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An Adventure Of A Lifetime At Lake District

Lake District is seen as a mountain region that is primarily located in North West England. It is a popular family adventure destination. It is mostly famous for its lakes, mountains and forests. The region is also associated with the early nineteenth century writings and poetry of William Wordsworth.

Adventure Of A Lifetime At Lake District
There are various family adventure holidays offered by various tour companies. Some of these include:

Go Ape in Grizedale Park

Go ape is seen as a “high wire adventure” that is considered to be a perfect addition to the family adventure holiday at Lake District. The adventure is usually a giant obstacle course that primarily uses walkways, ladders, bridges and tunnels made of ropes, wood, wire strip and zip lines. This is something that will surely engage and entertain the whole family. For more information on the Go Ape at Grizedale Park you can contact Grizedale visitor center by calling +44 (0)845 6439215.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is seen as one of the primary family adventures carried out at Lake District. One can take time with the family to take horse rides through the villages and shores of Lake District. Horse riding is most definitely an enjoyable way of viewing the beauty of the area and experiencing the freedom of Lake District.

Rock Climbing

Lake District has spectacular mountains that make a family adventure memorable. Climbing the mountains is seen as a very popular activity that will put your family in to perfect shape and leave them enjoying every moment of their walk. There are normally different routes used for walking which varies from highly experienced climbers to beginners.

Lakes Leisure Windermere

Lake Leisure is an adventure center that specializes in kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing and sailing. The center provides the various equipments needed for all these activities. There are also expert instructors that help your family when need be. For more information you can contact Lakes Leisure, Rayrigg Road LA231BP.


There are usually a number of bike hire companies that have cycling tracks at the Lake District. These companies give you a perfect alternative way to have fun during your family adventure holiday at Lake District. Lake District has some of the highest mountains and longest lakes. There is no better to enjoy the scenery other than taking a bicycle ride in the outdoors.


The homescales activity center is a place that offers your family exhilarating outdoor activities which include paintballing, archery, quad biking and ruffle shooting. You can contact the center by calling +44(0)1539772147.
Lake District has links to some of the major writers and artist in history. These include Celia Fiennes, Daniel Defoe, William Wordsworth and Father Thomas West. This has made theatre to be one of the popular attractions at Lake District. The tradition of theatre has been carried from generation to generation through venues like; Theatre by the Lake located in Keswick. The theatre is known for Easter and Christmas productions, various literatures, mountaineering, film, jazz and various creative art festivals.


The above activities at Lake District brings out adventurous experience to the visitors. Visitors out of U.K can use passport service and visa services or travel agency services to plan there vacation.

Faliraki beach – ideal beaches for tourists action lovers and the calm sun bathers

The Faliraki beach is situated along the east coast of the Rhodes island in the northern part. This beach is about 5 km wide and is considered to be the best beaches on the island nation, also very highly organized in order to be one of the major attraction beaches for the tourists visiting the island. One important reason is that this seems to be one of the closer beaches, located just about 14 kms from the city of Rhodes and approximately 10 kms from the airport. This makes the beach more popular among the locals, easy travelling options gets a huge chunk of the visitors to visit this beach as one of the first visits on the island. Faliraki, also has a lot of options for getting those picturesque photographs that will be a part of memory for the years to go by.

Faliraki Beach Rhodes, Greece
Faliraki Beach Rhodes, Greece

Being one of the better organized beaches, the beach is about 4 kms long and has a very long stretch of umbrellas and sunbeds, which are placed in an orderly fashion along the sea coast. If it is walk that you enjoy, or just the bit of tan by a sun bath, either of these is possible along the Faliraki coast. This beach has also been known for its safety for swimmers, the beach slowly culminates into the beautiful Aegean sea and therefore is a lot safer than most other beaches on the island.

