Everyone wants their trips organized, if not its entirety at least major concerns such as accommodation and activities.

And for those who barely have time to prepare their own itinerary, here is one option worth checking out – booking with travel organizers.

As the number of group travellers increase over the years, travel organizers have also multiplied offering guests from across the globe assistance on all areas of their trip – airfare, accommodation, food and activities up to the socials. So you pretty much have nothing to worry about except for investigating company background and securing funds.

7 Questions to Ask Tour Companies to Getting Your Moneys Worth

Here are few questions to ask when assessing tour companies.

Are guides knowledgeable?

Ask about the tour guides.

Believe it or not, tour guides can make or break your trip. You cannot afford ignoring them because they are your number one resource persons, the first ones you can approach for your urgent concerns.

Usually, tour guides are locals. If not, at least those who have been staying in the place for quite some time and have known the area even more than other locals do. And that’s the best thing about them. You need no atlas with them around. They can provide information on the best places to eat, swim, sleep, party or just relax.

Plus points if you are assigned a hilarious guide who is a natural when throwing punchlines.

Are rates worth it?

Shop before you sign up. When you see that the rates are too good to be true, step back.

Sometimes, tour organizers charge guests extra fees once they arrive the destination. So the trip no longer comes cheap with all the additional, hidden fees.

It pays noting then that some travel organizers overcharge. But do not be too quick to judge as well those that come in quite a higher price tag than their counterparts. It is the deal inclusions that make all the difference.

If you are interested in an extreme spelunking activity, you could use the help of several guides to ensure that everyone in the group is well taken cared of. Then you can only expect higher rates as many locals are involved. These people are paid for their services, and more often than not are relying on that income for their everyday needs.

Yes, joining signing up with the right tour companies could also mean supporting locals and their way of living.

How’s its reputation?

Just because the website is popular doesn’t mean their services are stellar. In the same vein, it doesn’t mean services are mediocre when the company is new in the industry.

People may have already warned you, but let’s say it again: Don’t believe everything you see in websites. Travelers, themselves, still are the best persons to ask. Head to travel forums and ask what people think of that travel organizer.

Consider though that travelers have varying needs and demands. Weigh your personal preferences versus that of the others. A guest probably was not satisfied with the meals served where they stayed. You, meanwhile, are not really concerned about food. Everytime you rate a tour company, look into the bigger picture.

You might want to study the target market as well. Do you want to be grouped with travelers on the same age bracket as you, or prefer meeting people of all ages?

Are guests secured?

It is not just your trip you are entrusting to travel organizers, but your safety as well.

Ensure that the travel organizer is government-accredited. Check out local websites to verify whether the travel organizer is legitimate.

How’s the lineup of activities?

Travel organizers today are no longer like those in the old times where guests are treated like kids going on a field trip – time-pressured and strictly-guarded that they cannot even wander around on their own.

Services have improved. Interactions are fostered, and guests are encouraged to blend in with other participants and truly experience the local culture.

So head on, inform the travel organizer about the schedule you are looking into as well as activities you want to try. They should be able to offer you options.

Are tours environment-friendly?

Ecotourism is gaining popularity nowadays.

Travel organizers do not just offer guided tours to guests. They also promote nature-friendly adventures, making sure that everyone leaves nothing to each place they visit but footprints, and bring home with them nothing except for memories.

How’s their customer service?
You can compare travel organizers right the time you are inquiring about their services.

If the company makes you wait for hours over the phone, promises to give you a call back but does not get in touch again, sounds like they do not know what they are talking about, then do not just think twice. Think over again whether you want to do business with these people.

People matter. The staff may have significant influence how travels turn out. Accommodating and friendly ones make trips far more memorable, well aside from the beauty of the place, itself.

Finally, remember you can always say no. The travel organizer might offer additional tours to another attraction, which you will have to be charged extra. It is up to you if you are interested to come.

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Nettie Gray usually shy away from strangers but realized from joining travel organizers that it could be fun travelling with people you barely know. She even got the chance to meet a fellow essay writing coach and exchange teaching strategies. Talk about hitting not just two, but several birds in a stone!