Exploring the Top 10 Camping Destinations near Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, is the bustling economic hub of Vietnam, famous for its historic landmarks, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. However, just a short distance away from the city lies a haven of natural beauty, waiting to be explored by adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 camping destinations near Ho Chi Minh City, allowing you to embrace the tranquility of nature while still being in close proximity to the urban excitement.

1. Can Gio Mangrove Forest : Located just 50 kilometers from the city center, the Can Gio Mangrove Forest is a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve and an ideal camping spot for nature enthusiasts. This enchanting destination offers a myriad of activities such as boat trips along the mangrove canals, exploring wildlife at the Vam Sat Ecological Tourist Center, and setting up camp amidst the picturesque surroundings.

2. Cat Tien National Park : A little over 150 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City lies the breathtaking Cat Tien National Park. Renowned for its diverse ecosystems and incredible biodiversity, this national park is a paradise for camping enthusiasts. With its lush forests, gushing waterfalls, and opportunities for wildlife spotting, Cat Tien National Park guarantees a memorable camping experience.

3. Ba Den Mountain : Overlooking Tay Ninh Province, approximately 90 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Den Mountain is an idyllic camping destination for adventure seekers. With its spectacular panoramic views and picturesque hiking trails, this mountain offers camping options for both novice and experienced trekkers.

4. Dai Phuoc Camping Site : Situated on Dai Phuoc Island, just off the eastern coast of Ho Chi Minh City, the Dai Phuoc Camping Site is a popular camping destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat from the city hustle. Surrounded by lush greenery, this camping site provides a serene environment, perfect for relaxation and reconnecting with nature.

5. Tri An Lake : Nestled between Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces, Tri An Lake is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and peaceful ambiance. Surrounded by the lush evergreen forests of the Tri An forest, this camping spot offers a serene getaway for campers in search of tranquillity and natural beauty.

6. Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park : While primarily known as an amusement park, Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park also offers camping facilities for those seeking a unique camping experience. Situated on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, this park combines leisure activities, cultural exhibitions, and outdoor camping, making it ideal for families and adventure enthusiasts.

7. Bau Sen Lake : Approximately 100 kilometers east of Ho Chi Minh City, Bau Sen Lake is a hidden gem of natural beauty and tranquility. Surrounded by vast sand dunes and lush green forests, this serene site is perfect for camping, picnicking, and immersing oneself in the untouched natural splendor.

8. Can Thanh Ecotourism Area : Located in Can Gio District, approximately 50 kilometers from the city center, Can Thanh Ecotourism Area offers a range of camping options amidst pristine natural surroundings. With its tranquil mangrove forests, wildlife exploration opportunities, and water-based activities, this camping spot promises an unforgettable adventure close to Ho Chi Minh City.

9. Long Hai Beach : Escape the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City and head approximately 90 kilometers east to the serene Long Hai Beach. With its pristine sandy shores, crystal-clear waters, and mesmerizing sunsets, this beach destination provides an ideal camping experience for beach lovers and solitude seekers.

10. Cu Chi Tunnels : While primarily known for its historical significance and war remnants, the Cu Chi Tunnels also offers a unique camping experience for adventurous travelers. Immerse yourself in history during the day by exploring the impressive tunnel network, and then spend the night camping under the stars surrounded by history and lush greenery.

Conclusion : Ho Chi Minh City, beyond its urban allure, offers an array of camping destinations for those seeking to experience the natural beauty and tranquility of Vietnam. From the enchanting Can Gio Mangrove Forest to the historical Cu Chi Tunnels, camping in these locations near Ho Chi Minh City provides a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. These top 10 camping places offer something for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable experience where you can rejuvenate amidst nature while still being close to the bustling city. So, grab your camping gear, embark on an exciting journey, and discover the hidden treasures that lie just beyond the vibrant streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

How to Enjoy Your Trip to Singapore without Taxing Wallet Much

Every tourist destination has something unique about it, whether it is cuisine, architecture or ambience. Singapore is one city that is visited by millions of people every year and it has plenty of interests for all. However, if Singapore’s cosmopolitan and urban ambience makes you feel visiting the city will bleed your wallet, you are mistaken. With a little planning and preparation, you can explore Singapore without straining your wallet much.

Far Far Away Universal Studios Singapore

To ensure you can enjoy your trip to Singapore without exceeding budget, look for bargain airline deals. To get lower rates, you need to book well in advance. If you book a ticket 2 months in advance or so, you will get lots of cheaper flight deals. At times, you may get lucrative deals on round trip tickets on some budget airlines. It makes sense to get your visa and passport ready before you visit Singapore. If you are in hurry, resort to the passport expediting service providers. They can help you in getting new passport or exiting one renewed.

