Kerasma Restaurant offers Greek gastronomy cuisine

Kerasma Restaurant offers Greek gastronomy cuisine  in a relaxed, casual place where you can enjoy the best Greek products at a reasonable price. From the many restaurants in rhodes this is really an advertise for the greek gastronomy. Kerasma is known for its polite service and serves best desserts. The menu was varied with a twist on greek food.

Kerasma Restaurant interior
Kerasma Restaurant interior
Kerasma Restaurant, Rhodes Greece
Kerasma Restaurant, Rhodes Greece

Kerasma creating the team of Kerasma chefs, headed by the Michelin star-awarded Lefteris Lazarou, as well as the wine-stewarding team, the sommeliers, headed by International Association of Sommeliers (ASI) President Costas Touloumtzis. These leading chefs using authentic Greek products such as olives, olive oil, feta cheese, yogurt, mastic, honey, saffron, wine, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and so on in preparation of great recipies

Price: Moderate
Price Range: USD 20 – 35
Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night
Good for: Families with children, Romance, Doing business, Local cuisine, Special occasions, Large groups

Kerasma Restaurant is situated near the famous “Bar Street” in Rhodes Town.

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Location: Georgiou Leontos 4-6, Rhodes Town, 85100, Greece
Phone: (+30) 2241 401387
Web Site:

Must See Places in Rhodes Greece

The picturesque Rhodes island is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece and besides being an island, this place has a lot to offer. If at Rhodes, there are a few things that every tourist would want to see and get that perfect vacation. We, after going through a pretty competitive list, have penned down a few ‘Must see places’ at this brilliant piece of land in the middle of Greece waters.

Here’s the list:

Street of the Knights:

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel Rhodes Greece
Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel Rhodes Greece

This street boasts of being the most photographed place in all of Rhodes. This could also be a reason that this street makes the list on our article. The street starts just from the ‘Place of the Grand Masters’ and leads right to the middle of the city. Work of building this street started around the 14th century that explains its gothic architecture and a few restoration work was completed as early as the last century. Being the most visited place, makes this a must see in the island of Rhodes.

The Place of the Grand Master:

The Place of the Grand Master rhodes Greece
The Place of the Grand Master rhodes Greece

The Place of the Grand Master was originally built by the Knights of Rhodes which was completed in the 14th century. The original structure was destroyed in an explosion caused by the stored ammunition and needed a major restoration process. This was done by the Italians who occupied Rhodes in 1912 and was built as a holiday residence for Victor Immanuel III and later for Benito Mussolini. An interest in histpry and monuments can definitely draw the crowds here.

Kallithea Spa:

Kallithea Spa Rhodes Greece
Kallithea Spa Rhodes Greece

Now, when you have a holiday plan, this may sound as the most relaxing part of the holiday. It’s not any disappointing than that, at the same time it’s water that springs from the rocks that surround the Kallithea Bay. These waters have claims of curing Liver, Kidney and other ailments. Legend has it that even Hypocrates, who is considered the father of all Greek physicians, has drawn waters from these very springs. If there was a location for relaxing naturally, why miss the opportunity.

Archaeological Museum:

archaeological museum of rhodes greece
Archaeological museum, Rhodes Greece

The Rhodes museum is one the most interesting places for someone who appreciates collectibles. Building this museum was started by Grand Master de Lastic in 1440 and was completed by Grand Master d’Aubusson. Mosaic flooring and the funeral remains of the Knights of Rhodes form the major part of this museum.

These are a few of many places that Rhodes has to offer as a tourist destination. The beautiful island has a lot to offer and a lot that can be explored in this Greek island.

Hamburg – the new Berlin

Hamburg - the new Berlin

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, has traditionally lived in Berlin’s shadow – but not anymore.

The northern metropolis has become a media and industrial hub in modern times, with Hamburg now one of the most affluent and best places to live anywhere in Europe.

And tourists can’t get enough of Hamburg’s charms. From art to history and music to marathons, the city now attracts over four million visitors each year. Read on to find out about some of the interesting and innovative places to visit when staying in a Hamburg hotel this year.

St Michaelis Church
A truly iconic landmark of Hamburg, visitors are drawn from across both across Germany and further afield to gaze upon and worship at St Michaelis Church. The glorious Baroque building was originally constructed in 1786 and is dedicated to the archangel Michael. One of the main attractions of the building is the glorious bronze sculpture of Michael vanquishing the Devil, which welcomes tourists as they enter through the main entrance.

