5 Father/Son Road Trip Ideas for the Summer

Want to get closer to your son? Consider taking a father/son road trip this summer. With just the two of you, you’ll be able to create memories that you won’t soon forget.

State Parks Road Trip

One great road trip idea is traveling to the state parks within your own state. If you live on the coast, there are many state beaches that would be fun. Many parks have lakes perfect for swimming and offer camping sites with varying accommodations. Before your trip, take a look at what state parks are located in your state and create a route to the ones that interest you and your son the most. Make sure to pack for all weather. Some of the top state parks in the U.S. include Silver Falls in Oregon, Prairie Creek Redwoods in California, Roxborough in Colorado and Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.

Baseball Road Trip

5 FatherSon Road Trip Ideas for the Summer
Detroit Tigers

Image via Flickr by Keith Allison

If you and your son are big baseball fans, what would be better than a road trip to see your favorite teams play? Games are head literally every single day throughout the summer, so it’s a perfect time to hit the road and attend a few games. You could plan a trip to different baseball stadiums in the same general area. Head to Cleveland and get some Cleveland Indians tickets, then travel up to Detroit for a Tigers game. Don’t stop there — grab some tickets for a Cubs or White Sox game in Chicago, and then head down to Cincinnati for a Reds game. It would be an unforgettable trip for both you and your son.

History Road Trip

 5 FatherSon Road Trip Ideas for the Summer-1

Image via Flickr by Jason Lander

If history is one of your passions, consider a route along historical sites. Choose a topic that is important to you. These are some of most popular trips.

  • Civil War – Route 15 takes you from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Monticello, Virginia where you can stop at nine presidential homes, 18 national and state parks, 57 historic towns and villages and hundreds of Civil War Battlefronts. It’s a great way to teach your son about the nation’s past on a fun road trip.
  • Revolutionary War – For this trip, start in Boston where you can explore the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile trail includes 16 historic sites. To get the most out of the trip, download the Freedom Trail app onto your iOS device, which acts as your tour guide with descriptions, facts, stories, and photo-rich slideshows. Other places to head on your Revolutionary War trip include Fort Ticonderoga, Philadelphia, Yorktown, and Charleston.
  • Mining Towns – If you’re looking for something in the western U.S., consider a road trip of Colorado mining towns. Start in Colorado Springs where you can visit the Western Museum of Mining & Industry. Head west on U.S. 24 and stop by Historic Cripple Creek where there’s a state-of-the-art interpretive center where visitors can learn about gold mining with interactive displays. Other places to visit include Victor, South Park City, Salida, and Royal Gorge.

When it comes to road trips, it doesn’t matter so much where you go. It’s all about having some one-on-one time with your son.


Top 4 Best Road Trips Before You Go to College

You tossed your cap high into the air at graduation and after four fun and memorable years, you’re a high school graduate. With college in the near future, you’re feeling excited, nervous, and a little sad too. Some of your best friends will be studying at universities hundreds of miles away from you.

Knowing that your time together will soon be cut short, you need one last chart-topping hurrah. What better way to say goodbye to your buds than to go on an unforgettable road trip? Here are a few of the best road trips to take this summer with your friends.

1. Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone National Park
Yellow Stone National Park

Image via Flickr by DirectDish

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Yellow Stone is worth the drive out west. Located in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, this 3,468-mile park offers exciting explorations and leisurely activities. Rent an RV and sleep among the wildlife or stay in one of the many lodges at the park. Here are some awesome things you can do at Yellowstone:

  • Marvel at the site of the spectacular geysers — particularly Old Faithful. Just remember to keep your distance from the boiling waters.
  • Go horseback riding through the mountains. What better way to connect with nature than to ride an animal through the beautiful mountains?
  • Kayak through the pristine Yellowstone Lakes. If you love watersports, kayaking through one of America’s most famous National Parks is a necessity.

