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Top 5 Travel Destinations in Rhodes Greece


The gorgeous Rhodes has been welcoming its visitors since unknown times. The island well amalgamates the sheer essence of medieval age and the abundant natural beauty. This is why the island has become a must-visit for the travel-freaks from all around the world. Top five Rhodes travel destinations that work as magnet for the business and leisure tourists from all over the world are:

Archeological Museum

archaeological museum of rhodes

During holidays, many people opt out visiting museums as these places little ignite their travelling spree. But archeological museums are altogether different places in essence and much differ from the regular museums. The archeological museum of Rhodes is so very special with its metal objects and jewelries bearing the glorious signs of the medieval age, the mosaic floors and vases, and the funerary slabs that it would be an incomplete Rhodes tour without visiting this museum. Turning over the pages of history, the museum was built during 1440 to 1489. The elegantly colossal structure contains Roman and Hellenistic sculptures to attract the visitors.

Palace of the Grand Master

The Place of the Grand Master rhodes

Palace of the Grand Master can be undoubtedly placed among the top five Rhodes travel destinations. The valorous Knights from Jerusalem built the structure in seventh century AD. The Turkish invaders occupied the island in 1856 and the several parts of the palace got miserably damaged during this invasion. The palace was restored in various strings in between 1937 and 1940. The noted Italian architect Vittorio played a pivotal role in reconstruction of the same.

Medieval Town

The great medieval town of Rhodes with all its diversities and antiquities warm welcome the history scholars from all over the planet. UNESCO has marked it a World Cultural Heritage Site recently. The Medieval Town can help you get back to ancient times when the glam and glory of the town reached its highest point. The town encompasses a two-part fort which itself is one of the much sought-after Rhodes attractions. The other places to see in this medieval town are Pili Eleftrias, Simis Square, Byzantine Museum, The Minaret of the Old City and the famous Great Hamam.

Street of the Knights

Street of the Knights is a famous street of the Greek island garlanded with antique lodges and inns that were once inhibited by the valiant knights. The seven inns studded on the long and historic rode actually stand for the seven countries from where the seven knights hailed. The palace of the grand master elevates the significance and essence of this historic place to an altogether different stratum.

Rhodini Park

Rhodini Park, last but not the least, is the place for mixing and mingling with people from all across the world who come to city attracted by the historic significance and panoramic elegance of different Rhodes attractions. The park is considered as the first landscape park on this planet. The ever-charming spritz, the wooden architecture that embellish the park are like natural ornaments to it. The mini zoo and the spacious playground that accompany the park are also must-visit for nature and animal lovers.

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