Being a beach with a lot of tourists, there are a lot of activities which can be done along the Faliraki beach. These activities involve a lot of water sporting action like Banana Safari, Jet skiing, wind surfing, etc. For the ones with a higher need for adrenaline, there are a few other extreme sports like bungee jumping or even the sky surfer. The sports come at a cost but with a skill for bargaining, you can end up with a good deal for the vacation. After a whole morning of action, there are lots of restaurants, that can serve most world renowned delicacies, there are also the tavernas which can serve authentic Greek food.

The Faliraki is one of the ideal beaches for tourists who are a combination of action lovers and the calm sun bathers that look for vacation spots on bright sunny islands.

Stegna Beach – Piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains

Being an island nation, Rhodes has some of the best beaches, with a lot of scenic beauty. These are exemplified with a lot of beautiful beaches on either sides of the coastal region of the island. One such gorgeous beach is the Stegna Beach which is situated along the east coast. This beach is considered and is by far one of the more quiet beaches on the island. The road of Archangelos, runs along this beach for about 500 meters and this makes the beach an ideal place for bathing. The bathers are used mostly by the local villagers, however, it is also an unusual experience for the visitors staying at the beach or in the vicinity.

Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece
Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece

Besides being a beauty of a beach, the approach road to this place is also worth a journey. The beach is like a piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains, which has roads that go winding through sheep grazing pastures and lots of almond & lemon groves. Once at the beach, there are plenty of tavernas that offer the most variety of choice both in terms of taste and budget options. For the high spirited, there are a few local bars which is not more than a 10 minute walk from the smallish harbor on the beach.

The Rhodes island is known for its rich cultural and historical ties, the stegna beach has the most untouched of Greek Village look & feel. The reason is owing to tourism being concentrated in the city areas, however, there are a lot of things that tourists can enjoy on this beach as well. A few tavernas and the beach resorts, host local parties, which has an open invitation and tourists are free to join.

The stegna beach is at a distance, of about 30 k.m, from the Rhodes Town and is not very difficult to access. From a tourist perspective, a vacation of calmness and quiet can be found at this beach with an exquisite view of the Greek waters.

About Rhodes Island Greece

Rhodes Island Greece

Rhodes is an island located in the eastern Aegean Sea in Greece. In terms of land area and population it is termed as one of the largest Dodecanese islands. The Rhodes island has been famous worldwide historically since its Colossus of Rhodes was listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

The island of Rhodes is shaped like a spearhead and it has a coastline of approximately 220kms.

The island of Rhodes has very rich resources of flora and fauna. The island has mountainous regions in its interiors and is covered with forests of pines and cypress. The shores are very rocky but some crops like wine grapes, olives, citrus fruit, vegetables etc. are grown in certain land strips on the island.

Rhodes Island has a history of earthquakes and one of which even destroyed the Colossus of Rhodes and caused minor damage to some old buildings here.

Rhodes also has a very rich historical background and the predominant religion here is the greek orthodox. There is a noteworthy Roman Catholic minority on the island, many of whom are progenies of Italians who endured after the end of the Italian livelihood. Rhodes has a Muslim minority, a remnant from Ottoman Turkish periods. The Jewish community of Rhodes dates back to the 1st century AD.

Along with the popularity of being a famous tourist destination it is also one of the favourite spots for scuba divers. The underwater world of Rhodes is considered a paradise with numerous varieties of marine habitat. The marine life is in plenty here and the ships wrecks on the sea bed prove a haven for the divers which help them see the history with their own eyes. These ship wrecks also house some varied species of fishes and marine life.

The Rhodes island houses many golf courses, churches, castles, resorts etc. You can get in to this island via a place or ferry service and also by bus. Some must do activities when you reach this island are sunbathing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and climbing Mt Attavyros.

The Rhodes island is considered safe to stay and the water and food here is also of good quality. Some things to buy from Rhodes are sponges, ceramic watches, olive oil, bottle of wine, religious icons etc. Jewellery stores are very common here and colourful sea shells are a popular souvenir item.


Geocaching – a world of hidden treasure!

