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Different Categories of Travellers – Budget travellers, Health conscious travellers


Travelling is the highlight for the year for many people. Planning a trip can be fun as well as can be something many people work towards all year long. Some people can just pack their bags and get on a plane and go, whereas others may need to save money and budget all year for their trips. There are different categories of travellers, such as:

There are different categories of travellers

Budget travellers

Some people have to save and budget for trips. These people put a certain amount of money in an account each week to fund their trips. They prepare lists for the things they will need to take and things they need to do before the trip. The things they need to do can be like reserving a rental car, booking a motel, making reservations on planes or buses, and looking for activities to do while on the trip.

Rich travellers

People that do not have to worry about money, can just call the airlines, make a reservation, and reserve a rental car or limousine to drive them to their destinations. These people usually pack their bags and take off for the trip.

Not-so-rich travellers

Some people cannot afford to take extravagant trips, so they plan for trips in their area. They may drive to a different state that is close to where they live. They may take a trip to places like the mountains or the coast. Reserving a motel can mean driving up to the motel and booking a room. These people have to save money for gas and food because their budget is so tight. They will need to watch their accounts and fun activities may be a limit for them.

The different categories of travellers can mean the rich or the middle class. The way each goes about planning their trips may vary due to their finances. Preparing a checklist may involve things such as food and shelter.

Health conscious travellers

Some people who travel abroad will get specific shots to protect them from diseases such as flu. This will help them avoid hospital stays and protect them from spending money on medical care. When planning a trip abroad, make sure to see all landscapes and important locations as well as visiting museums and specialty shops. Spending time in these activities may keep your budget intact.

When visiting the UK, make sure to visit places such as the castles, the London Eye, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. These sights can provide you a glimpse of the history of the British Nation. There are day trips and weekend trips that travel agents can plan for you to make the most of any budget.

You can carry your credit card with you during travelling. In case you do not have one, you can make an application to your bank to issue you the same. You can also get a PPI Policy along with it. The bank authorities can explain you the guidelines and conditions for such policies as well as the situations under which you can file a PPI Claim and the period for which you are eligible for making PPI Claims.

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