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Italy Tours: Check Out Some of The Best Cities For Tour

Italy is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world, many people like to come here for enjoying their vacations, it can be of any purpose like family vacations, honeymoon, trip with friends, etc. For every purpose, Italy tours have one or the other thing to offer. There are various options of available in these tours option as every tour id designed by considering the choice of the tourists. These tours help in exploring the most wonderful parts of the place in a better way. One can take the help of these tours to enjoy some of the popular destinations of the country like:

Italy Tours: Check Out Some of The Best Cities For Tour

  • ·Rome: It is a very popular city of Italy and offers so many different locations. This city is liked for its historical aspects with so many different museums, parks, monuments, churches and other archeological areas. One can get to understand the significance of every place as professional guides are also provided with every tour.
  • ·Milan: This place is also known as Italy’s fashion destinations, one can get to see various sightseeing locations here but the shopping streets are one to come here for. With all the brands, the shopping streets are full of various options to choose from. Even great restaurants and bars are situated for tasting the best food cuisine and drinks.
  • ·Florence: It is popular for its great collection of wines and cheese; one can enjoy the tour to the fullest as the place offers so many different wineries where one can experience the making of wine in real manner. Even many good tourist spots are located here with different historical aspects.
  • ·Tuscany: This place is liked by people as it offers so amazing natural scenic beauty, people like to come here for spending holidays in more relaxed manner. The Tuscany villas and farmhouses are popular for their amazing services and facilities and are a must to stay.
  • ·Venice: The most romantic city of Italy, it offers so amazing locations and scenic beauty that it adds up to the romance naturally. Especially the boat tours, they are a must to experience during the visit and even the true Italian pizza which can be tasted in any popular restaurant here.
  • ·Amalfi coast: People like to come here for enjoying the true Italian beauty; the place offers countryside locations with amazing natural beauty. The chocolates are very popular and are a must to buy for the loved one.
  • ·Sicily: Taste the best flavors of true Italian coffee and get the bite of delicious pizza in this city of Italy. This city offers so many historical monuments, gardens, museums and other entertainment areas for total enjoyment during the tour.

All these cities of Italy can be explored to the fullest during the Italy tours with friends or family.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

Have a bite of pizza by hiring car services

The car hire USA services are very much liked by people as they help in going to different areas in easy way. For the pizza lovers, USA offers some of the best food joints, by taking these car services one can get the bite of such delicacies in very easy way. These cars are available all over the place and can be hired as per the budget and need.

Have a bite of pizza by hiring car services

  • Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza: Visit this place by hiring a car and get the best pizzas in different varieties in this place which are served with amazing side dishes like sandwiches, salads, pastas and desserts.
  • Confiteria Bolsi: This place is serving the best pastas, garlic pizzas and sandwiches to the public since 1960. The rates are good but are worth paying for the mouth watering dishes.
  • Sole Mio: This place provides public with brick-oven, wood-fired pizzas. It is so popular that people wait in queue for getting the chance to sit and eat on weekends. The thin crusts are very famous and are served fully loaded with cheese and variety of toppings.
  • Los Lenos: The place is very much popular for its lay back ambience and serves the best cheesy pizzas which can be enjoyed with the great wines and beers.
  • La Gringa: Yummy pastas, parrilla and fresh salads can be tasted in this place by taking the car hire services; the rates are reasonable and are worth for its food variants.
  • Tiramisu: This place is popular for its amazing thin crusts, especially the one which are served with buffalo mozzarella and prawns. Hire a car and get to this place with friends and enjoy the best variants at good rates.
  • Inkari Pub Pizzeria: This food joint is popular for its special pizzas; these are known as happy hour pizzas and are always served with wines. The rates are very affordable and are liked by many people.
  • Pachapapa: This restaurant offers amazing menu list which is full of Peruvian dishes with African, Asian and European flavors but people like to come here for tasting the best pizza variants.
  • Braz: Here get the best wood oven pizzas, which are served with some of the best toppings and loaded with cheese. One can come here with family or friends and can get the best taste at good rates.
  • Pizzeria Guerrin: This place is for those who like to eat in sophisticated place; here one can get all the types of pizzas served with variety of toppings. After pizza, it is important to taste the desserts which are super delicious and are served with perfection.

