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Stegna Beach – Piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains


Being an island nation, Rhodes has some of the best beaches, with a lot of scenic beauty. These are exemplified with a lot of beautiful beaches on either sides of the coastal region of the island. One such gorgeous beach is the Stegna Beach which is situated along the east coast. This beach is considered and is by far one of the more quiet beaches on the island. The road of Archangelos, runs along this beach for about 500 meters and this makes the beach an ideal place for bathing. The bathers are used mostly by the local villagers, however, it is also an unusual experience for the visitors staying at the beach or in the vicinity.

Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece
Stegna Beach Rhodes, Greece

Besides being a beauty of a beach, the approach road to this place is also worth a journey. The beach is like a piece of beautiful sand in the middle of mountains, which has roads that go winding through sheep grazing pastures and lots of almond & lemon groves. Once at the beach, there are plenty of tavernas that offer the most variety of choice both in terms of taste and budget options. For the high spirited, there are a few local bars which is not more than a 10 minute walk from the smallish harbor on the beach.

The Rhodes island is known for its rich cultural and historical ties, the stegna beach has the most untouched of Greek Village look & feel. The reason is owing to tourism being concentrated in the city areas, however, there are a lot of things that tourists can enjoy on this beach as well. A few tavernas and the beach resorts, host local parties, which has an open invitation and tourists are free to join.

The stegna beach is at a distance, of about 30 k.m, from the Rhodes Town and is not very difficult to access. From a tourist perspective, a vacation of calmness and quiet can be found at this beach with an exquisite view of the Greek waters.

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