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Top 3 Must See Places to Visit in Coorg


Many decades have gone, since the ‘Scotland of East’ has been recognized as one of the most favorable destinations to beat the summer heat. Coorg tourism has a lot of attractions and excursions to offer its guests, who have come a long or short way to enjoy their holidays. There are many places to visit in Coorg, but these below mentioned three spots must not be missed under any circumstances.

Padi Igguthappa Temple

1. Padi Igguthappa Temple: This is one of the many religious places to visit in Coorg. It is situated in the town of Virajpet in the Kodagu region, where it is supposedly filled with the divinity and covered by serenity on all its sides. It is indeed very famous in its vicinity while it is respected and revered by all the natives of the particular area. This temple was built for the Lord Igguthappa, which is the synonym of Lord Subramanya. It was built by King Lingarajendra in 1810. Then 25 years later in 1835, the then Dewan Apparanada Bopu renovated the temple after taking over the construction works. He replaced the thatched roof with tiles, which gave the temple a modern look. Now one may see silver works right at the entrance, which is a recent work of the year 2008. The deity of this temple is the ‘grain-giver’ as Igguthappa means grain and river; so a river of grain that flows endlessly. In the month of March each year, a festival is carried out in the complex of the temple, where the famous ritual of Tulabhara is being conducted. The devotees get themselves weigh against sugar, rice, grains etc and offer the same to the temple deity as a profound mark of their devotion.


2.Bhagamandala: This is a holy and divine confluence of four temples and three rivers. This is also known as the ‘Triveni Sangam’, since Kannike and Cauvery rivers meet the Sujyothi stream here. Consequently this place is sacred to the Hindus, who visit this place throughout the year. The four temple that are close to this particular confluence; they are dedicated to Subramanya, Vishnu and Ishwarya Ganapathy. Among many devotees, this pilgrimage centre is popular as Bhagandeswhara Kshetra. The place has historical importance to it as well, since this is the very site where the battle between Dodda Virarajendra of Coorg Kingdom and Tipu Sultan was fought. Coorg tourism promotes this spot as an important tourist destination and keeps it in the top places to visit in Coorg.

Madikeri palace within the fort

3.Madikeri Fort: This was initially made by mud, but later Tipu Sultan replaced the entire structure with more strong and solid concrete stones. This massive monument has a temple, an Anglican Church, a museum and a prison. The entrance has two fascinating elephants made of mortar while the fort offers its visitor a complete panoramic view of the city. There is a British era clock tower, which is one of the few remnants of the vintage times when the foreigners ruled the lands of the nation. This fort must be kept in the list of prime places to visit in Coorg.

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