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Casino Dos and Don’ts While Traveling to Las Vegas

Casinos make for great vacations or nights on the town. They have entertainment for all stripes, games where you can win big and plenty of delicious eats at all hours. It’s important to remember that casinos may be fun, but they’re not “anything goes” places. To have the best casino experience possible, follow these simple dos and don’ts.

Don’t Use Technology on the Floor

Casino Dos and Don'ts While Traveling to Las Vegas

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Casinos have a strict policy against the use of recording devices of any sort in any place where there’s gambling. This means you should avoid taking pictures, using cell phones and mobile devices, or even using a pager on the casino floor. Keep your tech turned off and out of sight so you won’t get an unwanted visit from hotel security.

Do Use Comps

Casinos naturally want to encourage people to game and check out their other attractions. The management will often offer guests special promotions and complimentary gifts for everything from drinks to room upgrades and discount show tickets. There’s often no catch to casino comps — they just want you to stay and keep having a good time. Be careful about time limits, though; promos and comps often have expiration dates, so use ’em while you’ve got ’em.

Don’t Directly Interact with Dealers

This particular piece of etiquette is not just for your benefit, but the dealer’s as well. It’s against the rules of almost every casino for guests to directly interact with card dealers, croupiers and other casino staff. This means no touching or handing them items like chips and cash. If you want to tip your dealers, simply slide cash or chips toward them with a quick “thank you.” This will keep both you and your dealers from suspicion.

Do “Color Up” Your Chips

If you’re on winning streak, you can start to accumulate a lot of low-value chips. A large stack of chips is harder to carry between tables and harder for dealers to keep track of. It’s a good idea (and it’s just polite) to exchange a large number of low-value chips for a small number of high-value chips. This is called “coloring up” and it can save you a lot of headaches on the floor.

Do Learn the Games

Especially because there’s money involved, a lot of gamblers take their games very seriously. Many casino games have complex rules and special etiquette, so it’s a good idea to learn how to play before sitting down at the table. Before you visit the casino, pick up some books, read some websites and ask other experienced players about the details of the games you want to play. Also try your hand at online gaming through sites like to practice before you do the real thing.

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Taxes

Money you earn at casinos is taxable at the end of the year, but if you win big you’ll have to pay right then and there. You can still walk away with a jackpot, but not before filling out tax forms for the state where you won.

Next time you head to the casino, make sure to be in-the-know. You’ll have a better time, and other gamblers and casino staff will appreciate your good manners.

Looking For Accommodation in London ? Book A Hostels

London, the capital city of England and United Kingdom has everything and anything to offer one could ever wish for. It is most populous region, urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom.

London is a bit expensive city to visit, so if you are looking for a good deal on accommodation why not book a cheap hostel in London. London has huge range of hostels that are available within your budget, Dorms Starting From €6.08 and Privates From €10.95

Here are few tips for booking hostels in London, learned from my travel experience to London which i had few months back. There are number of ways to find the Hostels in London online, like i used Few things that one need to keep in mind while booking a hostel in London.

  • Check Minimum stay
  • Facilities that are provided by hostels, like most have a kitchen you can use 24/7, some hostels offer bread and jam or cornflakes in breakfast.
  • Is the Linen Included within the rent ? if not, consider bringing your own.
  • Have a look at cancellation policy, in case you need to move to different locality.

Below are few Best London Hostels:

YHA London Oxford Circle
14 Noel Street, Soho, W1F 8GJ, London, England

YHA London Oxford Circle
YHA London Oxford Circle

Separate washrooms and showers are clean and nice. Individual lights and shelves at each bunk. Staff is friendly. YHA’s offers breakfast but there was lots of restos nearby.”

The Walrus Hostel

172 Westminster, Bridge Road, London, England

The Walrus Hostel
The Walrus Hostel

Lockers and Luggage Storage are available, Breakfast Included

Barmy Badger Backpackers
17 Longridge Road, Earls Court, London, England

Barmy Badger Backpackers
Barmy Badger Backpackers

Clean and friendly hostel with an excellent atmosphere. Excellent facilities and free breakfast starting at 5.30am. A very friendly and helpful staff so were all the people staying at the hostel.

Astor Hyde Park
191 Queensgate, South Kensington, London, England

Astor Hyde Park
Astor Hyde Park

The hostel takes up an old English building with history. There is a large common lounge area. This is the place where you feel at home and big parties happen. There is a large kitchen, and free luggage room.

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea
111 Grosvenor Road, Pimlico, London, England

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea
Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

Nice welcome on arrival. Ideally situated infront of a 24hour bus stop. The bus route takes you straight through the major tourist points. Facilities and rooms are fair. It is clean and managed really well. I would sincerely recommend this hostel to any looking to hang out in London

Safestay at Elephant and Castle
144-152 Walworth Road, London, England

Safestay at Elephant and Castle
Safestay at Elephant and Castle

Great hostel with a bar and pool table. Used by lots of school/tour group if your looking to meet new people its not like other hostels. However it was clean, great beds and security.

7 Questions to Ask Tour Companies to Getting Your Money’s Worth

Everyone wants their trips organized, if not its entirety at least major concerns such as accommodation and activities.

And for those who barely have time to prepare their own itinerary, here is one option worth checking out – booking with travel organizers.

As the number of group travellers increase over the years, travel organizers have also multiplied offering guests from across the globe assistance on all areas of their trip – airfare, accommodation, food and activities up to the socials. So you pretty much have nothing to worry about except for investigating company background and securing funds.

7 Questions to Ask Tour Companies to Getting Your Moneys Worth

Here are few questions to ask when assessing tour companies.

Are guides knowledgeable?

Ask about the tour guides.

Believe it or not, tour guides can make or break your trip. You cannot afford ignoring them because they are your number one resource persons, the first ones you can approach for your urgent concerns.

