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Top 5 Adventure Lands In Singapore


People usually travel to Singapore to savor its glittering beauty, architectural grandeur and amazing food streets. However, little do they know that Singapore provides amazing adventure sports that thrills you and promises an adrenaline–driven fun on your holiday on this Lion City. Suitable for all ages, these adventure activities would completely change your outlook of this city where you’ll start regarding it as an adventurous land than a luxurious destination.

Stretched across the entire city, you can find amazing adventure sports in every corner of this city which would never let you have a dull moment. Here is the list some amazing adventure sports for families, singles or couples who dare to take on such thrilling challenges:

Ski 360 singapore

  • Ski 360(degree)

Located along the east coast park, this place offers various adventure sports such as water skiing amidst the natural and pollution free ambiance. At a time 8 people can water ski in this park where a novice can attain a speed of 30km/hr and trained persons can even surpass the speed of 50km/hr. Your skate board is connected to the motor boats which takes you around the park where you can enjoy, relax and feel re-energized with the adrenaline rush.

  • I fly Singapore
iFly Singapore

If you always wanted to skydive but was not sure about helicopter ride or bad weather then Singapore provides with the best skydiving simulator in the world. Being vertically as high as 5 storey building, this place would give you a best diving experience without having to take any life threatening chances. It has a pool of 11 trained instructors who guides you throughout the task and assists you whenever required. Your complete family can enjoy this adventure sport as it is safe and fun for people of all age groups.

  • Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure Singapore

If you have ever wondered how a Tarzan rode around the forest on ropes, then this place virtually allows you to emulate that. Filled with trespasses, ropes, Ladders, bridges this place is an adventure land in itself. One can overcome his fear of heights by making and living in your jungle trees. Many adventurous sports activities are organized in this Bedok reservoir where you can either participate individually or with family. The usual track and field event is of 2.5 hours which tests your endurance and fitness along with giving you one of the most memorable experiences ever.

  •  Borderx

BorderX singaporeIf you fancy rock or wall climbing, then this is a perfect sports destination for you. Being the tallest indoor wall climbing facility in Singapore, this place is filled with adventurous Singaporeans and tourists in search of some excitement and fun. Usage of staples, cables etc is compulsory which makes this climbing facility one of the safest and fun filled places where you can enjoy.

  •  Megazip adventure park

Megazip adventure park Singapore

Located on the Sentosa Islands, this place can give you the delight of car rides, parachute jumping, free falls etc. Promising an entertaining family time, this place would leave you thrilled, enjoyed and mesmerized. You can get a list of more of such places from Singapore visa embassy. And while Singapore has tropical weather throughout year, June and December is the best months where you can enjoy the company of hundreds of other fellow tourists.

Author Bio: Peter Lee is a consultant associated with He is a travel buff and an avid blogger, who likes to study the work and business cultures of different places.

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