Top 5 Places to Visit on Amalfi Coast

There are too many beautiful cities and places to visit in Italy, but if you’re looking for a magic and suggestive atmosphere, you should definitely visit the Costiera Amalfitana and its beautiful villages. The Amalfi Coast stretches from Sorrento to Salerno and with the combination of sea, cliffs and mountains is considered to be one of the most amazing places in Europe and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Top 5 Places to Visit on Amalfi Coast

1. Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the small cities that lie on the Amalfi Coast and the homeland of “Limoncello”. Situated between Naples and Salerno, it is a very picturesque and colorful city, close to the attractions of the coast and the archeological sites of this region, that has attracted throughout the years many tourists, especially during summer months. That’s why in Sorrento there are many hotels and resorts that will suit every pocket. If you are planning to visit Sorrento anytime soon, book your stay via

2. Amalfi

Amalfi is probably the main town of the Amalfi coast and the one with an impressive historical background. Founded in the 9th century, it was the capital of the maritime republic known as the Ducky of Amalfi that fought against Genoa and Pisa for military power over the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the most amazing attractions of the Amalfi coast is situated at about three miles from this wonderful village: the Emerald Grotto is very well known all around the world for its unique lightning conditions and has its surface covered by stalagmites and stalactites.

3. Capri

With its colorful and exotic gardens, Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea and today is often associated to luxury and celebrities. The magical atmosphere of nature joined by the elegance of the beautiful villas makes this village unforgettable. Take a walk in the famous Piazzetta and then dive into the sea to visit the suggestive Blue Grotto, flooded by a brilliant blue light. From Anacapri, a village in the highest part of the island, it is possible to have a whole view of the island and the astonishing sea that surrounds it.

4. Positano

Positano lies on the steep cliffs of the Amalfi Coast and it is renowned for its bright houses and terraces of lemon groves. It is also known for its beaches made with pebbles and sand, but also for the dome of Santa Maria Assunta, which is entirely decorated with “maiolica”. Positano is the perfect place for those who wants to go shopping: near the harbor and in the centre of the village, there are many elegant boutiques that attract tourists every year.

5. Ravello

The fact that many artists (Wagner, D.H. Lawrence, Lord Becket and Virginia Wolfe, just to mention a few) took inspirations for their most famous masterpieces in Ravello is emblematic. This village, perched on the Amalfi Coast, is a perfect combination of natural beauty, art and culture. Music is still the heart of Ravello’s cultural life: a very important classical music festival takes place in Villa Rufolo at the end of September every year.

Top 5 Travel Destinations in Rhodes Greece

The gorgeous Rhodes has been welcoming its visitors since unknown times. The island well amalgamates the sheer essence of medieval age and the abundant natural beauty. This is why the island has become a must-visit for the travel-freaks from all around the world. Top five Rhodes travel destinations that work as magnet for the business and leisure tourists from all over the world are:

Archeological Museum

archaeological museum of rhodes

During holidays, many people opt out visiting museums as these places little ignite their travelling spree. But archeological museums are altogether different places in essence and much differ from the regular museums. The archeological museum of Rhodes is so very special with its metal objects and jewelries bearing the glorious signs of the medieval age, the mosaic floors and vases, and the funerary slabs that it would be an incomplete Rhodes tour without visiting this museum. Turning over the pages of history, the museum was built during 1440 to 1489. The elegantly colossal structure contains Roman and Hellenistic sculptures to attract the visitors.

Palace of the Grand Master

The Place of the Grand Master rhodes

Palace of the Grand Master can be undoubtedly placed among the top five Rhodes travel destinations. The valorous Knights from Jerusalem built the structure in seventh century AD. The Turkish invaders occupied the island in 1856 and the several parts of the palace got miserably damaged during this invasion. The palace was restored in various strings in between 1937 and 1940. The noted Italian architect Vittorio played a pivotal role in reconstruction of the same.

Medieval Town

The great medieval town of Rhodes with all its diversities and antiquities warm welcome the history scholars from all over the planet. UNESCO has marked it a World Cultural Heritage Site recently. The Medieval Town can help you get back to ancient times when the glam and glory of the town reached its highest point. The town encompasses a two-part fort which itself is one of the much sought-after Rhodes attractions. The other places to see in this medieval town are Pili Eleftrias, Simis Square, Byzantine Museum, The Minaret of the Old City and the famous Great Hamam.

Street of the Knights

Street of the Knights is a famous street of the Greek island garlanded with antique lodges and inns that were once inhibited by the valiant knights. The seven inns studded on the long and historic rode actually stand for the seven countries from where the seven knights hailed. The palace of the grand master elevates the significance and essence of this historic place to an altogether different stratum.

Rhodini Park

Rhodini Park, last but not the least, is the place for mixing and mingling with people from all across the world who come to city attracted by the historic significance and panoramic elegance of different Rhodes attractions. The park is considered as the first landscape park on this planet. The ever-charming spritz, the wooden architecture that embellish the park are like natural ornaments to it. The mini zoo and the spacious playground that accompany the park are also must-visit for nature and animal lovers.