Geocaching – a world of hidden treasure

Sssshhh! There’s a whole world out there that you don’t know about! There’s buried treasure all around you. Geocaching is a global treasure hunt that is growing with popularity, now attracting over 5 million followers. It doesn’t cost any money, all you need is a sense of adventure and something to help you find GPS coordinates, whether this is a satnav or your smartphone.

The lowdown

A geocache is a hidden box. All you have to need to find it are the GPS coordinates. Inside a geocache is a logbook to sign in, and often lots of nice trinkets. You are welcome to take something out of the box, but you should replace it with something of equal or greater value. Many of the items in the geocaches are moved from one box to another. In this way, some items make it all the way round the world! Once you have found a geocache, log your visit at . That’s it!

Finding a geocache

Geocaches are everywhere. There are over 100 hidden within a 5 mile radius of where I live. Under bridges, in the park, along a cycle track, buried in the banks of a stream. They can be anywhere! You may need a good pair of boots when you are looking for some though! The geocaching website can help give you a few hints and tips if you’re stuck, and other geocachers are always keen to share their experiences. There is also a good app available for smartphone users. Don’r forget to share your story afterwards on

Placing a geocache

If you get really excited, you can place your own geocache out in the world. Just make sure it’s in a good weatherproof container and well hidden.


One of the most exciting thing to find in a geocache is a trackable item. Trackable items have a code on them that you can enter on the geocaching website. The owner of the item may have a plan for it. In 2009 I found a small trackable toy squirrel whose plan was “to re-establish the red squirrel population in Britain”. I moved it from Hatfield Forest to another geocache in Norfolk. From there it has now travelled over 3,000 miles around the country. Can’t do that on Ryanair! I also discovered a trackable race car that was part of the “Round the World Cup”. It began its journey in Germany and ended up at the Indianapolis Race Track.

Who goes geocaching?

Geocaching is perfect for families, young children will delight in looking for the boxes wherever you visit. It’s a great way to get everyone out for a good walk too. For the more serious treasure hunter though, you can book yourself a Geotour! The world record for finding geocaches is 1,157 in 24 hours. You can even base a holiday around looking for geocaches. From The Antarctic to Zimbabwe, they are all around the world!

Top Tips and Ideas for Backpacking Across Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, so its status as an attractive tourist destination is more than understandable.  People head Down Under in ever-increasing numbers year after year. Whether this is to head to a particular city or landmark, or take in a range of places, tourists simply cannot get enough of Australia.

Despite the vast size of the country, Australia is popular with backpackers. Due to the size of Australia, planning a trip across the country is necessary, prior to heading there. What are the main things you need to consider, and why?

What do You Want?

In a country with so much to see and do, if you don’t have at least an idea of the places you would most like to visit, you are going to find yourself in a constant state of flux. Once you know the places that you most want to see, you can start to work out whether it is feasible.

Look at booking hostels, car hire special offers, and even looking at where you might be able to get a short-term job for a week or two – farms and bars in remote towns are great for this sort of thing – in order to earn some extra finances for your trip.

Once you have organized all of that, you are ready to go.

While you will undoubtedly have your own ideas for backpacking around Australia, we have a few suggestions of our own that you might not have thought of. These aren’t unknown tourist gems, but they are likely to be less busy than other great places around the country.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park Australia

To get an idea of the scale of this area, get this: it is half the size of Switzerland.

In the Northern Territory a few hours’ drive from Darwin, this is Australia’s biggest National Park, and a must if you are in the area. The number of people who pass this by leaving Darwin to head right for Uluru is staggering; ensure you don’t miss out.

If you managed to hire a cheap campervan or have a high-quality tent, look to spend a few days exploring this amazing place.

Margaret River

Many places within reach of Perth have a great reputation with travellers. Broome, to the north, is usually the pick of most travellers, but for us Margaret River has a certain essence and charm about it that makes it irresistible.

The whole surrounding region is filled with vineyards, while the town itself is filled with great places to stay, shops, parks, and anything you could ask for, to fit any mood or feeling at a given time.

