The most captivating place for the animal lovers in the midst of the Vindhya Hills is Bandhavgarh National Park which is known for beholding a large number of wild species. The topography and the amazing environment catch whole mass of attention to this wildlife reserve.

 hunting place for Maharaja of Rewa

The former hunting place for Maharaja of Rewa is now the famous hub for white tigers and other wild creatures including leopard, sambar, gaur, cheetal, Indian wolf, nilgai, caracal etc. With large biodiversity covering a total area of 437 km², this park has a large breeding population of leopards and various species of deer. Therefore, tourists specially the animal and nature lovers can find amazements at one of this beautiful natural habitat.

Apart from that there are some other interesting places to see in Bandhavgarh. Tourists generally throng here to have a wide amount of exciting experiences while making their trip to Bandhavgarh. Let us find some information about the attractive tourist places near Bandhavgarh.


Kanha is a 940 km dense Sal and bamboo forest decked with rolling grassland and meandering streams. This forest formed the famous Kanha Tiger Reserve in 1974 under the save tiger project. This reserve is the only habitat of the rare Barasingha and is being considered as one of the finest and best administered National Parks in Asia. It attracts many wild lovers and is the perfect habitat for animal and avian population.


Located in the forested plains of Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho is the most unique architectural attraction for the tourists. The famous Chandel temples are the specialty of this place which was constructed by Chandela Rajput kings of central India.  The famous temples in Khajuraho that have no relation with(to) religion and worshipping but famous for divine sculptures are – the Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Chaunsat Yogini Temple, Chitragupta Temple and Duladeo Temple. The temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, sun God Surya and the bridegroom temple respectively.


The other side of Narmada River is surfaced with marble rocks heights at Bhedaghat location. The tourists can explore the serenity of the cool location with the sunlight sparkling on the marble white pinnacles and casting of shadows on the pellucid water. These white rock shows bring majestic views of black and green volcanic eruptions to the visitors which brings more luminance during moonlit nights.


Famous for its resort and is best known as the capital place of the Gond Kings during 12th century that later was being owned by Kalchuri dynasty is the place called Jabalpur.  The famous cantonment area of Jabalpur reflects the colonial ruling and its residences and barracks still speaks the legendary values. Jabalpur which is now an important administrative centre brings greater significances to the commercial activities.

Thus, a tourist can explore many exciting elements at the tranquil vicinity of the Bandhavgarh National Park. Come and visit the one and only place where nature, culture, religion and wild lives exist with a perfect chemistry.