With a little searching, you can find budget accommodations in Singapore. Staying at YMCA would be a prudent idea. Reservations can be made online and the location is also suitable for exploring the city. To explore the area, use it’s Mass Rapid Transit. The MRT network of Singapore is good and with it you can explore nearly all parts of the city without spending much. Budget travelers should not use taxis and walking is another option. You may also ride a double Decker bus to enjoy Singapore scenery amidst comfort without churning out much.

When you visit a place, experiencing its cuisine is almost compulsory. You need not go to the costly restaurants in Singapore when there are so many street side food vendors. In CBD area you can find a lot of food hawkers who serve tasty and healthy foods at really affordable rates. There are plenty of regional dishes to keep the foodie in you satiated.

The nice thing about Singapore trip is that you get to visit a lot of interesting places and things absolutely free. The prime example is Singapore City Gallery. This is interesting if you want to know more about history of the city. On Fridays, you can explore SingaporeArt Museum without paying anything during the evening. If you love window shopping, Vivo City the biggest Shopping Mall of Singapore should be on your list. Apart from buying, you can enjoy watching people there.

If you are a nature lover and cannot resist the chance to spend some time in lap of nature when visiting a place, head straight to MountFaber. Its top part will offer you mind blowing view of northern cityscape as well as southern coastline. If you have a camera and visit the spot during sunset, it will be a magical experience. You may also pay a visit to the Singapore Botanic Garden. It is a large area with free admission but entry to the OrchidGarden is costly.

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Top 3 Must See Places to Visit in Coorg

Many decades have gone, since the ‘Scotland of East’ has been recognized as one of the most favorable destinations to beat the summer heat. Coorg tourism has a lot of attractions and excursions to offer its guests, who have come a long or short way to enjoy their holidays. There are many places to visit in Coorg, but these below mentioned three spots must not be missed under any circumstances.

Padi Igguthappa Temple

1. Padi Igguthappa Temple: This is one of the many religious places to visit in Coorg. It is situated in the town of Virajpet in the Kodagu region, where it is supposedly filled with the divinity and covered by serenity on all its sides. It is indeed very famous in its vicinity while it is respected and revered by all the natives of the particular area. This temple was built for the Lord Igguthappa, which is the synonym of Lord Subramanya. It was built by King Lingarajendra in 1810. Then 25 years later in 1835, the then Dewan Apparanada Bopu renovated the temple after taking over the construction works. He replaced the thatched roof with tiles, which gave the temple a modern look. Now one may see silver works right at the entrance, which is a recent work of the year 2008. The deity of this temple is the ‘grain-giver’ as Igguthappa means grain and river; so a river of grain that flows endlessly. In the month of March each year, a festival is carried out in the complex of the temple, where the famous ritual of Tulabhara is being conducted. The devotees get themselves weigh against sugar, rice, grains etc and offer the same to the temple deity as a profound mark of their devotion.


2.Bhagamandala: This is a holy and divine confluence of four temples and three rivers. This is also known as the ‘Triveni Sangam’, since Kannike and Cauvery rivers meet the Sujyothi stream here. Consequently this place is sacred to the Hindus, who visit this place throughout the year. The four temple that are close to this particular confluence; they are dedicated to Subramanya, Vishnu and Ishwarya Ganapathy. Among many devotees, this pilgrimage centre is popular as Bhagandeswhara Kshetra. The place has historical importance to it as well, since this is the very site where the battle between Dodda Virarajendra of Coorg Kingdom and Tipu Sultan was fought. Coorg tourism promotes this spot as an important tourist destination and keeps it in the top places to visit in Coorg.

Madikeri palace within the fort

3.Madikeri Fort: This was initially made by mud, but later Tipu Sultan replaced the entire structure with more strong and solid concrete stones. This massive monument has a temple, an Anglican Church, a museum and a prison. The entrance has two fascinating elephants made of mortar while the fort offers its visitor a complete panoramic view of the city. There is a British era clock tower, which is one of the few remnants of the vintage times when the foreigners ruled the lands of the nation. This fort must be kept in the list of prime places to visit in Coorg.

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What to do during summer holidays in Ooty

Indisputably, Ooty is one of the most endearing destinations that can be and must be visited during summer holidays. Escape from the scorching summer heat and visit this hill station to enjoy a truly wonderful holiday. There are so many things to do in Ooty during summer holidays that one will be bereft of options.

summer holidays in Ooty

Nature Walk during Summer Mornings

Ooty is an exciting and a preferable destination where nature walk can be taken and enjoyed in its full spirit.  The walk will be one of the enjoyable things to do in Ooty especially when family and friends will accompany you thus adding to the frolic element. Be it friends, spouses or newly-wed couples, taking a walk amidst pristine natural surrounds takes on to an altogether heavenly dimension where a feeling of pure bliss engulfs one and all. Ooty is surrounded by Nilgiri hills, and number of small or big mountain peaks where Ooty tourism department has provided the facility of telescopes for enjoying the beauty of the vicinity.

