London - Tower BridgeBeing the capital of England makes this city somewhere that everyone should visit. However, it can get rather pricey – having a different price level in comparison to the rest of the UK. We have assembled a list of all the free things that you can do and see in this city. However if you are finding it hard to find accommodation, there are many free short term apartments in London which might appeal to you if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper than a hotel for your stay in England’s capital.

Trafalgar Square

This is one of Britain’s most visited attractions. Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery is here, it is also used as political demonstrations. It was designed by John Nash and was built in 1830. Here you will find lots of pigeons and people in this square, all relaxing and soaking up the London atmosphere.

Street Markets

Have a look round some of the markets that are held in London, for example Camden Market, Portobello Market and Greenwich Market. Of course if you want to buy something, it won’t be totally free. There are some great food stalls around, many suitable for vegetarians.

Street Performers

To the West of Convent Garden Market, there are many street performers to entertain you in the street. Performers sometimes like to get members of the audience to help them with their acts.

Art Galleries

Go by the Tate Modern and Tate Britain to experience some of the best art in the world. See a mixture of contemporary and British art from the past to the present.

The Military Tradition

Stop by Buckingham Palace at 11:30am and watch the guards do their march in the forecourt. Get there early to get a good spot to watch them march in front of the palace.


Most of the Museums in London are free, but the ones that have special exhibitions charge an extra fee. For example there is the “Museum of London” that has lots of exhibitions available for any age group and any interest.