A cycling holiday is a hugely rewarding and exciting way to explore the world. Read on for a guide to choosing the right kind of trip. We also take a look at training and packing considerations.

Cycling holidays

Cycling holidays are a unique way to discover the world. Cycling offers the chance to explore further than the usual tourist trail, but at a faster speed than walking or hiking. Cycling holidays are usually enjoyed by keen cyclists, but even occasional cyclists can think about taking a cycling tour. So if you’ve considered it and the thought is already sending those endorphins to your brain, then read on with this guide to planning, training and then packing for your cycling holiday.

Type of Trip
Cycling holidays are not as prescriptive as you may think and providers can usually offer a range of trips. The first choice to make is whether you take a tour or a self-guided trip. Singles looking to go on group adventure holidays may want to choose a road tour whilst those who want to explore the world for themselves can opt for a self-guided tour. Really it depends on your personality type.

Cycling holidays are usually split into grades going from leisurely or easy to tough and challenging. If you have good fitness levels and are an accomplished cyclist then obviously you can take the more challenging options, but if you’d prefer to take it easy then you’ll find you still get plenty out of the leisurely options.

Most cycling holidays do involve a few hours of bike riding every day. It is best to get yourself into a good level of fitness before you go so you can get the most out of your trip. Obviously most of us don’t have the time to go for a few hours of cycling every day but providing you are enjoying a decent amount of fitness every week you should be fine.

You will also need to be up to speed on bike repairs and maintenance. If you are fairly new to cycling make sure you understand the basics such as changing a tyre and adapting your seat.

Holidays will nearly always provide you with a choice of hire bike which you can research and book in advance. But many cyclists like to use their own bike which they know and understand already. Obviously if you take your own bike remember to check it is covered by your travel insurance.

Clothes wise you need light clothing which keeps your skin covered to protect you from the sun, but also pack plenty of high factor sun lotion. Lots of socks, decent shoes, a suitable day bag and waterproof clothing are all essential too.

A cycling holiday tends to offer a great mix of exercise, sightseeing and socialising whilst giving you the chance to cover a lot of ground and catch the hidden gems. Plan carefully as to which kind of holiday you want to take and what you need to pack.

Anna Mathews is a regular writer for adventure travel blogs. She enjoys cycling and group adventure holidays and fits in as many as she can each year.