Today, visitors can climb St Michaelis’ 132 metre-high spire, where they will be able to soak up fantastic views of Hamburg’s skyline and harbour district.

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Hamburg Zoo  was originally opened in 1907 and is the rival of any in Europe. The zoo was the first to pioneer cageless exhibits, and it still uses moats to this day to improve visitor experiences by providing them with panoramic and lifelike enclosures.

The zoo has 210 different species of animals, with tourists able to feed the hugely popular elephants, lions and polar bears during their trip to this highly-respected conservation centre.

Hamburger Dom
The Dom is the largest fair in Germany and can more than match anything Berlin has to offer in terms of excitement. Held for 30 days in spring, summer and winter, it is located at the heart of Hamburg in front of St Mary’s Cathedral. Tourists can not only enjoy its Ferris wheel and other fairground attractions but buy local delicacies and products from the Dom’s market stalls.

Long Night of Museums
This renowned event sees many of Hamburg’s excellent museums and cultural institutions throw open their doors for an all-night extravaganza. The idea might have originated in Berlin but Hamburg has perfected it. Around 40 top attractions, including the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Deichtorhallen, stay open into the night, allowing visitors to enjoy their collections in the unique moonlit conditions.

Hamburg State Opera
The city’s opera company is the envy of art lovers across the world, with Hamburg one of the leading lights in staging productions. Opera dates back to 1678 in the city and is now housed in the innovative Staatsoper building. The company has received international acclaim for its pioneering programme and tourists are as likely to be able to enjoy a world premiere of new and exciting shows as an operatic classic.

An Adventure Of A Lifetime At Lake District

Lake District is seen as a mountain region that is primarily located in North West England. It is a popular family adventure destination. It is mostly famous for its lakes, mountains and forests. The region is also associated with the early nineteenth century writings and poetry of William Wordsworth.

Adventure Of A Lifetime At Lake District
There are various family adventure holidays offered by various tour companies. Some of these include:

Go Ape in Grizedale Park

Go ape is seen as a “high wire adventure” that is considered to be a perfect addition to the family adventure holiday at Lake District. The adventure is usually a giant obstacle course that primarily uses walkways, ladders, bridges and tunnels made of ropes, wood, wire strip and zip lines. This is something that will surely engage and entertain the whole family. For more information on the Go Ape at Grizedale Park you can contact Grizedale visitor center by calling +44 (0)845 6439215.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is seen as one of the primary family adventures carried out at Lake District. One can take time with the family to take horse rides through the villages and shores of Lake District. Horse riding is most definitely an enjoyable way of viewing the beauty of the area and experiencing the freedom of Lake District.

Rock Climbing

Lake District has spectacular mountains that make a family adventure memorable. Climbing the mountains is seen as a very popular activity that will put your family in to perfect shape and leave them enjoying every moment of their walk. There are normally different routes used for walking which varies from highly experienced climbers to beginners.

Lakes Leisure Windermere

Lake Leisure is an adventure center that specializes in kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing and sailing. The center provides the various equipments needed for all these activities. There are also expert instructors that help your family when need be. For more information you can contact Lakes Leisure, Rayrigg Road LA231BP.


There are usually a number of bike hire companies that have cycling tracks at the Lake District. These companies give you a perfect alternative way to have fun during your family adventure holiday at Lake District. Lake District has some of the highest mountains and longest lakes. There is no better to enjoy the scenery other than taking a bicycle ride in the outdoors.


The homescales activity center is a place that offers your family exhilarating outdoor activities which include paintballing, archery, quad biking and ruffle shooting. You can contact the center by calling +44(0)1539772147.
Lake District has links to some of the major writers and artist in history. These include Celia Fiennes, Daniel Defoe, William Wordsworth and Father Thomas West. This has made theatre to be one of the popular attractions at Lake District. The tradition of theatre has been carried from generation to generation through venues like; Theatre by the Lake located in Keswick. The theatre is known for Easter and Christmas productions, various literatures, mountaineering, film, jazz and various creative art festivals.


The above activities at Lake District brings out adventurous experience to the visitors. Visitors out of U.K can use passport service and visa services or travel agency services to plan there vacation.

