Discovering the Nile on my Egyptian holiday

There are many amazing sights and experiences to take in when travelling to Egypt, but it’s not all about the pyramids, or even about diving in the Red Sea. Egypt is also home to the world’s longest river, the Nile, featuring a wide variety of wildlife and contouring itself to the land in such a way that trips down this ancient river, is one experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

What’s to see on a Nile Holiday?

While you might not be able to go all the way to the source, the real luxury option of travelling down the Nile is to do so by cruise liner. You can take a boat from Cairo and head all the way down to the Aswan Dam, or begin at Luxor and cruise slowly back towards the Mediterranean, culminating at Denderah.

However if you prefer a more traditional voyage, there are Egyptian sailing boats that can be used, giving you more control over where you end up and travel through. During either of these options you can stop off to visit tourist attractions or to take pictures of some of the sights along your way.

Depending on which part of the Nile you visit, whether it’s in the north around Cairo, or much further south on Lake Nasser, you’ll have a wide variety of wildlife to catch glimpses of on your journey. There are crocodiles, birds of many varieties, and plenty of fish. If you’re lucky, you might see a fisherman wrangling one of the country’s famous and majestic Nile Perch. These fish can grow upwards of 100lbs, making for quite an amazing sight when they jump from the Nile waters.

One advantage of the Nile’s length is that it allows for a cheap travel option for many of the country’s inhabitants. Lots of these people are farmers and fishermen, who use the river to transfer their goods to the cities in the north. If you happen upon these boats, you stand in good stead of being able to buy some of their local produce, giving you a real taste of what life in this part of the country is like. Getting your food fresh from the farmers is a wonderfully healthy way to keep yourself full of sustenance on your Nile trip.

Plenty do on the Nile

Whether you’re there to enjoy the scenery, interact with the locals and try their produce, or simply take the scenic route to visit some of the country’s most iconic temples and tourist attractions, an All Inclusive Egypt holiday is one of the best ways to appreciate Egypt. easyJet Holidays offer affordable trips to this part of the world, giving you plenty of options to create the holiday that you want.