Must see off-beat destinations in Asia

Must see off-beat destinations in Asia

Asia is an amazingly diverse continent, a land of mystery, legend and a place where you can experience culture in its most magnificent form. The isolation of its beauty is perhaps what sets it apart from every place else in the world. There’s more to this region than the famous sights that we hear about so often in travel guides. If you have ‘’been there, done that’’ with the popular tourist destinations in Asia like Bangkok and Singapore and are now looking at new destinations to explore in this continent, try our pick of Asia’s most overlooked and off-beat tourist stunners.

Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam


Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

The oldest and one of the most attractive capital cities in Southeast Asia, Hanoi exudes a rare sense of gracious charm and timelessness. Hanoi, the “City within the River’s Bend,” was founded by Emperor Ly Thai To in AD 1010. Today, Hanoi has emerged as an elegant, cultured, and affluent city, where museums and galleries coexist with chic shops and fashionable restaurants. It’s a city with a blend of Parisian grace and Asian pace, an architectural museum piece evolving in harmony with its history. One can wander in a few minutes from the narrow streets of the Old Quarter to the imposing mansions and buildings lining the leafy boulevards of the former French Quarter.

Spend a day learning about the culture of Hanoi and taking in the city’s top sights. Start by exploring Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum complex, home to his former stilt house residence, the presidential palace, and the one pillar pagoda. From here, you can walk to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, an archaeological site dating back to the 11th century. After a stop for lunch, visit the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university and Long Bien Bridge, built during the French occupancy. Then, take a cycle ride around Hanoi’s Old Quarter. End the day at a local café overlooking HoanKiem Lake.

Halong Bay

The name “Halong” translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. Halong Bay features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes along the 120-km coastline of Bai Chay Beach. This densely concentrated zone of stone islands, world famous for its spectacular scenery of grottoes and caves, forms the central zone of Halong Bay, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While exploring the bay, travellers will feel lost in the legendary world of stone islands which shapes change depending on the angle and the light. There are many names given to islands according to their shapes and forms such as Hon Dau Nguoi (Human Head Islet), Hon Rong (Dragon Islet), Hon Canh Buom (Sail Islet) and Hon Trong Mai (Cock and Hen Islet). The beauty of Halong Bay does not consist only in the forms of its mountains, islands and the colour of its waters, but also in its infinitely rich system of grottoes and caves such as Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto), Dau Go (Driftwood Grotto), Sung Sot (Surprise Grotto), Tam Cung (Three Palace Grotto) and Trinh Nu (Virgin Grotto).

Cebu & Boracay, Philippines

Cebu & Boracay, Philippines


Cebu is the “Queen City of the South” on Cebu Island and is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Philippines for tourists. Cebu is the traveler’s dream of a tropical island come true: balmy weather, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living. Majority of its land area and population is in a long narrow major island, surrounded by more than 100 smaller islands, most notable of which are the Mactan, Olango, Camotes, Batayan and Malapascua islands. Cebu has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island. Cebu’s highest mountains are over 1000 meters high. Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named Cebu the seventh best island destination in the Indian Ocean-Asia region in 2007, eighth best Asian-Pacific island destination in 2005, seventh in 2004 and in 2009.


Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region. Boracay Island’s shape is somewhat similar to a butterfly, which aptly defines its beauty. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards for their world-class attractiveness. The island is composed of three main ‘barangays’ or small districts which are called Manoc, Balabag and Yapak. Boracay has managed to pack its thousand hectare area with all the elements of a tropical paradise – crystal blue waters, powder white sand, liberal doses of tropical palms and flowering plants, and a healthy marine life underneath the seas.

Take a walk on Boracay’s white beach at sunset as the setting golden sun presents the most beautiful sunset in the Philippines and paints the romantic ambiance of the island, watch the kite surfers and their amazing prowess on the waters, opt to see the underwater landscapes that make Boracay famous by taking a Boracay tour in a glass bottom boat, go helmet diving or go snorkeling. Try the tasty treat of Balut – a must try for any visiting tourist on the island. Undertake zorbing – a ‘must do’ activity or try out the incredible Quad Biking to Mount Luho.

Angkor Wat & Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Angkor Wat & Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

The masterpiece of Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s most beloved and best preserved temple. The 500 acre site is one of the largest religious monuments in the world and represents the architectural pinnacle of the Khmer Empire. This majestic structure lies at the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park, which covers 154 square miles and contains scores of other Khmer temples dating from between the 9th and 15th centuries. Originally dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu, it has remained a place of worship since its founding in the 12th century. Angkor Wat is a miniature replica of the universe in stone and represents an earthly model of the cosmic world. The central tower rises from the center of the monument symbolizing the mythical mountain, Meru, situated at the center of the universe. Its five towers correspond to the peaks of Meru. The outer wall corresponds to the mountains at the edge of the world, and the surrounding moat the oceans beyond.