Blue Mountains

blue mountains australia

Sydney is Australia’s most popular city, and people who travel there often wonder what the huge mountains visible in the distance are. The foothills of the Blue Mountains actually start at the edge of Sydney, yet many people travel right through the city without ever going there.

If you’re in Sydney, it is simple; you have to hire an Aboriginal guide to show you around the Blue Mountains, and introduce you to the unique landscape and history connected to the whole range.

Ensure you make the most of your backpacking trip Down Under. Whether you take in most of Australia or just a small part of it, there are lifetime memories waiting at every turn.

This article is written by Transfercar, a car hire Australia service, providing travellers free transport for major cities in Australia.

For a different kind of winter vacation try Belize

Belize on the Yucatan Peninsula is a country of contrasts. From the Central American rainforests to the barrier reef in the Caribbean you will find many different experiences. There are beautiful places and fascinating historical sites to explore both inland and around the many beaches and islands.

belize holidays

When to go
The climate of Belize is hot and humid all year round, varying by only about 4 degrees throughout the year, but the rainfall varies markedly from North to South. The wet season is considered to be from the middle of May to November in the south and from June to November in the north. The period between November and February is transitional and the dry season runs from February to April. The peak periods are between mid December and mid January and the Easter period. Many visitors to Belize like to visit in May or June when prices are slightly lower and the country is less crowded.

About Belize
Belize was formerly known as British Honduras and the official language is still English, although Spanish is also widely spoken. The country has more than ten different cultures including Creole, East Indian, Maya and German Mennonites. Tourism has grown considerably in Belize, with cruise ship arrivals contributing to the increase in visitors.

The many attractions include the massive rainforests, Maya ruins some of which have not yet been excavated, the famous Belize barrier reef and various activities centred around the coastal areas where boat hire is available and travellers can enjoy world class SCUBA diving.

Things to do
Experience the history of the Maya civilisation by touring the sites left from the Classic period. Around 40 percent of Belize is under protection and there are many temples to visit, sites that have been restored and unexcavated ruins to explore. Many of the ruins have been overgrown by the jungles and are difficult to find.

The wildlife of Belize attracts many visitors. There are hundreds of species of birds, exotic animals and colourful fish to see. Bird watching is particularly popular and many species can be seen from the resorts close to the jungle and the nearby roads. A prized sighting is that of the keel billed toucan, Belize’s national bird. As you would expect in a region where there are dense rain forests on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, the country is also home to many exotic tropical plants.

Belize has the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and was once described by Jacques Cousteau as “one of the four must-dive locations on this blue planet”. There are some stunning scuba diving and snorkelling sites in Belize with something for novices and experts alike. Other water based activities include kayaking in and around the reef and islands, all kinds of fishing, sailing and boating. Boats were used by the ancient Maya people for transport between islands, upriver and along the coast and boat hire is still available to explore these areas. Whatever your individual interests, you will find plenty of interesting activities to fill your vacation in Belize.

Adriana Frederick writes regularly on world travel for many websites and blogs. She is based on the south coast of England and has written articles on boat hire for various publications.

Perusing the Peruvian Paradise

The humble neighbour to the west of Brazil is often underrated in discussions of vacations and exotic tourism. Peru, however, has some of the most fascinating archaeological and cultural treasures in all of South America. From the Amazon River, through the Inca Trail, all the way to Machu Picchu one can experience a variety of wildlife, ancient ruins, and mountainous scenery that truly captures humble tranquillity of Peru.

Christmas in Lima
Christmas in Lima

The Amazon

The most prestigious jungle in the world allows tourists a deep look inside at all its wonders with expert naturalists as their guides. The Peruvian Amazon contains only 5% of the Peruvian population making it a natural oasis that allows you to experience a part of the world hardly even touched by mankind.

The tours are not limited to the outer skirt of the jungle, but take you into the rivers that vein themselves deep into the jungle. Motorized canoes are an included part of many Peruvian Amazon tours which carry you to intimate riverside lodges as you observe even more of the Amazon wildlife throughout the boated tour. The wildlife in the Amazon consists of some of the rarest species in the world. This habitat, along with the hospitality and lodging throughout these amazing adventures, make for a once in a lifetime experience.