All these areas can be visited by taking the car hire usa  services, for the pizza lovers all these food joints are like heaven and serves the best varieties.

Author bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

Holiday from Hell? Here’s What to Do

Holiday from HellNothing can ruin a holiday faster than an accident and, unfortunately, this happens to many British citizens every year. Travellers have various courses of action if an injury occurs, depending on where the injury took place and who was at fault. In some cases, travellers do not even need insurance to receive some holiday accident compensation, since it is up to the holiday properties to ensure that they are safe for all. It is important for travellers to learn their rights before filing a claim, as this makes the entire process run much more smoothly.

Determining Fault

Before a traveller can receive any holiday accident compensation, the fault of the accident must be determined. If the traveller slipped on some loose pavement at a resort, the claim should be very simple. If the accident occurred away from the resort, things get a little more complicated. If the accident occurred while the traveller was drunk or running around, it can be much more difficult to receive holiday accident compensation because the traveller’s actions likely contributed to the injury.

Accident at a Resort

If a travel agent booked the traveller at a resort, getting holiday accident compensation is simply a matter of following the correct process. Start by reporting the accident to the hotel and making sure that it has been recorded in the hotel’s accident log. All hotels have these logs so that they can keep track of these incidents for insurance purposes. The traveller should then take pictures of the accident site and collect the contact information of any witnesses. If there is loose pavement or wet grass at the resort and there was no sign in place to display this to guests, the case becomes much easier to win.

Once the traveller has the proper evidence, a call to the travel agent is in order. Under British law, the travel agent is responsible for all claims that take place on a resort in a foreign country. This is because it is much more difficult to receive a settlement in a foreign country and, therefore, this makes it much easier to receive compensation. The travel agent has insurance to cover these charges and can likely file a claim against the resort to recoup some of the losses later.

Off-Resort Accidents

Those who are injured away from the resort that was booked by a travel agent could find it more difficult to receive holiday accident compensation. This is because the injury becomes a civil matter in that country that is being visited, rather than something that can be settled in the UK. For this type of matter, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer with experience with international claims. This is especially true if the holiday accident compensation will be significant due to a major accident. Take pictures of the accident scene and file an accident report if this occurred at the private location, since this type of claim usually ends up in court.

Claim Amounts

The amount of this holiday accident compensation depends largely on the injury that was suffered and how much it ruined the vacation. Since vacation time is expensive, an injury because of someone else’s negligence could lead to a large settlement. This amount increases even more if medical attention is required or if the hurt individual and family are forced to fly home early. In addition, there is a chance that the victim will have to miss time at work, which will cost increase the claim amount even further.

In the end, every claim is different and that is why hiring an attorney is usually a good idea. These lawyers know exactly how these situations work and can figure out a holiday accident compensation solution very quickly. Most people who suffer from these injuries have already had a dream vacation ruined, so they should not have to go on without the proper compensation.

Written by:

Thomas Edwards has been an international traveller since the early ‘80s and has widely covered Europe, the USA and as far afield as Thailand, Hong Kong and China.  He has written as both a business, individual and family traveller and a language or two has given him the opportunity to engage with people to a greater degree.

Prince of Wales Theatre Celebrates the Beatles’ 50th Anniversary

Celebrate The Beatles’ 50th anniversary at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London, where the musical ‘Let It Be’ begins its run on September 14, 2012. The musical showcases more than 20 of The Beatles greatest hits performed live onstage by the Prince of Wales Theatre company and supported by a dizzying array of multimedia techniques, all of it highlighting the band’s evolution from party band to global superstars.
Beatles' 50th anniversary at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London

Fifty years ago, in a dark and foggy 1962, pop music’s greatest quartet (and Liverpool’s greatest product) was born at the 17th annual dance for a horticultural society. The band had just replaced their drummer and had barely two hours to practice before they were expected to get those gardeners dancing to rock ‘n’ roll tunes. A turn out two hours was all that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr needed to form a cohesive musical unit, one whose legacy would last longer than the band ever could.