Boating during Summer Evenings

Visiting Ooty can never be complete without boating in its lovely lakes, amidst many other things to do in Ooty. Pykara and Ooty lakes are ideal boating destinations with some amazing and breathtaking views and scenic sights. Surrounded by lush green forests, both Pykara and Ooty lakes offer some of the most magnificent views that can be admired while enjoying a leisurely boat ride. Pykara Lake has a boathouse in its vicinity along with several good rest houses and restaurants. Tourists can stay overnight in these rest houses and make most of their stay amidst tranquil and isolated surroundings.  

Bird Watching during Daytime

Emerald lake is some 28kms away from main Ooty town and is known for its tranquil and serene surroundings. Many varieties of birds throng this place and are watched by avid bird lovers. Near the vicinity is Avalanche Valley that presents a beautiful sight. With many birds seen here in abundance, the bird lovers have a wonderful time amidst the tranquil nature.  

Ooty Tamil Nadu

Mountain Biking During Evening

Mountain biking is one of the latest things to do in Ooty that is being encouraged even by Ooty tourism. In fact, a new Mountain Bike Park has been recently opened in Ooty. This mountain bike park has been built in such a way that it provides very natural curves and bumps for authentic feel such as – teeter-totter, sponge pits, switchbacks, jump ramps, and suspension bridge, thus making the biking really eventful and interesting. There are many bikes available in the bike park for the ease and convenience of adventurous tourists.

And More Activities to Follow…

  • Travel in the toy train and enjoy the weather.
  • Go for long walks and hikes during mornings and evenings.
  • Plan a visit to a tea plantation and revere in the greenery
  • Play a nice round of golf at the Gymkhana Golf course in the evening
  • Plan a visit to terraced cabbage fields situated around Ooty
  • Visit forest sanctuary in Mudumalai for 1 or 2 days
  • Spend evenings at 9th mile and 6th mile where many movies have been shot

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Must see off-beat destinations in Asia

Must see off-beat destinations in Asia

Asia is an amazingly diverse continent, a land of mystery, legend and a place where you can experience culture in its most magnificent form. The isolation of its beauty is perhaps what sets it apart from every place else in the world. There’s more to this region than the famous sights that we hear about so often in travel guides. If you have ‘’been there, done that’’ with the popular tourist destinations in Asia like Bangkok and Singapore and are now looking at new destinations to explore in this continent, try our pick of Asia’s most overlooked and off-beat tourist stunners.

Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam


Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

The oldest and one of the most attractive capital cities in Southeast Asia, Hanoi exudes a rare sense of gracious charm and timelessness. Hanoi, the “City within the River’s Bend,” was founded by Emperor Ly Thai To in AD 1010. Today, Hanoi has emerged as an elegant, cultured, and affluent city, where museums and galleries coexist with chic shops and fashionable restaurants. It’s a city with a blend of Parisian grace and Asian pace, an architectural museum piece evolving in harmony with its history. One can wander in a few minutes from the narrow streets of the Old Quarter to the imposing mansions and buildings lining the leafy boulevards of the former French Quarter.

Spend a day learning about the culture of Hanoi and taking in the city’s top sights. Start by exploring Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum complex, home to his former stilt house residence, the presidential palace, and the one pillar pagoda. From here, you can walk to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, an archaeological site dating back to the 11th century. After a stop for lunch, visit the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university and Long Bien Bridge, built during the French occupancy. Then, take a cycle ride around Hanoi’s Old Quarter. End the day at a local café overlooking HoanKiem Lake.

Halong Bay

The name “Halong” translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. Halong Bay features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes along the 120-km coastline of Bai Chay Beach. This densely concentrated zone of stone islands, world famous for its spectacular scenery of grottoes and caves, forms the central zone of Halong Bay, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While exploring the bay, travellers will feel lost in the legendary world of stone islands which shapes change depending on the angle and the light. There are many names given to islands according to their shapes and forms such as Hon Dau Nguoi (Human Head Islet), Hon Rong (Dragon Islet), Hon Canh Buom (Sail Islet) and Hon Trong Mai (Cock and Hen Islet). The beauty of Halong Bay does not consist only in the forms of its mountains, islands and the colour of its waters, but also in its infinitely rich system of grottoes and caves such as Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto), Dau Go (Driftwood Grotto), Sung Sot (Surprise Grotto), Tam Cung (Three Palace Grotto) and Trinh Nu (Virgin Grotto).

