Rhodes Island is ever welcoming with its bountiful beaches and the host of historical places, monuments and other buildings. The island of Rhodes is a great travel destination for those who have kids to take along during holidays. Memorable holidays for kids in Rhodes are assured with the beautiful landscape of the island city, the appealing beaches coupled with pellucid sea water, everything whispering welcome to the ears of travel freaks from all around the world. For the kids, however, the island is a fun place to roam round. The beaches and the city various entertainment means and historical marvels as well. All these attractions can tantalize the nerves of the young people, especially the kids.

Intensive Care and Superb Customer Service

All the hotels in Rhodes are manned with specially trained professionals who can well take care of kids, listen to their incoherent talks with utmost importance and can arrange special dishes and gifts for them to keep them happy. Their sublime responsibility remains to ensure safety and security for the kids. This actually helps the kids to enjoy their holidays while their parents can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.

Swimming Destinations in Rhodes

Swimming pools are attached with many of the resorts and hotels of Rhodes. These swimming pools are intended for the kids having endless fun. They are offered with a wide array of watersport options. Playing watersports in Rhodes beaches and swimming pools is an activity the kids and their parents crave for.

Camping around Rhodes

Parents can take their kids to different historical places that are dotted all across the island of Rhodes. These travel destinations of Rhodes can make the holidays for kids in Rhodes etched in their memories for their lifetime. Camping around Rhodes must cover places like Rohdini Park (a sheer mishmash of abundant natural beauty and architectural excellence), Rhodes Aquarium (a beautiful reservoir of aquatic creatures) and endless.

Sports Activities

Memorable Holidays for Kids in Rhodes

As mentioned earlier, Rhodes is a great place for watersports and other types of sports as well. The kids can take part in various watersports along with their parents to feel the warmth of the sun, the naughtiness of the sea and the excitement of the golden sand. Watersports in Rhodes include surfing, rafting, kayaking, water polo and swimming. The water park of Faliraki offers a wide array of watersports to the kids.

Visiting Historical Places

Rhodes as a historical city has been preserving the memories of valorous knights, the wise kings and the prophetic philosophers and scientists. The city bears the signs of medieval age and the whole of Rhodes can literally work as a time-machine for your kid. Don’t forget to take them to the great Palace of the Grand Master, the Archeological Museum, the Medieval Town and the Street of Knights, places that still hold back the glam and glory of ancient Greece. These historical places can become great learning places for your kids too.