Those who are looking for a luxury holiday experience have become more discerning, with a clear idea of what they expect when paying extra for a luxurious experience. Travellers want something different, something unique and something that makes them feel special. A luxury hotel is will not depend on high value package deals and budget offers – after all, you get what you pay for. When a customer chooses luxury over budget, they don’t just want a higher quality of surroundings, exceptional service is key. For the right customer experience, those who want luxury won’t care what they pay.

luxury hotel

The more a customer is willing to pay, the more likely it is that they are practiced users of the luxury market and therefore more demanding – expecting a higher level of service delivery, something truly exceptional.

The way a luxury hotel is designed and run will depend largely on their target clientele. There are groups of the affluent over all age groups. For the young, high levels of service in a contemporary and relaxed environment are important – the formality of olden-day luxury may not apply. Youthful customers may not wish to wear dinner jackets or cocktail dresses to enjoy a luxury atmosphere, stylish smart-casual may be their attire of choice. Times have changed.

It used to be the case that luxury meant whatever was the most costly – the most expensive décor and fittings, technology and extras. Whilst luxury does rely somewhat on premier products, it’s more about great design. Design that has been thought out thoroughly, from the customer’s point of view.

A modern day luxury hotel must also have personality; customers must feel the charm of an individual hotel and not feel that they are simply part of chain, though luxury hotels may well be part of a chain. If the hotel is part of a bigger corporation, there need to be finishing touches that have been carefully added for the customers of that hotel alone – perhaps tailored to the location or building history.

Luxury hotels must also be a place of fun. A place to unwind and indulge yourself. The restaurants and bars are a brilliant place for a sense of playfulness to come through. Whilst spa facilities are another way to pamper guest; access to spa facilities, hot tubs and glistening pools are always attractive.

The booking process of a luxury hotel should also be considered. The travel agent needs to fit with the brand of the hotel, you are unlikely to find London’s most exclusive hotels on the discount pages of online booking agents – though high-class online secret sales can be used. Luxury hotels will often make direct booking with customers or their agents over the phone or in person to, getting to know their clientele extremely well so a quick call-in will tell them exactly how long they’d like, which room they’d prefer and even how they require their room to be personalised. Attention to detail is key.

Alisa Martin is a travel writer from the UK, She prefers to holiday in Great Britain rather than abroad and enjoys staying in lodges with hot tubs in Cornwall. For Luxury hotels visit