Inca Trail

This trek is an unreal blend of archaeological and mountainous wonder as you hike alongside some of the most glorious and beautiful landmarks in the world. The Inca Trail is actually comprised of three overlapping trails: the Mollepata, Classic, and One Day. Each trail offers its own flavour of majestic scenery and cultural experience.

The Mollepata is the longest out of the three and takes you through the landscapes of the high Andes Mountains. This hike is no easy task but is well worth the venture to see some of the Inca ruins and tunnels as well as majestic views of the local mountains.

The Classic trail is a lot less strenuous and offers a bit more in cultural site seeing. Along this trek you can see the ancient ruins of Patallacta, a site used for religious and ceremonial functions and at one time for the housing of soldiers from Willkaraquay, a nearby hill-top site that was one of the first Inca settlements in this region of Peru around 500 B.C. The historical and cultural experience of this trail makes it a quite a moving experience for tourists, especially history enthusiasts.

The third and final trail is known as One Day. This trail is a two-day walk for the average tourist but is known as the “One Day” trail for the Incas who take great pride in their navigation through the Inca trail and would use its land as a place of rest and recovery. This trail allows you to explore the Intipata, a large set of agricultural terraces that follow the convex of the terrain. This is all right before you come upon the Winay Wayna (forever young) which features a peaceful harmonic flight of fountains used as ritual baths. The 19 springs utilized to make these fountains make it a rare piece of the natural world that is truly a site to see.

Machu Picchu

Machu Piccu
Machu Piccu

At the end of the Inca trail stands the great mountain sanctuary, Machu Picchu. Near the peak of the mountain is a city-like settlement that is believed by many archaeologists to have been the estate of the great Inca Emperor Pachacuti during the fifteenth century. Frequently referred to as the “City of Incas”, it is one of the most famous icons of the Inca civilization. Naturally polished dry-stone walls make up the city as it sits high in the heart of the Peruvian paradise surrounding it.

 Charlie Bennett is an aspiring travel writer who has recently been sharing his tales of South American travel for the Peru travel specialists

How Do You Know That School Trips Are Worthwhile?

Whether it is a day out of classroom to visit a local historical monument, an adventure break in the UK or a tour of another country, school trips have seen something of a resurgence in recent years. This article looks at the benefits they bring to students and what to look for in a trip.

How Do You Know That School Trips Are Worthwhile

Thinking back to our school days it is often the school trips that stick in our memories. The importance of such trips has been recognised and a whole industry has developed providing a range of experiences geared at school age children. Whilst there are undoubtedly benefits for such trips, however, they can be expensive so you will want to be sure they are worthwhile.

The Benefits

There are a number of reasons why educational trips are used as a teaching method. They can help reinforce concepts and ideas that have been taught in the classroom, bring to life or give practical experience of a subject and help children to retain information about the subject being taught. Creating an informal learning environment can be particularly valuable for some children, particularly those who struggle to learn from more traditional methods.

Whilst educational trips are primarily used to educate, there are a number of less obvious outcomes. Children get to go somewhere they haven’t been before and this increases their independence and engages them. The experience also gives them greater social skills as they learn to travel in a group and respect the environment they are taken to. Practical experience can lead to an increased interest in the subject matter of the trip and greater engagement with study going forward and, of course, they have fun!

Making It Worthwhile

A school trip, however, will only give these benefits if it is appropriate, well planned and orchestrated. It should support the learning your child is experiencing in school and the purpose of the trip and its objectives should be clearly stated. The destination should have been thoroughly researched by the school and they should give you clear information about how safety will be managed.

The school itself should demonstrate they are managing the risks associated with the trip in a sensible manner. This does not mean that they have pages and pages of risk assessments but that they have put sensible precautions in place to reduce risk, such as by having appropriate staff to pupil ratios and that the staff attending the trip are clear about their roles and responsibilities.