Faliraki beach – ideal beaches for tourists action lovers and the calm sun bathers

The Faliraki beach is situated along the east coast of the Rhodes island in the northern part. This beach is about 5 km wide and is considered to be the best beaches on the island nation, also very highly organized in order to be one of the major attraction beaches for the tourists visiting the island. One important reason is that this seems to be one of the closer beaches, located just about 14 kms from the city of Rhodes and approximately 10 kms from the airport. This makes the beach more popular among the locals, easy travelling options gets a huge chunk of the visitors to visit this beach as one of the first visits on the island. Faliraki, also has a lot of options for getting those picturesque photographs that will be a part of memory for the years to go by.

Faliraki Beach Rhodes, Greece
Faliraki Beach Rhodes, Greece

Being one of the better organized beaches, the beach is about 4 kms long and has a very long stretch of umbrellas and sunbeds, which are placed in an orderly fashion along the sea coast. If it is walk that you enjoy, or just the bit of tan by a sun bath, either of these is possible along the Faliraki coast. This beach has also been known for its safety for swimmers, the beach slowly culminates into the beautiful Aegean sea and therefore is a lot safer than most other beaches on the island.

Being a beach with a lot of tourists, there are a lot of activities which can be done along the Faliraki beach. These activities involve a lot of water sporting action like Banana Safari, Jet skiing, wind surfing, etc. For the ones with a higher need for adrenaline, there are a few other extreme sports like bungee jumping or even the sky surfer. The sports come at a cost but with a skill for bargaining, you can end up with a good deal for the vacation. After a whole morning of action, there are lots of restaurants, that can serve most world renowned delicacies, there are also the tavernas which can serve authentic Greek food.

The Faliraki is one of the ideal beaches for tourists who are a combination of action lovers and the calm sun bathers that look for vacation spots on bright sunny islands.

Stegna Beach – Piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains

Being an island nation, Rhodes has some of the best beaches, with a lot of scenic beauty. These are exemplified with a lot of beautiful beaches on either sides of the coastal region of the island. One such gorgeous beach is the Stegna Beach which is situated along the east coast. This beach is considered and is by far one of the more quiet beaches on the island. The road of Archangelos, runs along this beach for about 500 meters and this makes the beach an ideal place for bathing. The bathers are used mostly by the local villagers, however, it is also an unusual experience for the visitors staying at the beach or in the vicinity.

Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece
Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece

Besides being a beauty of a beach, the approach road to this place is also worth a journey. The beach is like a piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains, which has roads that go winding through sheep grazing pastures and lots of almond & lemon groves. Once at the beach, there are plenty of tavernas that offer the most variety of choice both in terms of taste and budget options. For the high spirited, there are a few local bars which is not more than a 10 minute walk from the smallish harbor on the beach.

The Rhodes island is known for its rich cultural and historical ties, the stegna beach has the most untouched of Greek Village look & feel. The reason is owing to tourism being concentrated in the city areas, however, there are a lot of things that tourists can enjoy on this beach as well. A few tavernas and the beach resorts, host local parties, which has an open invitation and tourists are free to join.

The stegna beach is at a distance, of about 30 k.m, from the Rhodes Town and is not very difficult to access. From a tourist perspective, a vacation of calmness and quiet can be found at this beach with an exquisite view of the Greek waters.

About Rhodes Island Greece

Rhodes Island Greece

Rhodes is an island located in the eastern Aegean Sea in Greece. In terms of land area and population it is termed as one of the largest Dodecanese islands. The Rhodes island has been famous worldwide historically since its Colossus of Rhodes was listed as one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, it is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

The island of Rhodes is shaped like a spearhead and it has a coastline of approximately 220kms.

The island of Rhodes has very rich resources of flora and fauna. The island has mountainous regions in its interiors and is covered with forests of pines and cypress. The shores are very rocky but some crops like wine grapes, olives, citrus fruit, vegetables etc. are grown in certain land strips on the island.

Rhodes Island has a history of earthquakes and one of which even destroyed the Colossus of Rhodes and caused minor damage to some old buildings here.

Rhodes also has a very rich historical background and the predominant religion here is the greek orthodox. There is a noteworthy Roman Catholic minority on the island, many of whom are progenies of Italians who endured after the end of the Italian livelihood. Rhodes has a Muslim minority, a remnant from Ottoman Turkish periods. The Jewish community of Rhodes dates back to the 1st century AD.

