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

Image Via Flickr by Davidd

A hotel’s location is the most important consideration for many travelers. If you love the bustling pace of an urban area, you’ll probably look to a room in Salt Lake City. If you prefer to unwind, a more rural location like Price or Moab may suit you better. Ski bunnies typically flock to the snowfields of Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

While your vacation style and favorite attractions will influence your desired location, so will your transport. If you’re relying on public transport, you might prefer a hotel close to Salt Lake City International Airport, bus stops, light rail stations, or key attractions. Road trippers and tourists hiring a car will have greater flexibility, so they can generally save money by staying at a hotel off the beaten track.

Choose the Right Room for You

It’s vital to choose a room that suits your needs. Families will likely need double rooms or serviced apartments, while most couples can make do with single rooms. Non-smoking suites are common in most hotels, but your choices are a bit more limited if you want to light up. Smokers United offers a handy list of smoker-friendly hotels in Utah.

Note Special Features

Any hotel stay is always about more than your rented room. Choosing a hotel with great facilities can make your stay something special. Utah hotels with pools and other on-site activities can keep you entertained without putting your hand in your pocket. Restaurants and gymnasiums on the premises are also desirable for some travelers.

When traveling with children, you’ll need to confirm a hotel has essentials like crib hire and babysitting services. The child’s ambassador at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel ensures little ones have a good time, while the ranger talks and wide open spaces of Springdale’s Zion Lodge provide kid-friendly fun outdoors.

If someone in your traveling party is disabled, you’ll also need an accessible hotel. allows you to search for hotels with a range of accessible options, including Braille or raised signage, handicapped parking, and accessible bathrooms.

Consider the Bottom Line

When all things are equal, the choice of hotel room often comes down to price. helps you to compare the best Utah hotel room rates side by side, including any extras. These bonuses, such as complimentary breakfasts, airport transfers, and free WiFi, can save you big bucks in the long run. Some hotels also offer weekend specials and advance purchase discounts which might influence your travel time.

Make sure you don’t forget to ask about taxes. Hidden charges like room occupancy tax and cancellation fees can raise your tariff unexpectedly.

Finding a hotel that ticks all your essential boxes is the first step to enjoying your time in Utah. Asking the important questions before you arrive will make your stay in Utah run smoothly.

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV

There are few things more exciting than a road trip. And having an RV makes you feel at home while you’re exploring new places. Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning an RV or are interested in upgrading your current one, there are number of things to consider when choosing an RV for your family. This is especially true if you plan to be on the road in your recreational vehicle frequently. Here are some helpful tips for selecting your next RV.

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV-1

Create a List of Amenities

Every family has different priorities when it comes to amenities for their RV. Before you make a purchase, spend some time thinking about what your family needs to be comfortable while on the road. Some things to consider are how many beds you will need, which appliances you’d like to have, how much storage you will need, whether you want heat/ac, a built-in navigation system, or cable television. An RV is a big investment, so you want to make sure you choose the right amenities to align with your family’s needs.

Think About Your Budget

Costs of recreational vehicles vary based on the model you choose to purchase. It’s important to consider your budget when selecting an RV. If you’ve spent significant time saving up, and are going to be on the road frequently, then a Class A motorhome may be your best option. Or perhaps you are only planning to travel a few times a year. In that case you may want to consider a smaller Class B motorhome or a travel trailer. It’s also important to think ahead when budgeting, as regular maintenance and fuel can be costly.

Decide Which Type Is Right for You

There are several different types of recreational vehicles to choose from. There are three classes of motorhomes: Class A, B and C. Class A and C motorhomes tend to be larger, while class B motorhomes are typically smaller models designed for people who aren’t full-time travelers. Class Cs are commonly recognized by the bed above the vehicle’s cab. You can also opt for a travel trailer, which is an RV that you tow behind a truck. Travel trailers range in size from small pop-up campers to large fifth wheels, which are designed for full-time travelers. Decide which type is right for you based on your needs and your budget.

Comparison Shop

When you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to start shopping! An RV wholesale location is a great place to begin your search. Wholesale dealers typically offer a varied selection of recreational vehicles at competitive prices. If you are hoping to get a good deal, try visiting a wholesaler and comparison shopping on their lot. There will be plenty of options to choose from.

Purchasing an RV is a major decision. It’s also a very exciting one! In order to make the right decision, consider your needs, budget, and which type of recreational vehicle is right for your family before you go shopping. Happy travels!

About the Author: Liz Alton is a freelance writer covering business, marketing, and education trends. She loves camping, road trips, and visiting RV wholesale locations to find her dream motorhome.

Trying Your Luck At Casino Rodos In Rhodes Greece

While on a vacation, a game or two of trying luck is the best way of recreation. This is exactly what Rhodes offers to it’s tourist, however, there is just one notable casino in all of Rhodes which can be worth all the time & money spent at this place.

