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Vibrant Nightlife in Rhodes Greece


faliraki rhodes nightlife

Unlike most islands around the Greek mainland, you can find a very bustling and a wide variety of clubs and party places in the Rhodes. There are plenty of options that can get those feet tapping at the same time have a night out with a few select friends and a few drinks. Being cosmopolitan in nature, the Rhodes island, provides a plethora of places and eateries that are open through the night. Most of the party places and the lounges are all located in the city of Rhodes which is also the most common location for many tourists that visit this island.

Besides feet tapping music, there are other entertainment options like cultural shows and other events which are also organized during the nights that can be a good outing. These are mostly based on the historical changes of Rhodes and theatrical performances which can be a treat for theatre enthusiasts. Beyond the original theatre performances, there are about 6 cinemas in the Rhodes island that can also be used for catching up on the latest releases from back home.

Rhodes offers a brilliant mix of clubs and bars that are available on this island. The clubs offer good music to dance the night away and are open until the wee hours of the morning. The bars have an option of getting high on the wide variety of spirits available and even these are available until pretty late in the night. Some of the most famous clubs on the island include the Fabric Sting which is a more modern club and has the latest music available. The other famous club is called the TajMahal which is also popular as a mainstream fashion club and exhibits a glamorous version of the oriental lifestyle. The popular bar on the island is the Reflection Bar, this is most famous for it’s wide variety of shots and cocktails. Jamaika, is another bar which has been in business for more than 27 years and is situated on the Ermoustreet in Faliraki, there is a D.J playing the most common music to keep the mood light.

For an island which such rich cultural heritage, there is no disappointment to the ones that believe to party hard.

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