The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. Ta Prohm is one of the most photographed temples, deliberately left mostly unrestored and tangled by undergrowth. The temple is admired for the grandeur & harmony of the architecture, its extensive bas-reliefs and for the numerous devatas (guardian spirits) adorning its walls. According to Maurice Glaize, a mid-20th-century conservator of Angkor, the temple “attains a classic perfection by the restrained monumentality of its finely balanced elements and the precise arrangement of its proportions. It is a work of power, unity and style.” Angkor Wat has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and is the country’s prime attraction for visitors.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. Phnom Penh is located at the confluence of three rivers – the Mekong, the Bassac and Tonle Sap. The city is divided into three sections – the north, an attractive residential area; the south or the French part of the city with its ministries, banks, colonial houses; and the centre or the heart with its narrow lanes, markets, foods stalls and shops. The capital city exudes a sort of provincial charm and tranquility with French colonial mansions and tree-lined boulevards amidst monumental Angkorian architecture. Phnom Penh is also the gateway to an exotic land – the world heritage site, the largest religious complex in the world, the temples of Angkor in the west, the beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the North-eastern provinces.

For a taste of Cambodian history and royal life, visitors can tour the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda located just next to the palace grounds. A short walk away, the National Museum beckons with room after room of Khmer sculpture, ceramics, bronzes, and ethnographic objects. To get a taste of city life, walk along Sothearos Boulevard, sampling local foods and patronizing a clutch of ‘antique’ shops that sell silver trays, betel boxes, belts, ancient coins, silver or wooden statuettes and famed marble carvings from the province of Pursat. Take leisurely strolls around Phnom Penh – boulevards peppered by elegant colonial buildings and a bustling riverfront lined with cafes and restaurants make this a truly beautiful city to see on foot or shop for antique pieces, sundry souvenir items, and factory over-run designer clothing at ‘Phsar Toul Tum Poung’.

Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Thailand
Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Mai

Chang Mai, one time capital of the Lanna Kingdom and currently the unofficial capital of Northern Thailand is a vibrant city with plenty on offer for the traveler. Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where it’s possible to experience both historical and modern Thai culture coexisting side by side: the city features centuries-old chedis and temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. This dichotomy is best appreciated within the moat-encircled old city, which retains much of the fortified wall that once protected the city center as well as the four main gates that provided access to the former Lanna capital city.
A not-to-be-missed experience in Chang Mai remains visiting temples. There are nearly enough temples in Chiang Mai to visit a different one every day of the year! Inside the city walls, you’ll find beautiful examples of 14th and 15th century Lanna style temples with intricate wood carvings and murals. Amongst the oldest and impressive ones are Wat Phra Singh (1345) and Wat Chiang Man (1296). Travelers can also try a varied of cultural experiences – Take a Thai cooking course, learn massage, practice yoga, visit temples (of which there are over 300!) and lap up a bit of Thai heritage that can be harder to find in the more touristy places. If you’re an active traveler you could trek to a waterfall, visit hill tribe villages, float down a river on a bamboo raft or ride an elephant. You can even learn how to ride an elephant and help to wash them in the river on a Mahout course.

Chiang Rai

A friendly and charming city, Chiang Mai’s little brother, Chiang Rai is a land of outstanding natural beauty. Chiang Rai has been inhabited since the 7th century, but it was not until 1262 that King Meng Rai established it as the first capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The capital was later relocated to Chiang Mai and since that time Chiang Rai has lived in the shadow of its neighboring province.
Today, Chiang Rai is a traveler’s paradise, endowed with abundant natural attractions and antiquities. Attractions range from ruins of ancient settlements and Buddhist shrines to magnificent mountain scenery and hill tribe villages. For those interested in the natural side of Chiang Rai, jungle trekking is a magical experience; explore the mountains of the north along various hiking trails, many of which access the villages of diverse hill tribes groups, many of whom maintain their traditional lifestyles. Chiang Rai town, which tends to be a little more ‘laid back’ than its more popular neighbour, now competes with Chiang Mai as a tourist attraction. Also visit the two very unusual pieces of temple architecture within half an hour of each other, the white temple and black house which are known as the ‘heaven and hell’ of Chiang Rai. In addition, the province offers opportunities for boat tours (on the river Kok and on the Mekong), elephant rides, hill trekking, and sightseeing. Combine all these and you’ll know why it’s a worthwhile destination for travelers.

Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia


Sabah is a picturesque state of Malaysia; one of the thirteen that make up the whole country. This eastern most state is best known for its natural tropical beauty, a far reaching history and its art & culture. Surprisingly, it is also known as the land below the wind, because of its closeness to the typhoon region of Philippines. Sabah is a rugged place for adventurers, a playground for divers, and a trove for anyone with the adventure to explore.

