The luxurious and exuberant Kresten Hotel Villas and Spa is one among the newly built seaside hideaway of the city of Rhodes. However, it is much more distinguished in nature comparing to the other contenders. The vigorous and abundant sea is ever splashing and kissing the footsteps of the hotel which is primarily known for its relaxation methods and an entire spa that has been a treasured pride of the hotel. The Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes throws a major challenge to other beach resorts of Rhodes.

Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Greece
Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Greece

The whole hotel is nicely composed colas every part which is in complete harmony with the other parts and together can create a cherished experience for the visitors of the hotel. The hotel is approximately 5.5 kilometers from the noted UNESCO certified World Heritage Monument and at a stone throwing distance from the Kallithea mineral fountains.

Kresten Royal Rhodes Location

The Kresten Royal Rhodes was inaugurated in April 2010 only. The hotel premises span for a 114 square meter area and is placed beautifully amidst the lush green of the Kallithea hill steps. Add the pastoral beauty of the age-old Aegean Sea that has been roaring and splashing on the beaches since prehistoric ages.

Kresten Royal Villas and Spa Rhodes Food and Beverages

This Rhodes Spa and resort offers a vast array of Greek and continental dishes to its voitoirs. You can have great start for day with having your breakfast at the Athina restaurant where a full American breakfast buffet is sure to savor your taste buds. Or else if you want to explore typically Greek salads and other dishes, do check out the Porta di Mare poolside where a range of Greek dishes delectably cooked by the tops chefs of the hotel are all set to enchant the bon vivant folks from all corners of the world. After 12 noon, the dishes get even more relishing with the enticing warm and cold appetizers finding their way in. however, the Athina opens again in the afternoon to offer its guest some of the heavenly cooked dishes. Porta di Mare re4sumes serving the food-buffs 4.00 pm onwards when the twilight has become to cover up the city of Rhodes, making it more numinous with hours passing by. The small island gets illuminated by the evening and the whole of Rhodes indulges in festivity till midnight. Well, don’t forget to catch a lingered glimpse of the beautiful sunset while having your dinner at Porta di Mare because it is a sheer magic for the viewers, as they say it.

Rhodes Kresten Villa Bars

For those who sip dip into lethal drinks to relax and enjoy, the Kresten watering holes are more than just fine. The lounge bar ‘Horizon’ opens at 22.30 and serves the boozers. The lounge bar showcases and offers all the greatest brands of wines and beers can serve your thirst nerves rightly. On the other hand, Bella Vista is more of a family bar where your kids can sip in a fruit juice, the very special of Rhodes and the whole of Greece as well while you and your spouse get cozier with drinking a cocktail or something. Choice is yours.