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Cheaper and comfortable alternatives to the hotels while travelling


Cheaper and comfortable alternatives to the hotels while travellingIf you are planning to take a trip and is concerned with the sky rocketing prices of the hotel rooms then read ahead to be surprised with the alternative cheaper accommodation choices. When all you need the hotel room for is to sleep at nights, then paying for the hotel amenities is wastage of money which can be used to extend the trip for longer. Being aware and smart about the choices you make is the key to stay in the travelling budget. On the similar note, here are some alternatives below that will assure you a comfortable, clean and affordable place irrespective of the place you are planning to travel.

  • Hostels : Look up at the websites that provide the booking of the hostel rooms. Enter the country, place and time and you’ll be provided with all the available choices. You can select between the shared dormitory rooms or a private den. These websites also include the reviews of the previous travelers who stayed there and you can select the rooms accordingly. Hostels are relatively cheaper than the hotel rooms and with the shared food court, you get the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and that might even lead to the possibility of a combined tour.
  • Home Swapping : This is one of the best options to enjoy the trip with free accommodation. You need to find someone who might be interested in visiting your country. Look at the accommodation he can provide you with and choose accordingly as per your requirement and expectations. This does not just cut down the accommodation charges but also gives you a first hand experience with the local lifestyle of the country you are travelling in.
  • Couch surfing : If you are lucky enough to have friends scattered throughout the globe then this option would prove to be pocket friendly for you. However, keep in mind that you do not interfere with your friend’s daily routine and manage to travel on your own. It would be best to look up your contacts and find another place to stay in within one week. This time period is suitable enough for you to search for a budget friendly accommodation without being a burden to your friend.
  •  Voluntary jobs : This is one of the most suitable options for you if the accommodation cost of the country you’ll be visiting is high. There are many charity organizations that send people over seas for the voluntary services. You can choose between the fields such as teaching, engineering, medicine as per your forte. But at the same time it should be kept in mind that these services would require and consume your maximum time, so go for this option only if you have genuine interest in the concern field. If you are planning and looking forward to relaxing on the beach or hiking and the hotel rates of the place are relatively cheaper then it would be better to avoid this option.
  • Book an apartment : This is another money saving option. Look up at the apartments that are up for the rentals in the country you are planning to visit. The owners also put a photograph of the room you are expected to occupy. You can opt for furnished luxury apartments or the more budget friendly ones. Along with the cheap accommodation, this option lets you interact with the locals and they might give you a better insight about the places worth visiting. But a point that needs consideration in this case would be to make a thorough background check of the occupants of the apartment, especially if you are the solo female traveler. It’s best to opt for the family residing apartments than those with single occupancy.
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