The most unforgettable experiences to try out in Sabah would be: Climbing Mount Kinabalu, an once-in-a-lifetime experience and something all adventurous travelers should try! If you prefer to get your action under the water, Sipadan Island is the spot for you. Sipadan Island is not only Malaysia’s only oceanic island; it’s regularly voted one of the top places in the world for scuba diving. Here you can dive with swirling schools of barracuda, graceful turtles, white tip reef sharks and bumphead parrotfish amongst many other species that frequent the island. Take a cruise down the Kinabatangan River – from orangutans, to elephants, to rhinoceroses, a cruise up the banks of the Kinabatangan River offers a unique opportunity to spot some of Asia’s most diverse wildlife. Get to know Sabah’s official mascot – The Orangutan. At the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary you can see and learn more about these amazingly human-like creatures and watch them as they go about their curious daily business.


Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia covering an area of nearly 125,000 square kilometers in the Borneo land mass. With such a large land area, Sarawak is home to an incredible range of tropical bio-diversity. The rich flora and fauna include the world’s largest flower Rafflesia, squirrels and snakes that fly, plants that eat insects and various other species of plants and insects that are yet to be discovered.

The experiences not-to-be-missed out in Sarawak are: Marvel at the caves in Mulu National Park – The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mulu National Park offers travelers one Indiana Jones adventure after another. Mulu National Park is Sarawak’s largest, and offers everything from quad biking, to jaw-dropping views from the world’s longest tree-canopy walk, to fascinating treks through the lush forest. Visit Bako National Park – The Park contains an incredible variety of plant species and vegetation types, and is home to 275 rare proboscis monkeys. Sarawak is a land of colourful cultures boasting 27 ethnic groups, and a significant percentage of Sarawak’s population still live in longhouses and villages in remote areas. Discover their way of life and stopover the most popular Iban longhouses – Skrang River, Lemanak River and Batang Ai. Also visit the state’s quirky capital, Kuching. This ‘city of cats’ is full of history, old world charm, and is the perfect city to discover by foot. Highlights of Kuching include the Cat Museum and the gigantic cat statues peppered across the city, the Tua Pek Kong Temple, Fort Margherita, the Astana, the waterfront and nearby Bazaar, and the Sarawak Museum.

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Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes is an Ecstasy Itself

Waterfront resorts are much sought-after in Rhodes by the day-trippers coming in the city yearlong. The waterfront resorts are specially known for the fabulous ambience and brilliant views all around. Nautical Blue is a similar kind of waterfront hideaway which spans along the 1 kilometer long beach and is a constellation of small one and two-storey buildings, a very unique feature that has helped it stand apart the crowd. Te hotel is an ecstasy itself.

Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes Suite bathroom
Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes Suite bathroom

Nautica Blue Location

Nautica Blue is located ideally on the famous Fanes beach, which is a pride of the Rhodes islands. Direction wise the hotel is on the western part of the islands. It is just 15 minutes drive from the Diagoras Airport and just 25 minutes from the old town of Rhodes.

Restaurant in Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes
Restaurant in Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes
Swimming pool at Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes
Swimming pool at Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes

Nautica Blue Hotel Rhodes

 Nautical Blue Food and Beverages

The hotel has got an enviable assortment of restaurants and bars that serve multi cuisine and great beers and wines. The much liked and loved restaurants and bars of the hotel are:

Captains Main

Captains Main is a medieval inspired restaurant that has a high dome approx 100 feet from ground. The colossal dome is supported by eight great columns that are bedecked with elegant mosaic tiles. The restaurant is open from all sides which is why the fresh breeze from the waterside comes flowing in uninterrupted. The restaurant serves all three courses.

Italian Orange

Italian Orange is another euphoric food joint in the hotel that serves the best wines to rejuvenate the visitors. Alongside, the restaurant also serves great Greek and international dishes.

Thalassa Bar

Thalassa Bar is an integral feature of many of the Rhodes waterfront resorts. In Nautica as well, the bar keeps with the trend and serves luscious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The exotic eatery combines well the very best nature of Rhodes with world-class hospitality.


Islands is a small snack bar all equipped with great fast foods like crispy pizzas that are baked live in front of the guests.

The Orange Snack and Pool Bar, the Sailing Bar the Ouzeri traditional Greek style tavern are also some places wherein you can hide away.

Nautical Blue Hotel Rhodes Guest Services

Natutica Blue authority has actually left no means to amaze and amuse their guests. The world-class services and amenities include Children’s pool, Swimming pool, Playground, Kid’s Club, Dedicated Animation team, Table tennis boards, Sports & Activities, Mini market to name a few.

Nautica Blue Accommodation

Nautica Blue serves a wide plethora of accommodation options, 270 in total, and to classify there are luxurious rooms and suites, junior suites, senior suites, presidential suites etc. all the rooms are outfitted with some of the best amenities like balcony or terrace, private swimming pool, attached shower and bath, Jacuzzi, DD phone, wi-fi internet access, hair drying machine, Satellite TV, radio and minibar.

5 Father/Son Road Trip Ideas for the Summer

Want to get closer to your son? Consider taking a father/son road trip this summer. With just the two of you, you’ll be able to create memories that you won’t soon forget.