Today their songs are considered classics – often remade and reinterpreted by every new generation of pop star. You can hear the influence of “Love Me Do” or “A Hard Day’s Night” in many catchy radio smash hits. You can even sense the similarities of the drawn-out ending of “Hey Jude” or the psychedelic ambiance of “Strawberry Fields Forever” in many post-rock experiments of cutting-edge bands. The Beatles were able to create timeless music and keep improving that music as they matured in their song writing and in their worldview.

The historic Prince of Wales Theatre in London’s West End will be ground zero for reliving all the excitement of The Beatles music. When the curtains are drawn for Let It Be, theatre-goers will once again experience the electric energy of a live performance by the Fab Four.

The Prince of Wales Theatre on Coventry Street has a long and colourful history of showcasing cutting-edge talent and unique shows ever since it first opened its doors in January of 1884. Today, the Prince of Wales Theatre is owned by Sir Cameron Mackintosh, who completed a total renovation in 2004 and brought the historical building into the 21st century with its increased seating capacity and modern fixtures.

Benefits of booking villas in Tuscany

Benefits of booking villas in Tuscany

Tuscany is a very amazing reign of Italy; it offers the best sightseeing locations and scenic beauty. People like to come here for spending their vacations with the loved one. For accommodation purpose, the villas in Tuscany are very much liked by people as they offer so many different things. Here are some of the benefits of booking these villas:

  • Amenities: These villas offer the best amenities during the stay, spacious rooms with neat and clean sheets and curtains are provided in every room.  Furniture used in every room are amazing, even kitchen are provided with all the necessary utensils and equipments like microwave, toaster, fridge, etc. The washroom s are very good with Jacuzzi and other necessary things, television, air conditioner, etc, are provided in every room for making the stay more comfortable.
  • Location: Most of these villas are located on very beautiful locations, which add up to the beauty of the whole stay. Most of them are located far away from the crowded areas and are located either on a hill top or near the beach or any countryside area. It is best to check out the location before making the bookings and select the best one as per the choice. It helps in enjoying amazing scenic beauty throughout the stay.
  • Privacy: These villas ensure that the customer gets total privacy; they keep the services in a way that everyone gets to spend loads of quality time during the stay without any disturbance.
  • Staff: The staff of these villas is very good; they are warm and welcoming and offer their best to make the customer feel comfortable. They are available round the clock for any type of assistance, one can call them anytime. They are very well mannered and soft spoken and obey all the orders of the customer.
  • Dining: These villas ensures the best dining facilities, one can order any type of cuisine as per the choice during the stay as all the meals are prepared by experienced chefs.
  • Entertainment: Different recreational activities are arranged for entertaining the guests like local artists, guitarists, etc, are called for performances on every evening.
  • Facilities: Proper gym, swimming pools, spa, private terrace, gardens and cars are provided for free during the stay. This helps the customer to enjoy every bit of the stay with friends or relatives. Even cooking and art courses are also provided for making the stay more interesting; one can learn different things during the stay.

One can enjoy all these things during the stay and can have a good vacation, it is very important to book them in advance as villas in Tuscany are always in demand. They offer the best of everything to their customer and make the trip an unforgettable one.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

Car Rental Services And Its Categories

Car Rental Services And Its Categories

The autohuur Alicante/ leihwagen Malaga services are liked by everyone as they are the best services, anyone can book them directly or through agents. Even the online sites help in getting better details, selection of car can be done as per the need and choice. People like to book them for enjoying the journey and spending good time with the family, friends or partner. Here are the categories from which, one can select the car by considering the rates and other things:

  • ·Mid-sized cars: These medium sized cars are meant for those who like to travel in group; these cars can accommodate six to eight people very easily. Different brands and styles are found in them in various colors, one can make the selection by considering the need and the budget. The rates are good and more than the small cars as it is more spacious and have some good amenities. Their rate also keep on changing as different models are available in the same category.
  • ·Budget cars: This category is for those who want to travel in car but don’t have the budget, so some agencies have started offering such cars for such people. These cars are very simple and have no amenities; one can just reach to desired location in comfortable way in less span of time. There are fewer options in this category so one can select them as per the need.
  • ·Small and cozy cars: These cars are very small and cozy, they are meant for small families and couples. The rate of these cars are less so people can easily afford them and can get the best travelling experience at low rates. Good amenities are offered in these cars, one can select them as per the choice as a wide range is available in this category. Minimum one and maximum four people can travel at a time in these small cars.
  • ·Luxurious cars: These cars are very big and meant for rich and classy people. They offer all the branded amenities; one can enjoy travelling with total sophistication and elegance. These cars look amazing and offer the best travelling experience; the rates are very high as they are exclusive.

