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The world today has no borders, thanks to the departments of immigration; nations all over the world have become the centers of multi-cultural communities.

I am going to teach you through this article the top 10 culturally diverse places on the planet. The good news perhaps is the fact that many people are now familiar and have become exposed to different cultures from different regions.

People now love cuisines from various countries and through this factor it is quite evident that we all possess some similarities as humans despite the diversities among us.

The cities listed below are the most loved or rather the destination of choice of most people in the world. Majority of these cities are found in North America, Middle East and Asia.

  1. Dubai, UAE

This city unlike many others in the world is filled with expatriates from various nations of the world. About 2/3rd of Dubai’s population is inhabited by people of Asian origin, with people coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

The official language is Arabic although other languages such as Urdu, Punjabi and English are widely spoken in the streets.

  1. Singapore

Interestingly more than quarter of Singapore’s population comprises of foreign people, most of them being Chinese while Indians and Malays are the other residents of Singapore.

There are 4 official languages that are widely spoken in this city, they are:

Malay, Mandarin, English and Tamil. English is a business language in this city.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been known to be inhabited by both the west and the east. This former British Colony is a multicultural center. The residents of Hong Kong are free to practice any type of religious practice i.e. Buddhism, Taoism etc.

The primary language is Cantonese although Mandarin and English are still used.

  1. San Francisco, USA

This city comprises of a large population of Asian and Latin Americans. About 400000 inhabitants are multilingual. It is ranked to have the highest number of immigrants in the world.

  1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the most populated city in the nation of Australia. It has a population of about 4.6 million people of which about 40% are foreigners. Majority of foreigners in Sydney are from China, USA, New Zealand India and Vietnam.

Due to this nature of diversity there are many languages that are spoken in Sydney. This includes: Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic and English.

  1. Paris, France

The Scottish, English, Dutch, Polish, Irish, Spanish, Africans and Asians have all been migrating into this city since the ancient times.

About 20% of the total population comprises foreigners.

  1. Los Angeles, USA

More than half of the population in LA is multilingual. The city is known for embracing various cultural towns such as Filipino town, Chinatown, and little Armenia.

The Hispanics make up about 44% of the population.

  1. Manchester, England

Manchester does not only have the best football team in the world but it is also known to be a diverse city. There are many foreigners in Manchester most of the being students. There are a number of languages including Dagaare, Konkani and Chitralli.

  1. London, England

There are more than 300 languages that are spoken in this city. That’s why it is not a surprise that it is one of the multilingual city in the world. Immigrants come from Nigeria, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. About 37% of the total population comprises of foreigners.

  1. New York City, USA

New York has a population of more than 8 million. More than half of the city is a multilingual society. About 23% of the foreigners are Hispanics. It is actually the city with the highest number of immigrants on the planet.

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