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Travel Big in Texas


If you’re thinking about traveling in the United States, you probably haven’t considered Texas as your destination. When you think of Texas you probably think of cowboys, guns, and big spaces. You can find all those things in the Lone Star State, but there are also some other hidden gems you might not know about.

Austin Skyline

The music capital

Austin is the capital of Texas, but it’s also known as the capital of music. In fact, if you listen to the locals it’s the Live Music Capital of the World. All kinds of artists got their start in Austin, from Willie Nelson to Stevie Ray Vaughan. If you’re a music fan you’ll be able to find a great show in almost any genre any day of the week. The city is also home to two of the biggest music festivals in the United States. The Austin City Limits festival and SXSW Music bring world-famous artists to town every year. If there’s one place you can go to see all the best in music, it’s Austin.

An enchanted trip

When’s the last time you visited somewhere enchanted? Not like Disney or any of the other fabricated destinations, but somewhere with a legitimate history? Enchanted Rock just north of Fredericksburg is a place to behold for people looking for the real deal. The rock, which is 425 feet tall and covers 640 acres, was given its name by the Tonkawa Indians. They thought they saw ghostly fires at the top of the rock, and the formation seemed to speak to them by creaking and groaning every day. Modern explorers can hike up the rock or try their hand at climbing on one of the sheer rock faces. Where else are you going to find a huge pink granite stone in the middle of nowhere?

The beach scene

People often forget that a large part of Texas is bordered by water. The Gulf of Mexico runs the full length of the state’s southeast border. One of the best cities to visit in this area is Galveston. You can rent a hotel room or an entire beach house for a week. You have 32 miles of beach to choose from, and if you get tired of the sand and water there are plenty of other distractions to take up your time. Galveston is also a hub for cruises, so it could make the perfect first stop on your round-the-world trip.

Texas has a big reputation, but for some reason travel usually isn’t a part of it. Take some time to explore this state and you’ll find all kinds of unexpected wonders.

Logan is a writer who uses jetcharters  to fly out of Texas when he needs a change of scenery.

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