State Parks Road Trip

One great road trip idea is traveling to the state parks within your own state. If you live on the coast, there are many state beaches that would be fun. Many parks have lakes perfect for swimming and offer camping sites with varying accommodations. Before your trip, take a look at what state parks are located in your state and create a route to the ones that interest you and your son the most. Make sure to pack for all weather. Some of the top state parks in the U.S. include Silver Falls in Oregon, Prairie Creek Redwoods in California, Roxborough in Colorado and Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.

Baseball Road Trip

5 FatherSon Road Trip Ideas for the Summer
Detroit Tigers

Image via Flickr by Keith Allison

If you and your son are big baseball fans, what would be better than a road trip to see your favorite teams play? Games are head literally every single day throughout the summer, so it’s a perfect time to hit the road and attend a few games. You could plan a trip to different baseball stadiums in the same general area. Head to Cleveland and get some Cleveland Indians tickets, then travel up to Detroit for a Tigers game. Don’t stop there — grab some tickets for a Cubs or White Sox game in Chicago, and then head down to Cincinnati for a Reds game. It would be an unforgettable trip for both you and your son.

History Road Trip

 5 FatherSon Road Trip Ideas for the Summer-1

Image via Flickr by Jason Lander

If history is one of your passions, consider a route along historical sites. Choose a topic that is important to you. These are some of most popular trips.

  • Civil War – Route 15 takes you from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Monticello, Virginia where you can stop at nine presidential homes, 18 national and state parks, 57 historic towns and villages and hundreds of Civil War Battlefronts. It’s a great way to teach your son about the nation’s past on a fun road trip.
  • Revolutionary War – For this trip, start in Boston where you can explore the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile trail includes 16 historic sites. To get the most out of the trip, download the Freedom Trail app onto your iOS device, which acts as your tour guide with descriptions, facts, stories, and photo-rich slideshows. Other places to head on your Revolutionary War trip include Fort Ticonderoga, Philadelphia, Yorktown, and Charleston.
  • Mining Towns – If you’re looking for something in the western U.S., consider a road trip of Colorado mining towns. Start in Colorado Springs where you can visit the Western Museum of Mining & Industry. Head west on U.S. 24 and stop by Historic Cripple Creek where there’s a state-of-the-art interpretive center where visitors can learn about gold mining with interactive displays. Other places to visit include Victor, South Park City, Salida, and Royal Gorge.

When it comes to road trips, it doesn’t matter so much where you go. It’s all about having some one-on-one time with your son.


Angela Suites Rhodes Is a Budget Four-Star Catering to International Tastes

Rhodes has been a favoured destination for many of the globe-trotters for decades. The reason is the heavenly amalgamation of the wild nude beach, the ever-welcoming sea, the in-period styled city and the world-class hospitality of the people of the island. Modern hotels in the city have rightly adopted this chemistry and have been much-sought after by the world tourists that flow in the city during all seasons. Four star hotels of Rhodes are the cheaper options for those who want to stay amidst luxury as well as save a few extra bucks. The Angela Suites Rhodes is a four-star having all the qualities for which the tourists should fall for a hotel in Rhodes. The hotel is a refurbished four star hotel Rhodes having all the incomparable features and facilities that are enough to allure and captivate the tourists from all across the world. Strategically located at the heart of the city, the hotel offers easy reach to all the famous historical places that you will find in Wikipedia and major travel websites as well. The hotel authority has been keen since the inception of the 4-star to explore and lift up the implication of the word ‘hospitality’.

Angela Suites Rhodes Rhodes Greece
Angela Suites Rhodes Rhodes Greece

Hotel Angela Rhodes Location

Hotel Angela Suites and Lobby Rhodes, as stated earlier, has been purposefully placed at the heart of the city and enjoys its stone-throwing distance from the illustrious Academia Square. The hotel is a nice place for spending vacations and holidays. Sightseeing, shopping, entertainment, everything can be found here as a complete package. Traveling around is a complete glee.

Angela Suites Rhodes Guest Services

The hotel has blended the finest services for its visitors. From 24-hour open reception desk to myriad other guest services and amenities, the hotel has surpassed many hotels in the land of its class. The al fresco swimming pool is nicely accompanied with bathing accessories, sun decks and towels that are all provided for free. You can pep up yourself by diving straight into the beautiful pool and having fun bath. You can visit the lobby bar which provides wireless internet access (charges applicable). The large window panes will let you gaze at the city skyline while taking a relaxed sip of your coffee or cocktail, whichever you prefer. The balcony of the lounge bar has been bedecked with bamboo-made accouters to gift a warm summer feeling to the visitors.

Angela suites and Hotel Rhodes Accommodation

All the 35 snug rooms and the extra spacious Penthouse Suite are outfitted with the latest furniture and peerless room services and amenities. The two-room suites can accommodate four adults each. The timbered floor of the rooms fused with a la mode furnishings cast a spell on the occupants. Fourteen of the double-room suites come with small balconies. The flanking kitchenettes can charm the cooking-freaks at most.

Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Offers Multi-cuisine and Best Wines

The luxurious and exuberant Kresten Hotel Villas and Spa is one among the newly built seaside hideaway of the city of Rhodes. However, it is much more distinguished in nature comparing to the other contenders. The vigorous and abundant sea is ever splashing and kissing the footsteps of the hotel which is primarily known for its relaxation methods and an entire spa that has been a treasured pride of the hotel. The Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes throws a major challenge to other beach resorts of Rhodes.

Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Greece
Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Greece

The whole hotel is nicely composed colas every part which is in complete harmony with the other parts and together can create a cherished experience for the visitors of the hotel. The hotel is approximately 5.5 kilometers from the noted UNESCO certified World Heritage Monument and at a stone throwing distance from the Kallithea mineral fountains.

Kresten Royal Rhodes Location

The Kresten Royal Rhodes was inaugurated in April 2010 only. The hotel premises span for a 114 square meter area and is placed beautifully amidst the lush green of the Kallithea hill steps. Add the pastoral beauty of the age-old Aegean Sea that has been roaring and splashing on the beaches since prehistoric ages.

Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Food and Beverages

This Rhodes Spa and resort offers a vast array of Greek and continental dishes to its voitoirs. You can have great start for day with having your breakfast at the Athina restaurant where a full American breakfast buffet is sure to savor your taste buds. Or else if you want to explore typically Greek salads and other dishes, do check out the Porta di Mare poolside where a range of Greek dishes delectably cooked by the tops chefs of the hotel are all set to enchant the bon vivant folks from all corners of the world. After 12 noon, the dishes get even more relishing with the enticing warm and cold appetizers finding their way in. however, the Athina opens again in the afternoon to offer its guest some of the heavenly cooked dishes. Porta di Mare re4sumes serving the food-buffs 4.00 pm onwards when the twilight has become to cover up the city of Rhodes, making it more numinous with hours passing by. The small island gets illuminated by the evening and the whole of Rhodes indulges in festivity till midnight. Well, don’t forget to catch a lingered glimpse of the beautiful sunset while having your dinner at Porta di Mare because it is a sheer magic for the viewers, as they say it.

Rhodes Kresten Villa Bars

For those who sip dip into lethal drinks to relax and enjoy, the Kresten watering holes are more than just fine. The lounge bar ‘Horizon’ opens at 22.30 and serves the boozers. The lounge bar showcases and offers all the greatest brands of wines and beers can serve your thirst nerves rightly. On the other hand, Bella Vista is more of a family bar where your kids can sip in a fruit juice, the very special of Rhodes and the whole of Greece as well while you and your spouse get cozier with drinking a cocktail or something. Choice is yours.

Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes Defines and Explains Ecstasy to its Visitors

Rhodes seaside is all about romanticism and passion for adventure and history. If want to delve into the glorious past of Greece, Rhodes and other Greek islands are must-visit for you. The island’s pebbled and sandy beach and inroads seem to know every bit of the glorious history of the islands. The seaside hotels are harmonious to the essence of the city and rightly serve to the taste and requirement of the passengers coming in from almost every corner of the world. The Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes is one of the beach hotels of Rhodes that is much sought-after by the s ea-loving people. The hotel is all outfitted with cool restaurants and pubs, aesthetically excellent pools and everything that one can expect from one of the best seaside hotels in Rhodes.

Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes Greece

Miraluna Location

Miraluna Kiotari Bay is located on the outskirts of the city, to be specific, in Kiotari. From the Diagoras Airport and the City Center, the hotel is a short drive.

Miraluna Kiotari Restaurants and Bars

The hotel is accoutered with a range of fine dining spaces that are pride of the beach hotel of Rhodes. The Artemis is a specious dining room in the heart of the hotel. A la carte breakfast, dinner and lunch are served to the visitors here. You can savor your taste buds with Greek as well as Mediterranean dishes that are served with the right interiors escalating the ambience successfully. The Dionyssos tavern, on the other hand, is known for the fresh meals that they serve. The grill house of the bistro has been a favorite of the bon vivant people for years.

Rhodes Miraluna Kiotari Bars are the watering holes you could be craving for all these years. The Zeus Bar being the main watering hole, the other salons are equally enticing and can get you naughty at any point of night. The roof garden of the hotel is equally appealing for the drinkers as it serves with a whole range of drinks and cocktails to the visitors. Notwithstanding the exotic pool side bar, the beach bar beach bar is a real ecstasy for the visitors. The amphitheater bar can take you back along the path of centuries. The disco bar is for the naughty folks who want to tap their feet to some chartbusters while sipping Tequila or something. Good cheers!

Shopping at Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes

The Miraluna Kiotari Bay Rhodes is rigged up with various lounges and a huge lobby where you can shop till you drop. Especially in the evening, the indoor shopping places go more vibrant and get footfalls. You can get everything from greetings cards to books, from cigarettes ti ornaments here in this Miraluna Kiotari only. The mini market is the best place for some quick shopping before you catch your flight to home.

Miraluna Exclusive: Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre-a Miraluna Exclusive

The amphitheatre is an unrivaled feature of the Miraluna Kiotari. The arena is fun-filled all around the day throughout the year, with gala dance, drama music and game shows enchanting the visitors.