2. St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida
St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

Image via Flickr by Hyku

If you’re a fan of surf and sand, visit Florida for its awesome shoreline and fun-filled cities. If you were already planning to buy or lease a new car for college, now would be a great time to head to a dealership like Hoffman Ford and scoop one up. You’ll need it for the drive between St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Orlando. Here are just a few of the cool things you can do.

  • Go parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and jet skiing, just don’t forget your sunblock and your sea legs.
  • Enjoy a sunset drum circle at one of the beautiful beaches. Unique to beach life, drum circles are fun gathering of drums and dancers celebrating their natural surroundings.
  • Visit the nation’s best theme parks. Tampa has Busch Gardens, an African-themed zoo and theme park filled with water rides, record-breaking roller coasters and African safaris. Orlando has a plethora of theme parks including water parks, Disney parks, and Universal Studio parks.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle - Washington
Seattle, Washington

Image via Flickr by Dougtone

Seattle is an excellent city for its diverse list of things to do. Become one with nature in the nearby mountains or relish in the city’s eclectic spirit. It truly has the best of both worlds. Everyone on your trip will enjoy themselves since there’s something for everyone in this Pacific Northwest area. Here are several activities you should plan on doing:

  • Catch a huge fish at the famous Pike Place Market. Well, the fishermen will do it for you, but you’re guaranteed a fresh dinner when you shop at this famous fish market.
  • Get out of the country and take a ferry to Canada for the day. Just remember to bring your passport to visit this neighboring country.
  • Take the three-hour trip to Mount Rainer and hike through its trails. Stretch your legs and test your mountaineering skills as you hike through these beautiful green mountains and volcanos.

4. New York City, New York

New York City, New York
New York City, New York

Image via Flickr by snorepey

You know about its iconic prestige, you’ve heard about the fantastic Broadway shows, delicious cuisine and exciting sightseeing tours, and you’ve wanted to go for as long as you can remember. It’s time to round-up your friends and make the drive to the Big Apple. There are so many things to do in this magical city but here are some suggestions for your first visit:

  • Take a ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands. A trip to New York City, New York is not complete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go on a bicycling tour or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Chose to circle the park and take in the scenery, or visit the zoo inside the park.
  • Watch a show on Broadway. Known for its theatrical brilliance, Broadway presents some of the most famous live musicals. Even if you’re not a fan, you may become one after seeing a show on Broadway.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, find a reliable car, and set off on an incredible trip you’ll never forget.

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

20 million travelers arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport last year, lured by the capital’s historic sites and the recreational opportunities in the regions beyond. If you’re planning a trip to the Beehive State, creating a hotel checklist can make sure you get the most from your stay. Read on to discover the questions you should ask before you check in.

Location Matters

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

Image Via Flickr by Davidd

A hotel’s location is the most important consideration for many travelers. If you love the bustling pace of an urban area, you’ll probably look to a room in Salt Lake City. If you prefer to unwind, a more rural location like Price or Moab may suit you better. Ski bunnies typically flock to the snowfields of Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

While your vacation style and favorite attractions will influence your desired location, so will your transport. If you’re relying on public transport, you might prefer a hotel close to Salt Lake City International Airport, bus stops, light rail stations, or key attractions. Road trippers and tourists hiring a car will have greater flexibility, so they can generally save money by staying at a hotel off the beaten track.

Choose the Right Room for You

It’s vital to choose a room that suits your needs. Families will likely need double rooms or serviced apartments, while most couples can make do with single rooms. Non-smoking suites are common in most hotels, but your choices are a bit more limited if you want to light up. Smokers United offers a handy list of smoker-friendly hotels in Utah.

Note Special Features

Any hotel stay is always about more than your rented room. Choosing a hotel with great facilities can make your stay something special. Utah hotels with pools and other on-site activities can keep you entertained without putting your hand in your pocket. Restaurants and gymnasiums on the premises are also desirable for some travelers.

When traveling with children, you’ll need to confirm a hotel has essentials like crib hire and babysitting services. The child’s ambassador at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel ensures little ones have a good time, while the ranger talks and wide open spaces of Springdale’s Zion Lodge provide kid-friendly fun outdoors.

