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Must See Places in Rhodes Greece


The picturesque Rhodes island is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece and besides being an island, this place has a lot to offer. If at Rhodes, there are a few things that every tourist would want to see and get that perfect vacation. We, after going through a pretty competitive list, have penned down a few ‘Must see places’ at this brilliant piece of land in the middle of Greece waters.

Here’s the list:

Street of the Knights:

Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel Rhodes Greece
Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel Rhodes Greece

This street boasts of being the most photographed place in all of Rhodes. This could also be a reason that this street makes the list on our article. The street starts just from the ‘Place of the Grand Masters’ and leads right to the middle of the city. Work of building this street started around the 14th century that explains its gothic architecture and a few restoration work was completed as early as the last century. Being the most visited place, makes this a must see in the island of Rhodes.

The Place of the Grand Master:

The Place of the Grand Master rhodes Greece
The Place of the Grand Master rhodes Greece

The Place of the Grand Master was originally built by the Knights of Rhodes which was completed in the 14th century. The original structure was destroyed in an explosion caused by the stored ammunition and needed a major restoration process. This was done by the Italians who occupied Rhodes in 1912 and was built as a holiday residence for Victor Immanuel III and later for Benito Mussolini. An interest in histpry and monuments can definitely draw the crowds here.

Kallithea Spa:

Kallithea Spa Rhodes Greece
Kallithea Spa Rhodes Greece

Now, when you have a holiday plan, this may sound as the most relaxing part of the holiday. It’s not any disappointing than that, at the same time it’s water that springs from the rocks that surround the Kallithea Bay. These waters have claims of curing Liver, Kidney and other ailments. Legend has it that even Hypocrates, who is considered the father of all Greek physicians, has drawn waters from these very springs. If there was a location for relaxing naturally, why miss the opportunity.

Archaeological Museum:

archaeological museum of rhodes greece
Archaeological museum, Rhodes Greece

The Rhodes museum is one the most interesting places for someone who appreciates collectibles. Building this museum was started by Grand Master de Lastic in 1440 and was completed by Grand Master d’Aubusson. Mosaic flooring and the funeral remains of the Knights of Rhodes form the major part of this museum.

These are a few of many places that Rhodes has to offer as a tourist destination. The beautiful island has a lot to offer and a lot that can be explored in this Greek island.

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