Spending Holidays in London – Book Some Great Serviced Apartment Accommodations

A trip to London is one of the great trips throughout the world which gives and outstanding experience which is full of excitements and the memories which can never be forgotten. It has been recognized that London is one of the best destination for spending the time by exploring the London etc. It has the best budget serviced apartments, hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, museums, shopping malls, parks etc. It also has the “SHAKESPEAREN THEATER” which is the world’s famous art center.  Though, you can have a great experience by visiting these place especially Royal parks. This may come with some challenges if suitable preceding arrangements are not made for affordable hotels or serviced apartments.

Royal parks in Central London
Royal parks in Central London

Royal parks in Central London

As like finding appropriate visiting places, to find a right accommodation for staying in this emperor country could be an intimidating task, though, with the proper information on the available websites for accommodation can make it easy. The following mentioned are some guidelines on how to do this:

There are vast ways to find the London accommodation online. First, you have to decide, in what type of stay you are interested? This will decide to get the right accommodation. It doesn’t matter that your stay is for vacation or for business cause; you will get the great services. Booking a serviced apartment with entertainment services means a stay for vacation. On the second, is at what is cost of your stay, you have to do a comparison by considering prices for the accommodation, and pick the appropriate one which is comfortable and fits within your budget. You can do this by visiting official reservation website like

apartments rental in London
Apartments For Rent In London

The other thing that should be considered when seeking an accommodation is the consideration on the factors like discounts on accommodations. This is supposed to be done for restaurants, serviced apartments, cafes etc, with good discounts and terms of payment should be flexible which can easily be suited according to your mind.

Central London Serviced Apartments
Central London Serviced Apartments

While reserving an accommodation especially serviced apartments in Central London for vacations online, it is really great to book an apartment because they provide many great facilities, which can never be provided by any hotels and stay-in restaurants. The bookings of serviced apartments in London are made much trouble-free with the vast available options on the internet and that are conveniently be accessible through Travelofix. Now London serviced apartments bookings are much easier. Now the people who are visiting London for vacation, business purpose, official meetings etc have the wide range of services according to their request.

Top 4 Best Road Trips Before You Go to College

You tossed your cap high into the air at graduation and after four fun and memorable years, you’re a high school graduate. With college in the near future, you’re feeling excited, nervous, and a little sad too. Some of your best friends will be studying at universities hundreds of miles away from you.

Knowing that your time together will soon be cut short, you need one last chart-topping hurrah. What better way to say goodbye to your buds than to go on an unforgettable road trip? Here are a few of the best road trips to take this summer with your friends.

1. Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone National Park
Yellow Stone National Park

Image via Flickr by DirectDish

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Yellow Stone is worth the drive out west. Located in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, this 3,468-mile park offers exciting explorations and leisurely activities. Rent an RV and sleep among the wildlife or stay in one of the many lodges at the park. Here are some awesome things you can do at Yellowstone:

  • Marvel at the site of the spectacular geysers — particularly Old Faithful. Just remember to keep your distance from the boiling waters.
  • Go horseback riding through the mountains. What better way to connect with nature than to ride an animal through the beautiful mountains?
  • Kayak through the pristine Yellowstone Lakes. If you love watersports, kayaking through one of America’s most famous National Parks is a necessity.

2. St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida
St. Petersburg Beach, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

Image via Flickr by Hyku

If you’re a fan of surf and sand, visit Florida for its awesome shoreline and fun-filled cities. If you were already planning to buy or lease a new car for college, now would be a great time to head to a dealership like Hoffman Ford and scoop one up. You’ll need it for the drive between St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Orlando. Here are just a few of the cool things you can do.

  • Go parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and jet skiing, just don’t forget your sunblock and your sea legs.
  • Enjoy a sunset drum circle at one of the beautiful beaches. Unique to beach life, drum circles are fun gathering of drums and dancers celebrating their natural surroundings.
  • Visit the nation’s best theme parks. Tampa has Busch Gardens, an African-themed zoo and theme park filled with water rides, record-breaking roller coasters and African safaris. Orlando has a plethora of theme parks including water parks, Disney parks, and Universal Studio parks.

3. Seattle, Washington

Seattle - Washington
Seattle, Washington

Image via Flickr by Dougtone

Seattle is an excellent city for its diverse list of things to do. Become one with nature in the nearby mountains or relish in the city’s eclectic spirit. It truly has the best of both worlds. Everyone on your trip will enjoy themselves since there’s something for everyone in this Pacific Northwest area. Here are several activities you should plan on doing:

  • Catch a huge fish at the famous Pike Place Market. Well, the fishermen will do it for you, but you’re guaranteed a fresh dinner when you shop at this famous fish market.
  • Get out of the country and take a ferry to Canada for the day. Just remember to bring your passport to visit this neighboring country.
  • Take the three-hour trip to Mount Rainer and hike through its trails. Stretch your legs and test your mountaineering skills as you hike through these beautiful green mountains and volcanos.