If someone in your traveling party is disabled, you’ll also need an accessible hotel. allows you to search for hotels with a range of accessible options, including Braille or raised signage, handicapped parking, and accessible bathrooms.

Consider the Bottom Line

When all things are equal, the choice of hotel room often comes down to price. helps you to compare the best Utah hotel room rates side by side, including any extras. These bonuses, such as complimentary breakfasts, airport transfers, and free WiFi, can save you big bucks in the long run. Some hotels also offer weekend specials and advance purchase discounts which might influence your travel time.

Make sure you don’t forget to ask about taxes. Hidden charges like room occupancy tax and cancellation fees can raise your tariff unexpectedly.

Finding a hotel that ticks all your essential boxes is the first step to enjoying your time in Utah. Asking the important questions before you arrive will make your stay in Utah run smoothly.

Where to Go? 5 Destinations for 5 Holidays

Public holidays are the perfect time of year to think about an extended break from work or a short weekend away from home. But with so many destinations, where are the best places to go for specific holidays? Whether you want to hang out and relax or join in the festivities, there is a perfect destination for you.

1. Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana


Mardi Gras - New Orleans, Louisiana
Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana

Image via flickr by PhelanRiessen

Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has had a complete revamp of its infrastructure. Much of the destroyed areas have been rehabbed, and the city is once again back to normal. However, there is no better time to visit than March, when the city celebrates Mardi Gras. Head down to Bourbon Street and experience the chaos firsthand. Go to the night parade if you’re feeling a bit wild, or take the kids to the day parade. Make sure you soak in authentic Cajun food while you’re there. You won’t regret it.

2. New Year’s Eve – New York City


New Year's Eve - New York City
New Year’s Eve – New York City

Image via flickr by andrewcparnell

If you want to be in one of the most festive New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, book your flight for New York City. Times Square is the center of the New Year’s party; watch the crystal ball drop and countdown to zero, only this time do it in person. While the area is crowded, you can try your luck getting on television or simply people watch in this culturally diverse event. When you’re done, explore the city. From museums to restaurants to sporting events, New York has something for everyone.

3. San Sebastian Day – San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Sebastian Day is one of the biggest festivals of the year in Puerto Rico. Taking place annually on the third weekend in January, it is the best place to take in every bit of Puerto Rican culture. San Juan is crowded with live music, art, food and drink, and a huge parade. The city tends to be crowded during the festival, so check out Royal Holiday Villas in Humacao about 45 minutes from San Juan. The beaches are amazing and you can avoid the hectic pace in the city before and after the festival.

4. Fourth of July – Washington, D.C.

To express your American patriotism, no place is better than the nation’s capital. The day starts off with the Independence Day parade which has marching bands, floats, and military units walking through the streets. Head over to the Smithsonian afterwards for the Folklife Festival which has artists, musicians, and food from across the country. At the end of the day, no Fourth of July would be complete without fireworks. Watch from Lincoln Memorial, and see the fireworks over the reflecting pool in front.

5. Groundhog Day – Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Punxsutawney is the perfect destination if you want to experience some true Americana. The holiday, which takes place on February second, is centered in this town, two hours east of Pittsburgh. Go to Gobbler’s Knob, the main park in town, to see if Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, sees his shadow. You can also walk around downtown for some shopping or dining. Bring the kids as well, for the groundhog petting zoo and Groundhog Day Parade.

No matter what your idea of the perfect holiday is, celebrating them in a new place with new friends creates memories. Why do the same predictable event each year, when you can experience a slice of American culture elsewhere? So, make this next holiday experience something you’ll remember by relaxing somewhere different.



Author Bio:

Dylan Adams is a writer and travel enthusiast from Tampa, Florida. He attended the University of South Florida and loves visiting different beaches around the world.  