Casino Rodos Rhodes Greece
Casino Rodos Rhodes Greece

Casino Rodos (

This casino offers more than 1,700 sq. meters of casino gaming to it’s visitors, making it arguably the largest in all of Rhodes. Along with slot machines, there are live Poker tables that add to the attraction and the reasons for visiting this casino while at this island. The outer structure is also quite a sight being housed by the Grande Albergodelle Rose hotel. This casino has more to offer than just slot machines and poker games, since it is housed by one of the better hotels, there is no reason to look for a hotel elsewhere.

Moreover, due to its vast out spread, the casino has more than 300 slot machines which include a few of the pre-dominant reel make as well as the newest in technology that uses video interactivity. Therefore giving an option to the player, to get hold of the slot and pull in some luck or use the more technologically advanced slots for better user experience.

To add to these slot machines and for the ones who are more inclined towards the adrenaline of gambling, there are more than 30 live tables which host a variety of games. These add to the various options that are available, at the same time brings in a hint of change that is necessary in a trip to an island city.

All in all, the casino that proudly stands out as a place with ‘must visit’ written all over it, is the Casino Rodos, you can have a ball while you roll the dice.

Contacts: 4, Georgiou Papanikolaou Street, Rhodes. Tel: +30 22410 97500

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Vibrant Nightlife in Rhodes Greece

faliraki rhodes nightlife

Unlike most islands around the Greek mainland, you can find a very bustling and a wide variety of clubs and party places in the Rhodes. There are plenty of options that can get those feet tapping at the same time have a night out with a few select friends and a few drinks. Being cosmopolitan in nature, the Rhodes island, provides a plethora of places and eateries that are open through the night. Most of the party places and the lounges are all located in the city of Rhodes which is also the most common location for many tourists that visit this island.

Besides feet tapping music, there are other entertainment options like cultural shows and other events which are also organized during the nights that can be a good outing. These are mostly based on the historical changes of Rhodes and theatrical performances which can be a treat for theatre enthusiasts. Beyond the original theatre performances, there are about 6 cinemas in the Rhodes island that can also be used for catching up on the latest releases from back home.

Rhodes offers a brilliant mix of clubs and bars that are available on this island. The clubs offer good music to dance the night away and are open until the wee hours of the morning. The bars have an option of getting high on the wide variety of spirits available and even these are available until pretty late in the night. Some of the most famous clubs on the island include the Fabric Sting which is a more modern club and has the latest music available. The other famous club is called the TajMahal which is also popular as a mainstream fashion club and exhibits a glamorous version of the oriental lifestyle. The popular bar on the island is the Reflection Bar, this is most famous for it’s wide variety of shots and cocktails. Jamaika, is another bar which has been in business for more than 27 years and is situated on the Ermoustreet in Faliraki, there is a D.J playing the most common music to keep the mood light.

For an island which such rich cultural heritage, there is no disappointment to the ones that believe to party hard.

Lindian Village Rhodes Inveigles International Tastes

Rhodes does only mean medieval architectural marvels, stony roads and wide nude beaches. The pastoral parts of the island are equally appealing, especially for those who love the serenity of woods and the gravity of the sea. For the exceptional minds, Rhodes has a wide range of options indeed. The Lindian Village Rhodes is one of these extraordinary resorts the Greek city can boast of. The hotel is unequivocally considered as one of the best Rhodes village hotels and can be a charm for the nature lovers who flow in the city form all parts of the planet.

Hotel Lindian Village Rhodes Greece Pool at night
Hotel Lindian Village Rhodes Greece Pool at night

Rhodes Lindian Village Location

Tucked away on the southwestern part of the RhodesIsland, the hotel is a class in itself. The hotel is plotted amidst a blossoming garden and encircled by indigenous trees and plants. The hotel is a steep merger of world-class services and the tender touch of nature. It does not only satisfy the discerning hearts but also proffer with the best services. The stone paths leading to the River Passage and the beautiful gardens all embracing the complex, the hotel is a much sough-after for the people who look for complete solitude. The invigorating sea wind ever whispering in the ears of the boarders and the traditional Greek essence kept intact, the hotel is a nice place to visit.

Lindian Village Hotel rhodes Greece photos
Lindian Village Hotel rhodes Greece photos
Lindian Village rhodes Greece pool 1
Lindian Village rhodes Greece pool 1

Rhodes Lindian Resort Additional Facilities

Thalassic spa is almost synonymous to the city of Rhodes and the hotel is no exception in this regard. Their empanelled skin and hair experts provide the best solution for the visitors. ‘The Hall’ a dedicated conference hall caters to the needs of the business tourists primarily. The hotel offers myriad other bespoke services to its visitors.

