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Most Popular Things To Get Involved on a London Holiday


There is something special about each city in the world. And while you are there, it is essential to see, participate and be a part of that something special. From experiencing London Eye to attending a game of Rugby or being a part of its festivals and on-street soiree, there is so much to get involved in:

Sightseeing Tour of the City: A Panoramic View

There are several less popular or lesser known corners in London, which can best be explored on a sightseeing tour. Visit the brilliant places that you know on a walking, boat, cycle or a bus tour in the city. Travel around London, and take a view of the special sights of the city.

Popular Attractions: Things to See

Popular Attractions Things to See

There are some major attractions in city, which will draw you towards them. Visit these popular attractions that everyone visits through a stay in London. Include a visit to Shards, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, London Bridge and Windsor Castle. You can shortlist the most fascinating attractions while finalising your plan on the itinerary. It is ideal to stay at one of the lodgings close to these attractions. Booking a stay with any of the secret London hotels through will keep you close to maximum options, while saving your time and cash on transportation.

Encourage Your Team from the Stands: Sports and Matches in London

Encourage Your Team from the Stands Sports and Matches in London

London has a big role in keeping the spirit of sports alive. While you are here in London, it will be a good idea to attend a match of Rugby, or cricket, as these two are the most enjoyed sports of London. People are crazy about the famous rugby league, and cricket matches. Take a ticket to a match and shout out in support of your favourite team from the stands. Besides, you will find several popular sports options like football, extreme sports, snooker, martial arts and racquet sports and tennis to participate in.

View its Performances and Enactments: Theatrical Culture

Theatrical culture is still popular in London, ever since the Shakespearean times. You will find several theatrical shows, with dramatic musical performances to story enactments or dramas. Book your place for one of these shows. There are a lot of options available for you, like the circus, musical performances, pantomime, concerts, opera, dramas, or the famous film festivals. These are a popular part of London’s culture.

Attend its Festivals and Fairs: Celebrations in the City

Festivals and fairs in London are the base of excitement and thrill. With so much happening here, you can participate in festivals in every season and for different reasons. London Book Fair, Pride London festival, Changing of the Guards, Chester Fair Wine and beer Tasting, Kew Summer festival, to City of London Festival, the Winter Wonderland, or the Christmas Fair. You can look for festivals and fairs according to the time of the year you are here. Season special festivals are the soul of the celebration in the city.

Nightlife Culture: Bars and Nightclubs

Nightlife Culture Bars and Nightclubs
Nightlife Culture Bars and Nightclubs


London has a high voltage nightlife in London! There are several pubs, bars and nightclubs in the city, which spring in life with the fall of evening. Join the daily soiree at these nightclubs, and enjoy the vivacity of London. There are nightclubs where live performances take place each day, then there are DJ bars where people hang out after a long and tiring day at work. And finally, some nightclubs will keep you engaged right from the fall of evening till the break of dawn. Fabric, Heaven, and Ministry of Sound are the most famous of all clubs to be at.

Visit World Heritage Sites: Past in Present

London has some world heritage sites, which attract people with some serious interest in history and culture. Make most of your vacation while you are here in the city, by visiting these world heritage sites. Visit the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret’s Church, Tower of London and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Also, be there for the big and meaningful cultural acts like Changing of the guards, Trooping the Colour and the festivals like Notting Hill Carnival. There is something special for each day.

London is a happening city, where past lives just as much, as the present. While there is so much to view from its past, you will find its present full of options too. Find out what do you want to include from this list of major things to do, offered by this English city.


Author’s Bio: Angelica is a travel writer, who works by travelling all around Europe, and sharing her experiences with other tourists. Benefit from her travels and learn about the city, you are planning to visit.

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