Canada – Awesome Cruise Idea

Canada has been recently pointed as the most preferred country for business start, career growth, family life, getting married and children birth, starting a fascinating life with no regrets and easy chance to be taken and realized into great opportunities. The high living rate in the country makes it an awesome tourist destination, as well. This is a logical transfiguration, because knowing about the great lifestyle and standards, the tourists can be quickly convinced that Canada is a pleasant and charming land to have a vacation, an expedition or relaxing holiday for romantic couples.

Getting to Canada and to the main local landmarks is usually accompanied by long and exhausting airplane flights. After such a traveling, most of you will need at least half a day for recreation and sleeping to recover from the airport stress and the backaches. Though, we would like to offer you a better idea to meet the great Canadian culture by visiting most of the sublime places and attractions in the country. And awesome cruise idea that involves the lands of Canada could become an anti stress program for your summer or a pleasant conception for a family vacation.

The exciting cruise idea we recommend you will give the chance to see the most incredible and fascinating places of the eastern provinces in Canada. Canada’s Maritime Provinces, for instance, are those coastal sides and public beaches that are usually impossible to be reached by any other transportation. Of course, choosing the ship you will be traveling on must consists of nice mobile vacation homes with personalized extras and luxury additions. A cruise means living as a rich person for a weak sometimes, so do not be scrooge, while choosing your tour operator or ship. Furthermore, the usual vacation rentals on the land often do not come to our expectations. However living on a ship is a one lifetime experience that is itself an adrenaline.

Passing by the different and various regions of the coastal side in Canada, you will definitely come upon the oldest Canadian city. Saint John is a superb district, where three levels of cultural influence and inheritance form the enigmatic air and atmosphere here. Old English and Irish architecture styles still preserve in the local residential districts of the city. On the other hand, Saint John is this Canadian town, where the influence of Eastern Europe is the strongest. We will feel it in the local cuisine and some of the traditions among the origin families here.

Halifax is the Bay you will stop by during your awesome cruise across Canada, where you can admire the gorgeous ocean sides and the public beaches with the most luxury amenities in the country. Halifax, as a matter of fact, is known as the Canada’s Ocean Playground. It is situated on a beautiful hilly seaport, where striking rocky formations are making the “exterior” even more incredible and impressive. PEI is known as the island of the Prince Edward Island (as the abbreviation says). The royal atmosphere here will strike you the moment your ship will moor on the bay. Though, you will be able to have a quick walk only among the nearest streets, because your cruise must continue and land right in Sydney. Here, you have the entire time to see all of the brilliant and attractive landmarks of the Canadian capital.

Riviera Maya Mexico

The Riviera Maya’s coastline stretches from Cancun to Tulum. Snorkeling and kayaking are best in the bays.  Akumal has two beaches, Half Moon Bay and main beach at Akumal Bay and is one of the best beaches around. Playa del Carmen has grown tremendously in recent years, the beach has resorts and beach clubs along the shore ant the northern end. There are several other beaches like Paamul, Playacar, Puerto Aventuras, Puerto Morelos, Sian Ka’an, SolimanBay, TankahBay, Tulum, Xcacel and Xpu-ha

Riviera Maya Mexico

There are four resorts that specifically market themselves as “nude” resorts, or tolerant of nudity resorts

  • Desires south of Cancun
  • Hidden Beach Resort in Kantenah
  • Playa Sonrisa in Xcalak
  • Cabanas Copal in Tulum


  • CapitalCity:Mexico City
  • Population: 106 million
  • Area: 762,000 square miles
  • Telephone Calling Code(s): 52


  • Mayan World
  • Marine Natural Park “Reefs of Puerto Morelos”
  • Mayan caves in Aktun Chen.
  • Biosphere Reserve of SianKa’an.
  • Coba (ancient maya culture )
  • Xcaret


  • Snorkel in the Xel-Ha world largest natural aquarium.
  • “La Quinta Avenida” of Playa del Carmen and enjoy the wide variety of bars, restaurants and shops.
  • Discover a Mayan village.
  • Mayan treatment in one of the multiples Spa’s in Riviera Maya.
  • RivieraMaya Jazz Festival
  • Ecology/Adventure tour


Mid-December to Easter is the Peak season for holidays in Riviera Maya, especially Semana Santa, the holy week before Easter. Late June, July, and August is off season suitable for budget travelers.


Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen) is located 52 km north from Cancun international Airport.

You can rent a car from Cancun Airport, another options is there is also private cab service to the region. Also ADO provides bus service from the airport to Playa del Carmen. The frequency of bus to Playa del Carmen is every hour from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. There are also frequent bus services along Mexico 307.

Several Other companies operate shuttle service between Cancun and Tulum with stops at several spots


Riviera Maya Tourism Board

Main Tourism Board office:
Carretera 307 at Calle 28
Tel: 52 984 206 3150
Tel: 877 746 6292 (from theU.S.)


Ski Vacations at Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

If you are looking for the ultimate Utah ski vacation, Solitude Mountain Resort has everything that you could want or need. During the early 1900’s, the  area was full of silver miners, who gave the area its  famous name. Today, the area is covered with  skiers – but the crowds are rather light.

The area became a skier’s paradise in 1957. It was developed by Robert Barrett, who made his fortune as a uranium miner. He basically started developing the resort because he was denied restroom privileges at the ski area in Alta – because he was not a guest.

Now owned by a different family, the resort features 1200 acres of 63 runs for beginners, intermediate skiers, and experts. There are eight lifts, including seven chair lifts and one surface lift. The top elevation at Solitude Mountain is 10036 feet, with a vertical drop of 2048 feet.

There are five lodging options for guests, and activities and events take place all throughout the year. The resort looks like a Tom incaide painting, and one can’t help but wonder if this is where some of his inspiration came from.


Fashion Island Newport Beach

The Fashion Island, located at the Newport Center in Newport Beach is the ideal place to go if you like adventure and shopping.  Proving to be one of the premiere establishments in Newport Beach, Fashion Island is one place you simply must go if you crave a fun and exciting time during your trip here or your stay here.

Fashion Island Newport Beach

Centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego, stopping here won’t put you out of your way.  Offering shopping, beaches, theme parks, museums, parks and other events, this is an absolute treasure.  On Fashion Island itself, there are more than 1,300 hotel rooms within the Newport Center.

On Fashion Island kids love the carousel.  The carousel is a custom made Venetian-themed ride with 32 antique horses and other  animals, perfect for riders of nearly any age.  With animals such as the rabbit, tiger, bear and fish, the carousel is a must see for anyone who enjoys theme parks and amusement rides.

For younger children, Fashion Island offers the whimsical Kiddie Train.  For younger children of the area, the train has become a tradition.   If you are visiting here, you can find the train between Bloomingdale’s and Marcus.

On the island, two of the most signature elements are the splashing fountains and the well known sparkling koi pond.  Located adjacent to Macy’s, you’ll find the Pop Jet, and near Island Terrace you’ll find the also well known Iris Fountain.  Both were created in 1989 and
custom made for Fashion Island.  The koi pond was also custom made in 1968 and holds 15,000 gallons.

The entire area of Fashion Island is surrounded by top class hotels, including the Hotel Newport Beach.  Minutes away from the island is the Orange County airport and several beaches.  During the summer, the sandy beaches provide the ultimate relaxation from a day of shopping and fun on Fashion Island.

Throughout the year, there are many events as well.  With summer concerts, a project playhouse, and seasonalactivities for the children, Fashion Island proves to be more than just shopping. On the shopping side of things, as the name implies, you’ll find hundreds of shopping stores and several fine restaurants to dine in here.  Fashion Island on Newport Beach is the place to be for anyone visiting the area looking to see the best in shopping and entertainment.

If you’re looking to visit Newport Beach, make sure you pay Fashion Island a visit.  You can find almost anything to buy here along with plenty of activities to keep the kids happy as well.  A visit to Newport Beach isn’t complete without stopping here – making Fashion Island a very important part of the entire beach experience.