Cebu & Boracay, Philippines

Cebu & Boracay, Philippines


Cebu is the “Queen City of the South” on Cebu Island and is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Philippines for tourists. Cebu is the traveler’s dream of a tropical island come true: balmy weather, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts with all the frills of modern living. Majority of its land area and population is in a long narrow major island, surrounded by more than 100 smaller islands, most notable of which are the Mactan, Olango, Camotes, Batayan and Malapascua islands. Cebu has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island. Cebu’s highest mountains are over 1000 meters high. Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named Cebu the seventh best island destination in the Indian Ocean-Asia region in 2007, eighth best Asian-Pacific island destination in 2005, seventh in 2004 and in 2009.


Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region. Boracay Island’s shape is somewhat similar to a butterfly, which aptly defines its beauty. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards for their world-class attractiveness. The island is composed of three main ‘barangays’ or small districts which are called Manoc, Balabag and Yapak. Boracay has managed to pack its thousand hectare area with all the elements of a tropical paradise – crystal blue waters, powder white sand, liberal doses of tropical palms and flowering plants, and a healthy marine life underneath the seas.

Take a walk on Boracay’s white beach at sunset as the setting golden sun presents the most beautiful sunset in the Philippines and paints the romantic ambiance of the island, watch the kite surfers and their amazing prowess on the waters, opt to see the underwater landscapes that make Boracay famous by taking a Boracay tour in a glass bottom boat, go helmet diving or go snorkeling. Try the tasty treat of Balut – a must try for any visiting tourist on the island. Undertake zorbing – a ‘must do’ activity or try out the incredible Quad Biking to Mount Luho.

Angkor Wat & Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Angkor Wat & Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

The masterpiece of Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s most beloved and best preserved temple. The 500 acre site is one of the largest religious monuments in the world and represents the architectural pinnacle of the Khmer Empire. This majestic structure lies at the heart of the Angkor Archaeological Park, which covers 154 square miles and contains scores of other Khmer temples dating from between the 9th and 15th centuries. Originally dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu, it has remained a place of worship since its founding in the 12th century. Angkor Wat is a miniature replica of the universe in stone and represents an earthly model of the cosmic world. The central tower rises from the center of the monument symbolizing the mythical mountain, Meru, situated at the center of the universe. Its five towers correspond to the peaks of Meru. The outer wall corresponds to the mountains at the edge of the world, and the surrounding moat the oceans beyond.

The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. Ta Prohm is one of the most photographed temples, deliberately left mostly unrestored and tangled by undergrowth. The temple is admired for the grandeur & harmony of the architecture, its extensive bas-reliefs and for the numerous devatas (guardian spirits) adorning its walls. According to Maurice Glaize, a mid-20th-century conservator of Angkor, the temple “attains a classic perfection by the restrained monumentality of its finely balanced elements and the precise arrangement of its proportions. It is a work of power, unity and style.” Angkor Wat has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag, and is the country’s prime attraction for visitors.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. Phnom Penh is located at the confluence of three rivers – the Mekong, the Bassac and Tonle Sap. The city is divided into three sections – the north, an attractive residential area; the south or the French part of the city with its ministries, banks, colonial houses; and the centre or the heart with its narrow lanes, markets, foods stalls and shops. The capital city exudes a sort of provincial charm and tranquility with French colonial mansions and tree-lined boulevards amidst monumental Angkorian architecture. Phnom Penh is also the gateway to an exotic land – the world heritage site, the largest religious complex in the world, the temples of Angkor in the west, the beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the North-eastern provinces.

For a taste of Cambodian history and royal life, visitors can tour the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda located just next to the palace grounds. A short walk away, the National Museum beckons with room after room of Khmer sculpture, ceramics, bronzes, and ethnographic objects. To get a taste of city life, walk along Sothearos Boulevard, sampling local foods and patronizing a clutch of ‘antique’ shops that sell silver trays, betel boxes, belts, ancient coins, silver or wooden statuettes and famed marble carvings from the province of Pursat. Take leisurely strolls around Phnom Penh – boulevards peppered by elegant colonial buildings and a bustling riverfront lined with cafes and restaurants make this a truly beautiful city to see on foot or shop for antique pieces, sundry souvenir items, and factory over-run designer clothing at ‘Phsar Toul Tum Poung’.

Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Thailand
Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Mai

Chang Mai, one time capital of the Lanna Kingdom and currently the unofficial capital of Northern Thailand is a vibrant city with plenty on offer for the traveler. Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where it’s possible to experience both historical and modern Thai culture coexisting side by side: the city features centuries-old chedis and temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. This dichotomy is best appreciated within the moat-encircled old city, which retains much of the fortified wall that once protected the city center as well as the four main gates that provided access to the former Lanna capital city.
A not-to-be-missed experience in Chang Mai remains visiting temples. There are nearly enough temples in Chiang Mai to visit a different one every day of the year! Inside the city walls, you’ll find beautiful examples of 14th and 15th century Lanna style temples with intricate wood carvings and murals. Amongst the oldest and impressive ones are Wat Phra Singh (1345) and Wat Chiang Man (1296). Travelers can also try a varied of cultural experiences – Take a Thai cooking course, learn massage, practice yoga, visit temples (of which there are over 300!) and lap up a bit of Thai heritage that can be harder to find in the more touristy places. If you’re an active traveler you could trek to a waterfall, visit hill tribe villages, float down a river on a bamboo raft or ride an elephant. You can even learn how to ride an elephant and help to wash them in the river on a Mahout course.

Chiang Rai

A friendly and charming city, Chiang Mai’s little brother, Chiang Rai is a land of outstanding natural beauty. Chiang Rai has been inhabited since the 7th century, but it was not until 1262 that King Meng Rai established it as the first capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The capital was later relocated to Chiang Mai and since that time Chiang Rai has lived in the shadow of its neighboring province.
Today, Chiang Rai is a traveler’s paradise, endowed with abundant natural attractions and antiquities. Attractions range from ruins of ancient settlements and Buddhist shrines to magnificent mountain scenery and hill tribe villages. For those interested in the natural side of Chiang Rai, jungle trekking is a magical experience; explore the mountains of the north along various hiking trails, many of which access the villages of diverse hill tribes groups, many of whom maintain their traditional lifestyles. Chiang Rai town, which tends to be a little more ‘laid back’ than its more popular neighbour, now competes with Chiang Mai as a tourist attraction. Also visit the two very unusual pieces of temple architecture within half an hour of each other, the white temple and black house which are known as the ‘heaven and hell’ of Chiang Rai. In addition, the province offers opportunities for boat tours (on the river Kok and on the Mekong), elephant rides, hill trekking, and sightseeing. Combine all these and you’ll know why it’s a worthwhile destination for travelers.

Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia


Sabah is a picturesque state of Malaysia; one of the thirteen that make up the whole country. This eastern most state is best known for its natural tropical beauty, a far reaching history and its art & culture. Surprisingly, it is also known as the land below the wind, because of its closeness to the typhoon region of Philippines. Sabah is a rugged place for adventurers, a playground for divers, and a trove for anyone with the adventure to explore.

The most unforgettable experiences to try out in Sabah would be: Climbing Mount Kinabalu, an once-in-a-lifetime experience and something all adventurous travelers should try! If you prefer to get your action under the water, Sipadan Island is the spot for you. Sipadan Island is not only Malaysia’s only oceanic island; it’s regularly voted one of the top places in the world for scuba diving. Here you can dive with swirling schools of barracuda, graceful turtles, white tip reef sharks and bumphead parrotfish amongst many other species that frequent the island. Take a cruise down the Kinabatangan River – from orangutans, to elephants, to rhinoceroses, a cruise up the banks of the Kinabatangan River offers a unique opportunity to spot some of Asia’s most diverse wildlife. Get to know Sabah’s official mascot – The Orangutan. At the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary you can see and learn more about these amazingly human-like creatures and watch them as they go about their curious daily business.


Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia covering an area of nearly 125,000 square kilometers in the Borneo land mass. With such a large land area, Sarawak is home to an incredible range of tropical bio-diversity. The rich flora and fauna include the world’s largest flower Rafflesia, squirrels and snakes that fly, plants that eat insects and various other species of plants and insects that are yet to be discovered.

The experiences not-to-be-missed out in Sarawak are: Marvel at the caves in Mulu National Park – The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mulu National Park offers travelers one Indiana Jones adventure after another. Mulu National Park is Sarawak’s largest, and offers everything from quad biking, to jaw-dropping views from the world’s longest tree-canopy walk, to fascinating treks through the lush forest. Visit Bako National Park – The Park contains an incredible variety of plant species and vegetation types, and is home to 275 rare proboscis monkeys. Sarawak is a land of colourful cultures boasting 27 ethnic groups, and a significant percentage of Sarawak’s population still live in longhouses and villages in remote areas. Discover their way of life and stopover the most popular Iban longhouses – Skrang River, Lemanak River and Batang Ai. Also visit the state’s quirky capital, Kuching. This ‘city of cats’ is full of history, old world charm, and is the perfect city to discover by foot. Highlights of Kuching include the Cat Museum and the gigantic cat statues peppered across the city, the Tua Pek Kong Temple, Fort Margherita, the Astana, the waterfront and nearby Bazaar, and the Sarawak Museum.