Lindian Village Rhodes Food and Beverages

Rhodes Lindian is blessed with a swarm of eateries and watering holes to meet the needs of multiethnic people. You can relish the Greek and Mediterranean dishes as well as swing in one of those Lindian bars to satisfy your nerves. The hotel has also room-delivery service and can arrange moonlit dinner for two or more with extra charges applied. The three saloons that welcome the visitors with lip smacking dishes are:

La Piazza

The La Piazza lounge espresso bar is exactly at the main area of the hotel. You can try your taste buds on the special dry martini (a Lindian village exclusive) while sitting beneath a eucalyptus tree.


From freshly baked muffins and pasties to much-loved Frappe, tantalizing mojitos to smoking hot Capuccino, the bistro has it all to charm the bon vivant folks.

Sea Spirit Bar-Club

Sea spirit is just beside the swimming pool so as to pour in some freshness to the ambience and entice the mates.


Restaurants of the hotel contribute towards it being one best Rhodes village hotels. The notable bistros of the hotel are:


It’s the main bistro of the hotel and combines well the mores of different parts of the world. The hotel is design-wise international but very much Mediterranean in nature.  You must try the wine collection of the eatery if you take interest in.


Basil is typically Greek restaurant that serves authentic and fusion dishes for all occasions. Historically well-known ingredients like olive oil, legumes and Mediterranean fruits are used for cooking.

Mr. Danton

Mr. Danton is essentially a Thai luncheonette.


Hotel La Marquise Luxury Rhodes-Serenity Modified

Aegean Sea has been circumflexing the Rhodes islands since centuries. Embraced by the deep blue sea, the lush green of the island have survived for ages and experienced the beginning of civilization with changes times. Modern Rhodes is perhaps an ideal blend of green nature and pure urban essence. The luxury hotels of Rhodes are well in harmony to this mixed nature of the island so as to appeal and attract multiethnic people flowing in the city from all across the hotel. Hotel La Marquise Luxury Rhodes is a perfect example of this nice blend of greenery and concretes. A 120 square meter expanded one; the hotel rightly serves to the requirement of the people who look for luxury hotels in Rhodes.

Hotel La Marquise lobby Rhodes
Hotel La Marquise lobby Rhodes

La Marquise location

La Marquise has been thoughtfully built on the fringes of the city of Rhodes, particularly to gift it the serenity and solitude, the incomparable gifts of nature. To be more specific, the hotel is cited on the famous Kallithea Beach and the visitors can have a spellbinding view of the Aegean Sea.

Hotel La Marquise Luxury Rhodes Bistros and Saloons

Da Vinci

Da Vinci is sited within the main building only. The main restaurant of the hotel, Da Vinci offers eclectic Gre4ek and international dishes. The restaurant has been designed with a purpose, mainly to bestow the visitors a thematic ambience. Embraced by waterfalls with LED enlightened mosaic tiles, the bistro is a must-visit for not just food lovers but art aficionados as well.

Crystal Lounge Saloon

The saloon is located on the main building itself. You can capture an awesome view of the well-maintained gardens of the hotel that are spread across width and breadth of the frontals. The posh inside of the saloon can literally induce your thirst and the wide range of wines served can rightly quench that thereafter.

Luna Panoramic Bar

The Luna Panoramic is an outdoor ingot which serves a vast range of exhilarating drinks that are purposefully coupled with refreshments. If you are a click happy by nature, Luna can gift you some memorable sunset moments to capture with your Smartphone or dig cam.

Gondola Pool Restaurant cum Bar

Hotel La Marquise Rhodes
Hotel La Marquise Rhodes

Gondola is a marvelous poolside bistro offering multi-cuisine and exotic drinks as well.

Hotel La Marquise Luxury Rhodes Spa

The hotel’s spa has been working as a magnet for the visitors to the 2400 years old city, Rhodes since its inception. The spa services include Bath, Aroma steam baths, Infinity Solo & Duo Pool, Hydro pool, Treatment rooms, double treatment rooms, Relaxing areas, Vitamin bar, Holistic Cocooning, Massage, Thai Massage, Manicure and Pedicure, Hairdressing and many more.

La Marquise Rhodes Accommodation

The hotel has 368 spacious rooms and suites in total all of which are outfitted by all the modern facilities like hot stream interactive flat TVs, high speed wireless internet connectivity, daily maid service,  balcony/terrace, luxury toiletries, direct dial telephone, mini bar (extra charge) etc.

Where to Go? 5 Destinations for 5 Holidays

Public holidays are the perfect time of year to think about an extended break from work or a short weekend away from home. But with so many destinations, where are the best places to go for specific holidays? Whether you want to hang out and relax or join in the festivities, there is a perfect destination for you.

1. Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana


Mardi Gras - New Orleans, Louisiana
Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana

Image via flickr by PhelanRiessen

Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has had a complete revamp of its infrastructure. Much of the destroyed areas have been rehabbed, and the city is once again back to normal. However, there is no better time to visit than March, when the city celebrates Mardi Gras. Head down to Bourbon Street and experience the chaos firsthand. Go to the night parade if you’re feeling a bit wild, or take the kids to the day parade. Make sure you soak in authentic Cajun food while you’re there. You won’t regret it.

2. New Year’s Eve – New York City


New Year's Eve - New York City
New Year’s Eve – New York City

Image via flickr by andrewcparnell

If you want to be in one of the most festive New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, book your flight for New York City. Times Square is the center of the New Year’s party; watch the crystal ball drop and countdown to zero, only this time do it in person. While the area is crowded, you can try your luck getting on television or simply people watch in this culturally diverse event. When you’re done, explore the city. From museums to restaurants to sporting events, New York has something for everyone.

3. San Sebastian Day – San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Sebastian Day is one of the biggest festivals of the year in Puerto Rico. Taking place annually on the third weekend in January, it is the best place to take in every bit of Puerto Rican culture. San Juan is crowded with live music, art, food and drink, and a huge parade. The city tends to be crowded during the festival, so check out Royal Holiday Villas in Humacao about 45 minutes from San Juan. The beaches are amazing and you can avoid the hectic pace in the city before and after the festival.

4. Fourth of July – Washington, D.C.

To express your American patriotism, no place is better than the nation’s capital. The day starts off with the Independence Day parade which has marching bands, floats, and military units walking through the streets. Head over to the Smithsonian afterwards for the Folklife Festival which has artists, musicians, and food from across the country. At the end of the day, no Fourth of July would be complete without fireworks. Watch from Lincoln Memorial, and see the fireworks over the reflecting pool in front.

5. Groundhog Day – Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Punxsutawney is the perfect destination if you want to experience some true Americana. The holiday, which takes place on February second, is centered in this town, two hours east of Pittsburgh. Go to Gobbler’s Knob, the main park in town, to see if Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, sees his shadow. You can also walk around downtown for some shopping or dining. Bring the kids as well, for the groundhog petting zoo and Groundhog Day Parade.

No matter what your idea of the perfect holiday is, celebrating them in a new place with new friends creates memories. Why do the same predictable event each year, when you can experience a slice of American culture elsewhere? So, make this next holiday experience something you’ll remember by relaxing somewhere different.



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What Makes a Luxury Hotel ? surroundings, exceptional service is key

Those who are looking for a luxury holiday experience have become more discerning, with a clear idea of what they expect when paying extra for a luxurious experience. Travellers want something different, something unique and something that makes them feel special. A luxury hotel is will not depend on high value package deals and budget offers – after all, you get what you pay for. When a customer chooses luxury over budget, they don’t just want a higher quality of surroundings, exceptional service is key. For the right customer experience, those who want luxury won’t care what they pay.

luxury hotel

The more a customer is willing to pay, the more likely it is that they are practiced users of the luxury market and therefore more demanding – expecting a higher level of service delivery, something truly exceptional.

The way a luxury hotel is designed and run will depend largely on their target clientele. There are groups of the affluent over all age groups. For the young, high levels of service in a contemporary and relaxed environment are important – the formality of olden-day luxury may not apply. Youthful customers may not wish to wear dinner jackets or cocktail dresses to enjoy a luxury atmosphere, stylish smart-casual may be their attire of choice. Times have changed.

It used to be the case that luxury meant whatever was the most costly – the most expensive décor and fittings, technology and extras. Whilst luxury does rely somewhat on premier products, it’s more about great design. Design that has been thought out thoroughly, from the customer’s point of view.

A modern day luxury hotel must also have personality; customers must feel the charm of an individual hotel and not feel that they are simply part of chain, though luxury hotels may well be part of a chain. If the hotel is part of a bigger corporation, there need to be finishing touches that have been carefully added for the customers of that hotel alone – perhaps tailored to the location or building history.

Luxury hotels must also be a place of fun. A place to unwind and indulge yourself. The restaurants and bars are a brilliant place for a sense of playfulness to come through. Whilst spa facilities are another way to pamper guest; access to spa facilities, hot tubs and glistening pools are always attractive.

The booking process of a luxury hotel should also be considered. The travel agent needs to fit with the brand of the hotel, you are unlikely to find London’s most exclusive hotels on the discount pages of online booking agents – though high-class online secret sales can be used. Luxury hotels will often make direct booking with customers or their agents over the phone or in person to, getting to know their clientele extremely well so a quick call-in will tell them exactly how long they’d like, which room they’d prefer and even how they require their room to be personalised. Attention to detail is key.

Alisa Martin is a travel writer from the UK, She prefers to holiday in Great Britain rather than abroad and enjoys staying in lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall. For Luxury hotels visit