Snorkeling in Akumal Mexico

Snorkeling in Akumal mexicoAkumal Bay is known for its assorted species of sea turtles which use the beaches for breeding, feeding and rearing their young. This provides an optimal opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat, including the many different species of fish and plant life.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are perhaps the favorite activities to pursue during a trip to Akumal, but snorkeling is a less physically demanding and technical option. With a brief instruction course and a smart location choice, snorkeling is very easy for even first-time novices.

One popular location for snorkeling in Akumal is the Yal-ku lagoon. This location is an extremely rare environment where fresh water meets with salt water from the sea. The combination of the two types of water is called a “halocline” effect.

Only very specific species can live and thrive in this halocline lagoon, and the mixture of salt and fresh water supplies creates an changed appearance of the water itself. Many fish found in this area are not found anywhere else in the world, and have been shown on many travel channel specials in recent years.

Casa Cenote is a lagoon featuring mangroves and bright fish displays. Many snorkelers find the fossils in Cenote at Dosojos quite worth while for a day of exploration. Many of the fossils seen at Dosojos date back to original civilizations that once occupied the area.

Snorkel lessons are always a good idea forfirst-timers prior to going to one of these sites. Although the activity is simple, some find that they are uncomfortable with the equipment or unsure how to best view the underwater scenery while safely using the snorkel.

A fun activity for locals and tourists alike is night snorkeling. Typically, a light is used in conjunction with traditional snorkeling equipment for this activity.

Many fish which are not observed during daylight hours can be observed when snorkeling after nightfall. This is usually because they are night-feeders or resting during the day.

The octopus is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Octopuses only come out to feed at nighttime, and change color when a light is focused on them. Virtually all of the life seen at night are safe for snorkelers, so night snorkeling is a safe activity also.

Plant life and some types of fish are also luminescent after dark. This creates greenish lights shining either continuously or flashing at night – quite a view for one who is only accustomed to snorkeling during the day!
Author Resource:-> M Gravlee

Facts About San Diego

Considering how San Diego is one of the best cities in the United States, its really easy to tell how popular the city is for tourists.  Among the many accomplishments behind San Diego, let’s take a look at several facts behind this amazing city.
san diego
Fact 1
Inside the city limits of San Diego, more than 1 million people live there.  This makes the city the second largest in California and the sixth biggest in the entire United States!  For the city to be this big, the residents still have that hometown experience – which is quite amazing!

Fact 2
No matter what type of year it is, it’s never the wrong time to visit.  The weather is near perfect year round, giving you the chance to experience everything to offer here.  With an annual high of 70 degrees and a low of 55 degrees,  you can pretty much go swimming year round.

Fact 3
If you visit between December – March, you can catch some  glimpses of the impressive gray whale.  All along the coast or on a cruise, you can catch this very amazing mammal.

Fact 4
If you travel just 23 miles south, you’ll be in the beautiful city of Tijuana.  What was once thought of as dangerous,  happens to be an amazing place of Mexican hospitality,  with great restaurants, shopping, and a pleasing nightlife.

Fact 5
San Diego offers an amazing array of flowers and roses.  With the climate being dry, it’s the perfect conditions for roses,  wild daises, and other exotic flowers.  With different flowers in the winter and summer months, avid flower lovers will fall in love with everything San Diego has to offer them.

Fact 6
It’s no secret that one of the biggest attractions to San Diego are the beaches.  Make sure you read the signs though, as the beauty behind the beaches vary almost as much as the rules do.

Fact 7
When it comes to nightlife, San Diego has something to please everyone.  From country dancing to singing in a bar, the city has a very happening nightlife.  No matter what you like to do at night, San Diego has it all – and probably a bit more.

Fact 8
The most attractive feature to San Diego is the zoo.  The 100 acre zoo here houses almost 4000 animals all of which who have  plenty of room to roam around.  With pandas for everyone to see, the San Diego zoo is reason enough to give the city a visit.

For more reasons than one, San Diego is the perfect city to visit.  You can visit here with family or friends and know that
you’ll always have places to go and things to see.  Winter or summer, San Diego is the one place you’ll never find boring.