The Rhodes city itself is imperial in nature. The visitors of the city generally look for luxurious hotels and resorts in the city. The Atrium Palace is a right answer to their search. Set amidst the serenity of Kalathos Bay and enjoying its vicinity to the wonderful Lindos village, the Atrium Palace Rhodes blends classically the medieval architectural brilliance of the Italians and Greeks with the modern day amenities far-reaching.

Atrium Palace Rhodes Greece pool
Atrium Palace Rhodes Greece pool
Atrium Palace Rhodes Greece hotel
Atrium Palace Rhodes Greece hotel

The architecture of the hotel resort is an expression of the distinctive blend of the island’s historical trends derived from the passing of centuries and civilisations. The rooms are all exhilarating and the luxury suites having accompanied by the oriental inspired AnaGenesis Thalasso Spa, grow completely appealing during the peak seasons. The hotel is at a pebble throwing distance from the Mediterranean Sea, a silent eyewitness of all the invasions and retreats in the city of Rhodes. Let’s take a trip around the hotel to explore the various types of eating joints. Having a close look at the restaurants of the hotel, we will see what types of rooms the hotel offers to its visitors.

Atrium Palace Rhodes Restaurants

Taste buds just keep exploring different avenues at this one of the celebrated luxury hotels of Rhodes. The Palace has three different food-joints namely, Asterias (a beachside bistro), Poseidon (a poolside calm and quite café), and Symposium (the main restaurant of the hotel, an indoor à la carte).


Symposium offers a rich pummel of lip smacking dishes. Breakfasts are served in between 7.30 to 10.30. Omelets and pancakes are freshly fried or baked if some tourist orders the same. The chef will cook the breakfast dishes before your naked eyes so better you hold back your enzymes and desire for quite a few moments. For dinner courses, the Symposium offers a wide array of choices. Both warm and cold starters along with desserts and salads are served as per orders. The restaurant is open from 7.30 in the morning till 21,.30 at night.


But not everybody is an incurious type. Many want to explore the corners of the hotel for which the hotel has brought in this poolside wonder. The Poseidon is a nice bistro beside the ever gushing waterfalls that is like a contmributory to the built-in pool. For half-board and full-board visitors, they have a “Lunch or Dinner” offer. The poolside café remains open from 12:00 till 16:30.


The Asterias is a beachside rapture that can hold you back from 12:00 noon when it opens till midnight when the attendants would probably requesting you to go back to your lavish room. It6’s not an exaggeration although. The splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea and the seaside current of air paired subtly with the special dishes that they offer will not only savor your taste buds but also ignite every hidden imagination from the deep of your heart.

Atrium Palace Accommodation

All the rooms of the hotel contribute generously towards Atrium becoming one of the most craved-for luxury hotels of Rhodes. The Deluxe, Executive, Superior and Presidential Suites of the hotel tribute to the lush and plush of the lodgers.

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