For trips that include staying away from home you should be provided with full information about the trip including details of the accommodation, the care provided during the night, what kit your child needs, how much spending money is appropriate and whether your child will be able to contact you.

Well organised and appropriate school trips can be of great educational importance to children and young adults. As well as helping to reinforce learning and engage and enthuse students they can also increase independence and confidence and, of course, give lots of enjoyment and memories.

Adriana Frederick writes about child development for a range of websites and blogs. She is particularly interested in educational trips and learning outside of the classroom.

Different Categories of Travellers – Budget travellers, Health conscious travellers

Travelling is the highlight for the year for many people. Planning a trip can be fun as well as can be something many people work towards all year long. Some people can just pack their bags and get on a plane and go, whereas others may need to save money and budget all year for their trips. There are different categories of travellers, such as:

There are different categories of travellers

Budget travellers

Some people have to save and budget for trips. These people put a certain amount of money in an account each week to fund their trips. They prepare lists for the things they will need to take and things they need to do before the trip. The things they need to do can be like reserving a rental car, booking a motel, making reservations on planes or buses, and looking for activities to do while on the trip.

Rich travellers

People that do not have to worry about money, can just call the airlines, make a reservation, and reserve a rental car or limousine to drive them to their destinations. These people usually pack their bags and take off for the trip.

Not-so-rich travellers

Some people cannot afford to take extravagant trips, so they plan for trips in their area. They may drive to a different state that is close to where they live. They may take a trip to places like the mountains or the coast. Reserving a motel can mean driving up to the motel and booking a room. These people have to save money for gas and food because their budget is so tight. They will need to watch their accounts and fun activities may be a limit for them.

The different categories of travellers can mean the rich or the middle class. The way each goes about planning their trips may vary due to their finances. Preparing a checklist may involve things such as food and shelter.

Health conscious travellers

Some people who travel abroad will get specific shots to protect them from diseases such as flu. This will help them avoid hospital stays and protect them from spending money on medical care. When planning a trip abroad, make sure to see all landscapes and important locations as well as visiting museums and specialty shops. Spending time in these activities may keep your budget intact.

When visiting the UK, make sure to visit places such as the castles, the London Eye, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. These sights can provide you a glimpse of the history of the British Nation. There are day trips and weekend trips that travel agents can plan for you to make the most of any budget.

You can carry your credit card with you during travelling. In case you do not have one, you can make an application to your bank to issue you the same. You can also get a PPI Policy along with it. The bank authorities can explain you the guidelines and conditions for such policies as well as the situations under which you can file a PPI Claim and the period for which you are eligible for making PPI Claims.

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Great places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia can make an amazing holiday, located in the south-east part of Asia. Malaysia has a tagline too “Malaysia truly Asia” which means Malaysia is the only world’s largest continent which is both diverse but amazingly homogeneous  Malaysia is rising economically and spiritually day by day and this continent has the greatest growth. Malaysia has some beautiful landscapes, plenty of traditional food and exceptionally nice people. You will love this place for its commendable ethnicities and culture. Once you book your tickets for Malaysia then you can have fun with your partner as well as kids too. A tour to Malaysia will not at all disappoint you and it will not let you forget its memories easily. Although, there are so many restaurants, beaches, and places to hang around but you must once visit places like Kuala Lumpur or Cameron Highlands.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and its one of the most favourite place for youngsters and Parents. You must take a visit to the beautiful and ancient Batu Caves to start up your journey. Kuala Lumpur is like a crown of Malaysia. The famous landmarks of this place are the tall  Kuala Lumpur tower, Petronas Towers which is considered as tallest buildings of the 20th century and do check huge shopping malls. An amazing zoo is also situated in this city and you can also try the large variety of ethnic galleries and museums. Kuala Lumpur is clean city and easy to get around. Central Market offers you the opportunity to indulge in some cheap price shopping.

