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Shopping In Rhodes


While on a vacation, any person on the trip is always looking at buying stuff. This can be some clothes, ornaments, special items, or even souvenirs that can be taken back home. Considering most islands, the island of Rhodes has many options for a shopaholic of all levels. The island of Rhodes can be up in arms against more European cities for a pile up of designer branded clothes. Shops on this island are averagely open from 9am to about 1 in the afternoon, then it’s a peaceful break for lunch and business continues from 5 pm to about 9 pm for most shops. During summer, which is considered the more tourist favorable season, shops continue to function as late as 11 in the night.

RHODES TOWN shopping Greece
RHODES TOWN shopping Greece

The mainstream market place of Rhodes, is considered to be one of the most highly developed in all of Greece. It is quite difficult to find a town in Greece, with the size of Rhodes and with the many shops which are cluttered in the main market area. These shops have everything to offer, things from gadgets of electronic use to artifacts that depict the culture of Rhodes. These also come at a price that is convenient to all pockets, therefore it is not difficult to find loads of gifts for loved ones back home.

Other than the special products on offer in the market, there are plenty of kiosks all over the place that can provide many basic items at the click of a few buttons. If you are looking for basic day-to-day things like an aspirin, daily articles of use, to the most important calling cards are all available through these kiosks. If you are looking for an update on the news through local newspapers, then most common news papers from both Europe & America reach about a day late to the island of Rhodes.

If you are on the look out for some more precious goods, then there are many jewelers around the island and jewellery seems to be one of the most sought after by the tourists. Besides gold & silver articles, there are a lot of offerings using precious stones. The jewelers in Rhodes are very well known for their work of art using both gold & silver and as a benefit the costing is much cheaper than back home.

Shopping on an island may look a far fetched idea, Rhodes however seems to be changing this for most tourists.

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