Along with the popularity of being a famous tourist destination it is also one of the favourite spots for scuba divers. The underwater world of Rhodes is considered a paradise with numerous varieties of marine habitat. The marine life is in plenty here and the ships wrecks on the sea bed prove a haven for the divers which help them see the history with their own eyes. These ship wrecks also house some varied species of fishes and marine life.

The Rhodes island houses many golf courses, churches, castles, resorts etc. You can get in to this island via a place or ferry service and also by bus. Some must do activities when you reach this island are sunbathing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and climbing Mt Attavyros.

The Rhodes island is considered safe to stay and the water and food here is also of good quality. Some things to buy from Rhodes are sponges, ceramic watches, olive oil, bottle of wine, religious icons etc. Jewellery stores are very common here and colourful sea shells are a popular souvenir item.


A Sneak Peak into The Wonders of Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful places and is a member country of European Union. This place is officially known as the Italian republic. This place has been very much successful in attracting huge number of tourists every year due to its beauty.


Italy greatly contributes to the historical and cultural European heritage. This place is the home to highest number of heritage sites. Italy has enriched collections of art, literature and culture. The place has collected these from different time periods. The place has large number of art galleries, museums, statues, fountains, etc. all these attractions have made the country popular.
The Italian culture is the main reason for attracting tourists to visit this place. People are very much amused by the beautiful culture of the country.

A Sneak Peak into The Wonders of Italy
Tourists are attracted by many places and activities in Italy.

The top most source of attraction:

Venice that is also known as City of Water is a very famous water city. Canals of Venice are the dream destination of many and a large number of people visit this place daily. The reason behind the popularity of this city is the Italian architecture and romantic gondolas. About 150 canals are stitched together. This place is considered one of the top most romantic places. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Italy is Canals of Venice.

Other attractions in Italy:

There are numerous attractions in Italy. The Colosseum is the most famous amphitheatre in the Roman world. This is because this is the biggest amphitheatre. The Colosseum is situated in Rome. The construction was initiated by Vespasian, an emperor. The completion of the amphitheater was done by his Titus. This large amphitheatre was capable of holding about 50,000 spectators. There are about 80 entrances. A protection from heat and rain is provided to the spectators by sails that are called the Velarium. This was attached to the attic in the top.

Santa Maria del Fiore is another famous attraction in Italy. It is a beautiful cathedral which has become the city’s symbol. The cathedral’s is beautifully faced using marble panels. The marble panels are faced in different shades of pink and green and bordered with white marbles. This is one of the largest churches in Italy. The dome of the cathedral was the biggest in world until the new era. However, this remains the dome with biggest brick that was ever constructed.

Piazza Del Campo is another famous destination in Italy that is one of the biggest medieval squares. This is one of the major public places belonging to Siena’s historic centre. This place is known for its architectural integrity and beauty. The palazzo Pubblico and also it is a very famous tower, which belongs to wealthiest Siena families. There are also horse races held called Palio di Siena is held twice a year.

There are still a lot of attractions in Italy. People visit this place and get amused by the architecture and beauty of the different monuments and other places. Most of these attractions belong to the olden Roman culture and has its own charm.

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Olympic Park, London

Olympic Park , London , a sports complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Located in the district of Stratford, Bow, Leyton & Homerton in East London.

Olympic Park London 2012

Sports venues at Olympic park

Aquatics Centre

Located at the south-east corner of the Olympic Park, the Aquatics Centre will be the venue for swimming, paralympic swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and the aquatics discipline of the modern pentathlon. It was designed by Zaha Hadid and features a spectacular wave-like roof that’s 160m long and 80m wide.

Basketball Arena

The Basketball Arena, at the north end of the Olympic Park, will host the basketball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and the final stages of the handball competition during the London 2012 Games. The arena is one of the largest temporary venues ever built for any Games, with a capacity of 12,000.

BMX Circuit

The BMX Circuit will host the Olympic BMX competition during the London 2012 Games. The daredevil riders race around a 400m circuit which has jumps and obstacles. After the games, the BMX Circuit will become part of Lee Valley’s new VeloPark.