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands: This beautiful place is enclosed by eight small towns and villages. Cameron highlands are famous for its beautiful scenery and its lush green tea plantations. If you are fond of exploring nature’s beauty then don’t miss to see are the butterfly farms, strawberry farms and other walking trails.

Melaka (Malacca): Malacca is known as a historic town where you can plan a short vacation when you are in Malaysia. You can glance at old churches and forts which were made by Portuguese people. These churches are so much beautiful and once you step in to them, you can find the perfect peace of mind. Melaka is also very famous for one of its streets which is also known Jonker Street. Here you can do your favourite shopping as it has lots of antique galleries, some little shops selling tiny Chinese shoes for women and if you are tired of shopping than you can enjoy a coffee in the street’s coffee shop.

Penang: Penang is famous for its Kek Lok Si Temple and Bukit Maung War museum. One thing more that makes it amazing is that whenever you get hungry, you can enjoy the mind blowing roadside snacks or coffee. Moreover, take out some time to explore the tropical spice garden with more than 500 species of flora and Fauna. So, book your tickets for Malaysia now and enjoy the fun.

About The Author: Santosh Gautam is an experience writer and has been writing on different topics like hotel, travel and more. Currently writes for

Breathtaking Fountains around the World

Breathtaking fountain is one of the must-have attractions for each majestic city that wish to draw more number of tourists. The more colorful and beautifully prepared it is, the greater the excitement it will create. Almost each big city across the world has a nice fountain and tourists get to see them when travel to that destination. There are few wonderful places in the world where you can thrill on the music of waters and can wonder at seeing water going up and down. We have picked few incredible fountains of the world. Before visiting these fountains, look for flight ticket deals for their destination airports and see the wonderful fountains of the world.

Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

It is vast and brilliantly choreographed water fountain that performs beautifully with lights and music. These performances of the fountain can be seen from several vantage points. The fountain show is arranged in the afternoons for every 30 minutes. After 8 PM to midnight, the show goes on for every 15 minutes. Set in 9 acres of man-made lake, the fountain show is choreographed with several pieces of music.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi is one of the most stunning sculptures of Rome in Italy. The gorgeous fountain features a Neptune or Oceanus in the center and two tritons; one is trying to nurture a blazing horse representing the uneven sea and another is blowing a shell-horn representing the smooth sea. The fountain is famous for its outstanding structure.

Peterhof Fountain, Saint Petersburg

Peterhof Fountain, Saint Petersburg
Peterhof Fountain, Saint Petersburg


Founded in 1710 by Peter the Great, Peterhof is a vastly lavish and wonderfully preserved majestic estate on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The estate has various palaces along with several charmingly landscaped parks and splendid statues and fountains. It features a grand cascade that flows from underneath the palace towards the Baltic Sea and is one of the largest fountains in the world. The fountain is decked up with a splendid gold statue of Samson fighting with a lion.

People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow

People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow
People’s Friendship Fountain, Moscow

The People’s Friendship Fountain in Moscow is a marvelous tourist attraction of the city that features 16 gilded statues of maidens in their national attires, representing all the Soviet Union Republics. The fountain is framed with an octahedral bowl of red granite that has a surface area of 4,000 square meters. It is serviced through a complex system of 8 powerful pumps that shoot 1,200 liters of water from 800 jets up to 24 meters high per second.

King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah

King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah
King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah

King Fahd’s Fountain is popular for being the highest fountain in the world that throws water up to 312 meters high that is taller than the Eiffel Tower if its antenna is being excluded. It uses 3 massive pumps delivering 625 liters of water per second with an incredible speed of 375 km/hr. This is simply an incredible fountain in Jeddah.

There are various other fountains in the world that can charm you with their incredibility and uniqueness. Marvel with water, music and lights of these fountains and live some moments of pleasure.

Author Bio: This guest post is done by Amrita Barnwal, a web content writer at (a fast growing travel portal of India for booking international flights). Amrita is passionate about writing and traveling and she has written a number of articles on different aspects of travel and tourism. She maintains a travel blog to share exclusive ideas on holidays.