The Island of Rhodes has a lot to offer to everyone that visits this place. There is a beautiful blue water coast line that has thrills for the seekers, at the same time there are a lot of things that can be done at this island of Greece. Following are a few Things To Do while at Rhodes:

Lindos Glass Bottom Boat ride:

lindos Rhodes Greece glass bottom boat
lindos glass bottom boat

It’s quite an expectation to have a good marine life around an island, but seeing this marine life through a glass bottom of a boat is quite a sight. This is a ride around  the Rhodes coast line, lasting a little more than 2 hours, providing the most spectacular view of the under waters. At an island with such beauty, this is the most convenient way of getting a glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond the beaches.

Mike’s Sweets:

This may sound like an advert for the restaurants in the place, however, it is anything but that. The sweets at Mike’s is a place that offers a one of it’s kind sweets & ice-cream in the middle of the sea on this island. While the secret to the ingredients is with Mike’s, the place offers one of the best hand made sweets & ice-cream treats.

Aquarium Trip:

This will be the best for the little ones that accompany a group, but not at all restricted to any age group and can be enjoyed by almost anyone. The aquarium of Rhodes is in the New City and is about 80 years in age. Primarily built to study the Flora & Fauna around the islands, the aquarium also provides a spectacle to rare marine types.

Surfing & Snorkeling:

Being an island, Rhodes has a lot to offer to outdoor water sports enthusiasts. There is a choice available between the Mediteranean & the Agean sea sea for surfers, while those who prefer to snorkel can use the beaches around the Kallithea spa.

Mini Golf:

While sports is not the first on the list of Things to do at a vacation spot, it’s truly amazing to have the facility of a mini golf course. These golf courses are offered in the tourist villages around Rhodes and a quiet game of golf can do a lot of good .

Besides the above, there are many tourist attractions and places worth a trip around the Island of Rhodes, these places make vacationing at Rhodes a bliss.