Eton Manor

Eton Manor will host the wheelchair tennis during the Games. There will be nine competition courts and four warm-up courts with capacity for 10,500 spectators. Eton Manor, which is located on the site of the old Eton Manor Sports Club will also host training pools for swimmers and water polo players.

Handball Arena

The Handball Arena in the west of the Olympic Park has a capacity of 7,000 and will host the handball, goalball and the fencing discipline of modern pentathlon during the London 2012 Games. After the games, the venue will be transformed into a community sports centre for indoor sports.

Hockey Centre

During the games, the Hockey Centre will host the hockey, Paralympic 5-a-side football and the Paralympic 7-a-side football. The main competition pitch will have 16,000 seats and the warm-up pitch will seat 300. After the games, the pitches will be moved to the north and become part of the Eton Manor sports facilities.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is located in the south of the Olympic Park and will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as the athletics and Paralympic athletics during London 2012 Olympics. The stadium will seat 80,000 people; 25,000 in permanent seats and 55,000 in a removable upper tier.


The Velodrome hosts track cycling and Paralympic track cycling during the London 2012 Games. The Velodrome seats 6,000; 3,500 seats around the track and 2,500 seats in two upper tiers within the venue’s roof. After the games, a mountain bike course and road cycle circuit will be added to create a Velopark for East London.

Water Polo Arena

The Water Polo Arena has a competition pool and a warm-up pool and will host the men’s and women’s water polo competitions during the London 2012 Games. The temporary arena seats 5,000 and is located in the south east corner of the Olympic Village; next to the Aquatics Centre.

Olympics venue locations on map:

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ExCeL Exhibition Centre to host 13 events during London Olympics 2012

ExCeL Exhibition Centre to host 13 events during London Olympics 2012

ExCeL Exhibition Centre covers a total area of around 100 acres , and is the largest events venue in london. ExCeL London, the international exhibition and convention centre, is the host to 7 Olympic and 6 Paralympic events which includes boxing, fencing, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling, boccia, paralympic table tennis, paralympic judo, paralympic powerlifting, volleyball (sitting) and wheelchair fencing during London Olympics 2012.

Getting There :

ExCeL is situated near London City Airport in east London’s Royal Victoria Dock.  Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is the easiest way to reach ExCeL Exhibition Centre, ExCeL in on Beckton and Woolwich Arsenal DLR lines from Bank or Tower Gateway stations in central London.

Coach services will be provided to ExCeL for viewers travelling to the Olympic Park from Kent and East Sussex will transfer at Ebbsfleet International station to the high speed Javelin rail service to Stratford International station.

ExCel Exhibition Centre Address

ExCeL London
1 Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7069 5000
Email: [email protected]

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Wembley Stadium to host the football championships at London Olympics 2012

Wembley Stadium is the second largest stadium in Europe, with seating capacity of 90,000 located in North West London.
It is chosen as a host for football at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Wembley Stadium is around six miles from the city centre, its stunning arch is more than 130m high and it comes with a sliding roof to protect against bad weather.

Wembley Stadium london olympics 2012 venue

It is the home venue of the England national football team, and serves as England’s national stadium.

Dates for football matches at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

29, 31 July, 1, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 August 2012.

Getting There to Wembley Stadium

There are two recommended National Rail stations which provide access to Wembley Arena: Wembley Stadium station, with direct services from Marylebone station in central London, the Chilterns and Birmingham, and Wembley Central station, with direct train services from Euston station in central London. Both have connections from the National Rail network.

London has an extensive bus network and there are routes and stops in the area. For more details and for any changes to routes or stops during the Games, check the Transport for London website closer to the date of your event.

Wembley Stadium Address

Empire Way
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8795 9000

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Earls Court Exhibition Centre London : A Olympics 2012 venue

Earls Court is a premier event venue in London , Located in the heart of London. The venue opened its gates in the year 1937. The Earls court consist of two parts Earls court 1 and Earls court 2.

earls court exhibition centre london

Earls Court Exhibition Centre hosts to over 200 events every year. The Earls Court has also been selected as a venue for 2012 Olympic games in London.

Exhibition Centre Information

Location: It hardly takes 40 minutes to reach Earls Court from the  Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Coverage Area: 97,000 Square Meter


Earls Court Exhibition Centre Address


Earls CourtExhibition Centre
Warwick Road



Telephone: +44 (0)20 7385 1200
Email: [email protected]

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