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Great places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysia can make an amazing holiday, located in the south-east part of Asia. Malaysia has a tagline too “Malaysia truly Asia” which means Malaysia is the only world’s largest continent which is both diverse but amazingly homogeneous  Malaysia is rising economically and spiritually day by day and this continent has the greatest growth. Malaysia has some beautiful landscapes, plenty of traditional food and exceptionally nice people. You will love this place for its commendable ethnicities and culture. Once you book your tickets for Malaysia then you can have fun with your partner as well as kids too. A tour to Malaysia will not at all disappoint you and it will not let you forget its memories easily. Although, there are so many restaurants, beaches, and places to hang around but you must once visit places like Kuala Lumpur or Cameron Highlands.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and its one of the most favourite place for youngsters and Parents. You must take a visit to the beautiful and ancient Batu Caves to start up your journey. Kuala Lumpur is like a crown of Malaysia. The famous landmarks of this place are the tall  Kuala Lumpur tower, Petronas Towers which is considered as tallest buildings of the 20th century and do check huge shopping malls. An amazing zoo is also situated in this city and you can also try the large variety of ethnic galleries and museums. Kuala Lumpur is clean city and easy to get around. Central Market offers you the opportunity to indulge in some cheap price shopping.

Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands: This beautiful place is enclosed by eight small towns and villages. Cameron highlands are famous for its beautiful scenery and its lush green tea plantations. If you are fond of exploring nature’s beauty then don’t miss to see are the butterfly farms, strawberry farms and other walking trails.

Melaka (Malacca): Malacca is known as a historic town where you can plan a short vacation when you are in Malaysia. You can glance at old churches and forts which were made by Portuguese people. These churches are so much beautiful and once you step in to them, you can find the perfect peace of mind. Melaka is also very famous for one of its streets which is also known Jonker Street. Here you can do your favourite shopping as it has lots of antique galleries, some little shops selling tiny Chinese shoes for women and if you are tired of shopping than you can enjoy a coffee in the street’s coffee shop.

Penang: Penang is famous for its Kek Lok Si Temple and Bukit Maung War museum. One thing more that makes it amazing is that whenever you get hungry, you can enjoy the mind blowing roadside snacks or coffee. Moreover, take out some time to explore the tropical spice garden with more than 500 species of flora and Fauna. So, book your tickets for Malaysia now and enjoy the fun.

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Top 5 Adventure Lands In Singapore

People usually travel to Singapore to savor its glittering beauty, architectural grandeur and amazing food streets. However, little do they know that Singapore provides amazing adventure sports that thrills you and promises an adrenaline–driven fun on your holiday on this Lion City. Suitable for all ages, these adventure activities would completely change your outlook of this city where you’ll start regarding it as an adventurous land than a luxurious destination.

Stretched across the entire city, you can find amazing adventure sports in every corner of this city which would never let you have a dull moment. Here is the list some amazing adventure sports for families, singles or couples who dare to take on such thrilling challenges:

Ski 360 singapore

  • Ski 360(degree)

Located along the east coast park, this place offers various adventure sports such as water skiing amidst the natural and pollution free ambiance. At a time 8 people can water ski in this park where a novice can attain a speed of 30km/hr and trained persons can even surpass the speed of 50km/hr. Your skate board is connected to the motor boats which takes you around the park where you can enjoy, relax and feel re-energized with the adrenaline rush.

  • I fly Singapore
iFly Singapore

If you always wanted to skydive but was not sure about helicopter ride or bad weather then Singapore provides with the best skydiving simulator in the world. Being vertically as high as 5 storey building, this place would give you a best diving experience without having to take any life threatening chances. It has a pool of 11 trained instructors who guides you throughout the task and assists you whenever required. Your complete family can enjoy this adventure sport as it is safe and fun for people of all age groups.

  • Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure Singapore

If you have ever wondered how a Tarzan rode around the forest on ropes, then this place virtually allows you to emulate that. Filled with trespasses, ropes, Ladders, bridges this place is an adventure land in itself. One can overcome his fear of heights by making and living in your jungle trees. Many adventurous sports activities are organized in this Bedok reservoir where you can either participate individually or with family. The usual track and field event is of 2.5 hours which tests your endurance and fitness along with giving you one of the most memorable experiences ever.

  •  Borderx

BorderX singaporeIf you fancy rock or wall climbing, then this is a perfect sports destination for you. Being the tallest indoor wall climbing facility in Singapore, this place is filled with adventurous Singaporeans and tourists in search of some excitement and fun. Usage of staples, cables etc is compulsory which makes this climbing facility one of the safest and fun filled places where you can enjoy.