4. New York City, New York

New York City, New York
New York City, New York

Image via Flickr by snorepey

You know about its iconic prestige, you’ve heard about the fantastic Broadway shows, delicious cuisine and exciting sightseeing tours, and you’ve wanted to go for as long as you can remember. It’s time to round-up your friends and make the drive to the Big Apple. There are so many things to do in this magical city but here are some suggestions for your first visit:

  • Take a ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands. A trip to New York City, New York is not complete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go on a bicycling tour or take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. Chose to circle the park and take in the scenery, or visit the zoo inside the park.
  • Watch a show on Broadway. Known for its theatrical brilliance, Broadway presents some of the most famous live musicals. Even if you’re not a fan, you may become one after seeing a show on Broadway.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, find a reliable car, and set off on an incredible trip you’ll never forget.

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

20 million travelers arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport last year, lured by the capital’s historic sites and the recreational opportunities in the regions beyond. If you’re planning a trip to the Beehive State, creating a hotel checklist can make sure you get the most from your stay. Read on to discover the questions you should ask before you check in.

Location Matters

Prepare for a Utah Vacation with a Hotel Checklist

Image Via Flickr by Davidd

A hotel’s location is the most important consideration for many travelers. If you love the bustling pace of an urban area, you’ll probably look to a room in Salt Lake City. If you prefer to unwind, a more rural location like Price or Moab may suit you better. Ski bunnies typically flock to the snowfields of Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

While your vacation style and favorite attractions will influence your desired location, so will your transport. If you’re relying on public transport, you might prefer a hotel close to Salt Lake City International Airport, bus stops, light rail stations, or key attractions. Road trippers and tourists hiring a car will have greater flexibility, so they can generally save money by staying at a hotel off the beaten track.

Choose the Right Room for You

It’s vital to choose a room that suits your needs. Families will likely need double rooms or serviced apartments, while most couples can make do with single rooms. Non-smoking suites are common in most hotels, but your choices are a bit more limited if you want to light up. Smokers United offers a handy list of smoker-friendly hotels in Utah.

Note Special Features

Any hotel stay is always about more than your rented room. Choosing a hotel with great facilities can make your stay something special. Utah hotels with pools and other on-site activities can keep you entertained without putting your hand in your pocket. Restaurants and gymnasiums on the premises are also desirable for some travelers.

When traveling with children, you’ll need to confirm a hotel has essentials like crib hire and babysitting services. The child’s ambassador at Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel ensures little ones have a good time, while the ranger talks and wide open spaces of Springdale’s Zion Lodge provide kid-friendly fun outdoors.

If someone in your traveling party is disabled, you’ll also need an accessible hotel. allows you to search for hotels with a range of accessible options, including Braille or raised signage, handicapped parking, and accessible bathrooms.

Consider the Bottom Line

When all things are equal, the choice of hotel room often comes down to price. helps you to compare the best Utah hotel room rates side by side, including any extras. These bonuses, such as complimentary breakfasts, airport transfers, and free WiFi, can save you big bucks in the long run. Some hotels also offer weekend specials and advance purchase discounts which might influence your travel time.

Make sure you don’t forget to ask about taxes. Hidden charges like room occupancy tax and cancellation fees can raise your tariff unexpectedly.

Finding a hotel that ticks all your essential boxes is the first step to enjoying your time in Utah. Asking the important questions before you arrive will make your stay in Utah run smoothly.

Trying Your Luck At Casino Rodos In Rhodes Greece

While on a vacation, a game or two of trying luck is the best way of recreation. This is exactly what Rhodes offers to it’s tourist, however, there is just one notable casino in all of Rhodes which can be worth all the time & money spent at this place.

Casino Rodos Rhodes Greece
Casino Rodos Rhodes Greece

Casino Rodos (

This casino offers more than 1,700 sq. meters of casino gaming to it’s visitors, making it arguably the largest in all of Rhodes. Along with slot machines, there are live Poker tables that add to the attraction and the reasons for visiting this casino while at this island. The outer structure is also quite a sight being housed by the Grande Albergodelle Rose hotel. This casino has more to offer than just slot machines and poker games, since it is housed by one of the better hotels, there is no reason to look for a hotel elsewhere.

Moreover, due to its vast out spread, the casino has more than 300 slot machines which include a few of the pre-dominant reel make as well as the newest in technology that uses video interactivity. Therefore giving an option to the player, to get hold of the slot and pull in some luck or use the more technologically advanced slots for better user experience.

To add to these slot machines and for the ones who are more inclined towards the adrenaline of gambling, there are more than 30 live tables which host a variety of games. These add to the various options that are available, at the same time brings in a hint of change that is necessary in a trip to an island city.

All in all, the casino that proudly stands out as a place with ‘must visit’ written all over it, is the Casino Rodos, you can have a ball while you roll the dice.

Contacts: 4, Georgiou Papanikolaou Street, Rhodes. Tel: +30 22410 97500

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