Usually, tour guides are locals. If not, at least those who have been staying in the place for quite some time and have known the area even more than other locals do. And that’s the best thing about them. You need no atlas with them around. They can provide information on the best places to eat, swim, sleep, party or just relax.

Plus points if you are assigned a hilarious guide who is a natural when throwing punchlines.

Are rates worth it?

Shop before you sign up. When you see that the rates are too good to be true, step back.

Sometimes, tour organizers charge guests extra fees once they arrive the destination. So the trip no longer comes cheap with all the additional, hidden fees.

It pays noting then that some travel organizers overcharge. But do not be too quick to judge as well those that come in quite a higher price tag than their counterparts. It is the deal inclusions that make all the difference.

If you are interested in an extreme spelunking activity, you could use the help of several guides to ensure that everyone in the group is well taken cared of. Then you can only expect higher rates as many locals are involved. These people are paid for their services, and more often than not are relying on that income for their everyday needs.

Yes, joining signing up with the right tour companies could also mean supporting locals and their way of living.

How’s its reputation?

Just because the website is popular doesn’t mean their services are stellar. In the same vein, it doesn’t mean services are mediocre when the company is new in the industry.

People may have already warned you, but let’s say it again: Don’t believe everything you see in websites. Travelers, themselves, still are the best persons to ask. Head to travel forums and ask what people think of that travel organizer.

Consider though that travelers have varying needs and demands. Weigh your personal preferences versus that of the others. A guest probably was not satisfied with the meals served where they stayed. You, meanwhile, are not really concerned about food. Everytime you rate a tour company, look into the bigger picture.

You might want to study the target market as well. Do you want to be grouped with travelers on the same age bracket as you, or prefer meeting people of all ages?

Are guests secured?

It is not just your trip you are entrusting to travel organizers, but your safety as well.

Ensure that the travel organizer is government-accredited. Check out local websites to verify whether the travel organizer is legitimate.

How’s the lineup of activities?

Travel organizers today are no longer like those in the old times where guests are treated like kids going on a field trip – time-pressured and strictly-guarded that they cannot even wander around on their own.

Services have improved. Interactions are fostered, and guests are encouraged to blend in with other participants and truly experience the local culture.

So head on, inform the travel organizer about the schedule you are looking into as well as activities you want to try. They should be able to offer you options.

Are tours environment-friendly?

Ecotourism is gaining popularity nowadays.

Travel organizers do not just offer guided tours to guests. They also promote nature-friendly adventures, making sure that everyone leaves nothing to each place they visit but footprints, and bring home with them nothing except for memories.

How’s their customer service?
You can compare travel organizers right the time you are inquiring about their services.

If the company makes you wait for hours over the phone, promises to give you a call back but does not get in touch again, sounds like they do not know what they are talking about, then do not just think twice. Think over again whether you want to do business with these people.

People matter. The staff may have significant influence how travels turn out. Accommodating and friendly ones make trips far more memorable, well aside from the beauty of the place, itself.

Finally, remember you can always say no. The travel organizer might offer additional tours to another attraction, which you will have to be charged extra. It is up to you if you are interested to come.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray usually shy away from strangers but realized from joining travel organizers that it could be fun travelling with people you barely know. She even got the chance to meet a fellow essay writing coach and exchange teaching strategies. Talk about hitting not just two, but several birds in a stone!

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV

There are few things more exciting than a road trip. And having an RV makes you feel at home while you’re exploring new places. Whether you’ve always dreamed of owning an RV or are interested in upgrading your current one, there are number of things to consider when choosing an RV for your family. This is especially true if you plan to be on the road in your recreational vehicle frequently. Here are some helpful tips for selecting your next RV.

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV

Your Ultimate Guide for Selecting an RV-1

Create a List of Amenities

Every family has different priorities when it comes to amenities for their RV. Before you make a purchase, spend some time thinking about what your family needs to be comfortable while on the road. Some things to consider are how many beds you will need, which appliances you’d like to have, how much storage you will need, whether you want heat/ac, a built-in navigation system, or cable television. An RV is a big investment, so you want to make sure you choose the right amenities to align with your family’s needs.

Think About Your Budget

Costs of recreational vehicles vary based on the model you choose to purchase. It’s important to consider your budget when selecting an RV. If you’ve spent significant time saving up, and are going to be on the road frequently, then a Class A motorhome may be your best option. Or perhaps you are only planning to travel a few times a year. In that case you may want to consider a smaller Class B motorhome or a travel trailer. It’s also important to think ahead when budgeting, as regular maintenance and fuel can be costly.

Decide Which Type Is Right for You

There are several different types of recreational vehicles to choose from. There are three classes of motorhomes: Class A, B and C. Class A and C motorhomes tend to be larger, while class B motorhomes are typically smaller models designed for people who aren’t full-time travelers. Class Cs are commonly recognized by the bed above the vehicle’s cab. You can also opt for a travel trailer, which is an RV that you tow behind a truck. Travel trailers range in size from small pop-up campers to large fifth wheels, which are designed for full-time travelers. Decide which type is right for you based on your needs and your budget.

Comparison Shop

When you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to start shopping! An RV wholesale location is a great place to begin your search. Wholesale dealers typically offer a varied selection of recreational vehicles at competitive prices. If you are hoping to get a good deal, try visiting a wholesaler and comparison shopping on their lot. There will be plenty of options to choose from.

Purchasing an RV is a major decision. It’s also a very exciting one! In order to make the right decision, consider your needs, budget, and which type of recreational vehicle is right for your family before you go shopping. Happy travels!

About the Author: Liz Alton is a freelance writer covering business, marketing, and education trends. She loves camping, road trips, and visiting RV wholesale locations to find her dream motorhome.