  •  Megazip adventure park

Megazip adventure park Singapore

Located on the Sentosa Islands, this place can give you the delight of car rides, parachute jumping, free falls etc. Promising an entertaining family time, this place would leave you thrilled, enjoyed and mesmerized. You can get a list of more of such places from Singapore visa embassy. And while Singapore has tropical weather throughout year, June and December is the best months where you can enjoy the company of hundreds of other fellow tourists.

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Holidaying at a Phuket villa

Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. It lies on the southern portion of Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea shore, on the southern point of Phang Nga Province. It is actually one of tourist’s favourite destinations. Phuket features a lot to supply its guests. One of the major capabilities that Phuket offers its tourists is the villas. It has a large amount of gorgeous villas with wonderful facilities plus a lot to give its guests. Phuket provides its guests with different choices of villas to generate their lovely holiday in Thailand unforgettable. Phuket villas are really well-known amongst tourists from all over the world.

Holidaying at a Phuket villa

You can come across quite a few luxury villas in Phuket that you can rent ranging from luxury beachfront villa, service apartment villas to hilltop villas with ocean views. All of these villas can be obtainable for long-term and short-term rental. Be it a family vacation, a wedding ceremony or perhaps a corporate meeting, renting a Phuket villa might be wise. In some cases renting luxury villas in Phuket could be more affordable than staying within a luxury hotel. These villas are way much more comfortable than staying inside a hotel or possibly a guest home. You might be provided the essential privacy, silence and an atmosphere to refresh and rejuvenate.

For anyone who is a tourist, accommodation will likely be one of your most significant concerns. You will discover a lot of luxury villas in Phuket which might be appropriate for unique pockets. Staying at Phuket villas, it is possible to be assured which you will likely be offered a terrific service and a lot more relaxation than your expectation. After spending the day in the Phuket Aquarium, Crocodile Farm, FantaSea, Butterfly Farm, Chalong Temple, as well as the waterfalls, relaxing at the villa may be the first thing that a tourist wishes to do.

These days booking Phuket luxury villas is exceptionally easy. You may do it from the comfort of your house. Booking a villa online is exceptionally straightforward and saves a great deal of time and dollars. You could obtain that through peak season, people today do the bookings three to four months in advance. So in case you wish to book a Phuket villa throughout summer holidays, it can be much better you start off your booking a couple of months in advance.

Phuket is a great location to enjoy your vacation. In Phuket you’ll unquestionably feel close to nature and smell fresh air. For a excellent vacation, Phuket villa could be the greatest choice.

So the next time you are planning a vacation to Phuket, do not think much, go for a Phuket villa with out a second thought.

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Travel Shimla – For Memorable Holidays

Shimla is one of the most sought after hill stations of northern India where tourists flock in large number throughout the year. This beautiful hill retreat is situated in the lap of lower Himalaya’s mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh state. The mesmerising charm of this place lies in its verdant hill slopes, green pasture land, snow capped mountain peaks and number of Victorian style architectural buildings. It is the place where each season has its own charm and glory that enthral tourists who come here from across the globe.

Travel Shimla For Memorable Holidays

This place is also renowned for its number of adventure sports activities which heighten the joy of visitors who come here for pleasurable holidays. The popular tourist attractions which are visited by tourists during their Shimla Tour are:

Ridge Road

This is an awe-inspiring attraction of Shimla from where tourists get breathtaking views of the mountains with snow laden peaks. Tourists come here to get panoramic views of nature’s speckled beauty. Apart from the scenic vistas this place is also famous for its Neo-Gothic Christ Church and Tudar Library.


It is the heart of Shimla bustling with social life. This is a must visit attraction of Shimla because of its scattered charm of natural and artificial wonders. The beauty of this place lies in its magnificent colonial style buildings, shops, restaurants and heritage theatre. It is the best place for tourists to enjoy their leisure. The popular tourist attractions of this place are General post office, Scandal point, Kali Bari temple and Christ Church.

Jakhu Temple

This is the highest point of Shimla situated at an altitude of 8000 feet above sea level. It is a breathtaking place from where tourists get mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the entire city and surrounding valley. The Hanuman temple is the popular attraction of this place which is visited by large number of tourists as well as devotees throughout the year.

Chadwick Falls

It is a beautiful fall which is located 7 km from the city centre. Large number of tourists comes here to see the cascading beauty of water falling from a height of 67 meter above sea level. The panoramic charm of this place is heightened by the presence of thick deodar forests. Trekking is the best way to reach this place which gives tourists an enthralling experience because of the scattered natural beauty.

Shimla is also famous for its number of adventure sports activities which heighten the joy and excitement of tourists who come here during their holidays. The geographical location amidst mountain ranges makes it a perfect place for trekking, hiking and camping. During winter the thick layer of snow make it a perfect place for skiing and several winter sport activities.

