Rhodes, Greece is a notable island which has been a crossroad of developments in ancient times. Boasting of an exclusive culture, varied nature, striking architecture, impeccable weather, gorgeous seashores and pleasant people helps to make the island the first choice outing destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Nevertheless the loveliness of Rhodes is not superficial. An incredible world of utmost magnificence is before you underneath the sea.

Diving Vacations in Rhodes Greece

More than 220 km of coastline with diverse geomorphology offers divers with numerous different varieties of marine habitats, filled of multi-coloured yet harmless marine life. Amazing underwater caves and caverns retell the volcanic history of the island while holding divers in the greatest thrilling expeditions of their lives. The walls which are very rich in marine life sink from the surface into depth challenge the scuba divers and test their limits.

Reef portions in distinct depths and alignments retain heaps of diverse marine species and frequently welcome ocean guests such as tuna fish, seals, turtles etc which proves as a paradise for underwater photographers and videographers.

Ancient buildings, artifacts and additional fascinating objects lie in the seabed improving the diver’s inquisitiveness for fresh discoveries and occasionally produce a mystical atmosphere.

Shipwrecks that exist under the seas of Rhodes Island house some amazing fishes and those wrecks act as a paradise for divers. Diving into these wrecks is like diving into history and it’s the most wanted subject of the divers and we are lucky to get some of the most amazing and interesting wrecks in here.

Rhodes has been listed in the top 10 diving destinations in and around Mediterranean. The important reason for this is that Rhodes is a beautiful combination of incredible dive sites with perfect visibility which some days exceed 20m and it also has the perfect water temperature reaching upto 32 in the month of august and the beaches here are very well organized. Underwater Rhodes is hence considered one of the best and a perfect destination for divers.

Dive guides and instructors can always help you if you need any information about the diving experience here and there are professionals who are waiting to make your scuba diving experience a memorable event. So do not hesitate and visit this amazing place called Rhodes and descent into its underwater paradise.