Ghanerao Royal Castle – Udaipur

Ghanerao Royal Castle was founded in 1606 by Thakur Gopal Das Rathod a gallant Rajput soldier of Mewar. The Ghanerao Royal Castle is built of red sandstone and marble citadels , with miniature paintings on walls. It is on tops of the list of the heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

Ghanerao Royal Castle


Ghanerao Royal Castle has 2 Suite, 12 Double rooms and 2 single rooms with attached bathrooms.
Characteristics of the Rajput tradition is experienced in the rooms.In room facilities at the hotel are attached bathrooms with a bathtub, direct dial telephone, fax, and the efficient room service.

Alacarte Restaurant is a in-house restaurant that servers cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Continental and local dishes.

One Night Package Ghanerao Royal Castle

1. Package with Dinner and Breakfast Includes :

  • Accommodation
  • Gala dinner and Breakfast
  • All taxes
  • Cost of the package:
  • Occupancy
  • Resort
  • On Double Occupancy Rs 2900/-
  • On triple occupancy Rs 3600/-
  • Children between 8yrs to 12 yrs Rs 750/-
  • Children below 8 yrs complimentary

2. All Inclusive Package Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals with Gala dinner
  • All taxes
  • Jeep safari in the neighboring villages
  • Cost of the package:
  • Occupancy
  • Resort
  • On Double Occupancy Rs 6500/-
  • On triple occupancy Rs 7250/-
  • Children between 8yrs to 12 yrs Rs 1500/-
  • Children below 8 yrs complimentary
  • Two Night Package at Ghanerao Royal Castle

3. All inclusive Package

  • Includes:
  • Accommodation for two nights with options of accommodation
  • All meals with Gala dinner (fixed meals)
  • All taxes
  • village walk with guide
  • tribal village tour with guide

Getting There :

Ghanerao Royal Castle is located 175 kms from Jodhpur , between Jodhpur and Udaipur. Udaipur is the nearest airport, approx distance is 125km , A car can be hired from Udaipur which will take around 3 hours to reach the Castle. And the nearest railway station is Falna with the approx distance of 30km.

Village Post Ghanerao – 306704
District – Pali Rajasthan
Tel – Fax :91 – 02934 – 284035

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Nightlife on your Bali holidays

A night out in Bali usually begins much later than one might expect, so while on Bali holidays ensure you are prepared and don’t go out to early. Be aware that generally the bars and clubs begin to fill up from about 11pm, and it is often hard to find a good restaurant to eat in before 8:30pm. On Bali holidays, your choices for a night out are endless, the people are friendly and you are sure to have a good time.

bali nightlife

Bali Bars and Clubs

The place that should be on the top of your list for a night out while on Bali holidays is the world renowned Kuta area which today extends 4 miles from the original village of Kuta, through Legian, Seminyak and even Basangkasa. One of the most popular bars in the area is the ubiquitous Hard Rock Cafe which is a great venue to see local bands perform. Or try the ever popular Grace Kelly’s Irish pub which is popular with both travellers and locals alike.

A little later in the evening clubs such as 61 Legian which offers three distinct clubs in one, The Club @ The Wave with the largest marble bar in Bali and the Kama Sutra Bali are sure to be heaving with crowds and a fun-loving atmosphere. These are perhaps the three most popular night clubs for anyone on Bali holidays and with no dress code your only worry will be deciding on where to go first.

While Kuta is the largest area for bars and clubs in Bali, do not discount the rest of the island while on Bali holidays. If you are staying in Nusa Dua the Borneo Pub and Trophy Pub are both very popular. There are also a good range of discos found in the luxury hotels of Nusa Dua. Usually attached to the restaurant or bar of the hotel, the crowds in these discos are predictably touristy and are great for meeting fellow travellers if you don’t wish to travel the thirty minutes into Kuta. However, beware if you are visiting Bali in the low season as these discos are often fairly empty as the majority of patrons who frequent these discos are from the nearby hotels.

For those who stay in Ubud while on Bali holidays, the options are more limited than Kuta, but no less enjoyable. Expect a slightly more relaxed and traditional atmosphere and first on your list should be the Beggars Bush bar, a British pub that has been on the Ubud nightlife scene for more than 20 years. Make sure you are there early though as it closes at 10pm. Other popular bars that are worth a visit include: Ozigo Bar, Barandi and the Sai-Sai Bar.

While you are on Bali holidays you are sure to find a bar or club that suits you, no matter what your preference is. Whether you wish to relax in a beachside bar, sip on perfectly crafted cocktails or dance the night away in one of the plethora of clubs, the nightlife you will experience in Bali is hard to beat.