The main aim of autohuur Alicante/ leihwagen Malaga services is to make the travelling better and more enjoyable. They even provide the driver services so that one gets ample of time to enjoy with the loved one. The only important thing is to select a good service; one should look out for all the information regarding the agency and its facilities. There are many sites which show attractive things but in real are not good, so it is suggested to take time and make the deals after knowing everything about these car rental services.

Author Bio:  Anna is a person with a passion for writing. She has written many articles on various topics, for more information you can check her other blogs.

Amsterdam Cycling

Most could summon up half a dozen adjectives about Amsterdam’s culture or people without ever mentioning the cycling. It might even come as a surprise that on a city break to Amsterdam, you’re truly in a cyclist’s city. A hardy breed of cyclist, come rain or ice, snowy or slush Amsterdammers are out on their bikes.

Amsterdam Cycling

If you’re a bit wobbly on your bike, it’s probably best to stick to the summer months (when there’s less chance of you falling into the canal). There are plenty of bike rental shops around town; Orange bikes are one such company, based near to Amsterdam’s centre in Singel.

Everywhere you look

Readily available everywhere within the city, and something of a cultural emblem, there are an astonishing estimated six hundred thousand bikes in Amsterdam. Between 6,000 and 10,000 of these bikes are dredged out of the city’s famous canals every year by the city’s municipal service. Many a local will stress the importance of locking up one’s bike wherever you are in the city!

The fastest way to get around

Compared to cyclists and motorists in the UK, who live in uneasy coexistence, as many as 40% of Amsterdam’s city dwellers cycle on a daily basis. A visit to the ‘Venice of the north’ will show any motorist that getting about in the city’s charming historic infrastructure is in fact made far easier (not to mention quicker) with the use of a bike.

Make a statement

All year long around this city you will likely see cyclists whizzing by, not a cycling pant or (regrettable in some cases) a helmet in sight. An international fashion capital since 2004, the locals take being seen on bike very seriously, so get into fashion mode when you’re cycling around. A bold statement colour or patterned winter coat will ensure pedestrians see you coming, and decorating one’s bike accordingly is a must too. In Amsterdam the style is casual, but still eye catching – no lycra here. Save that for the clubs.

See it all

Renting a bike in this wonderful city you’ll find you get around see more of it. Within the inner city area (centrum) Amsterdam is dominated by her beautiful UNESCO-listed canals, meaning cars are not afforded much room at all. In fact getting around by car takes twice as long on average as it would do by bike, and parking a car in this city of hardy cyclists doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Stay in…

The Okura Hotel Amsterdam, with its panoramic views from their Michelin star restaurant, you’ll get an eyeful of the city herself with easy access to both the museum quarter and Vondelpark. 3 nights from £231pp.

Top tips for cyclists:

Because the city of Amsterdam is a relatively small, you might be able to circle the entire canal ring in an afternoon – failing that, both gorgeous Vondelpark and Hortus Botanicus (botanical gardens) will give you a taste of the great Dutch outdoors.

Booking with easyJet holidays the flights and hotel are both included in the price – so you can spend your cash on something cool in one of the city’s fantastic markets.

Universal Studios Arrives in Singapore

Universal Studios is the latest big attraction to arrive in Singapore and is already proving to be a huge hit among both Singaporeans and visitors to the island nations. Universal Studios opened in 2011 and can be found on Sentosa Island, which is Singapore’s picturesque playground.

Universal Studios SingaporeThere are a number of different ways to reach Universal Studios. The most straight forward way is to take the aerial train, which connects with Singapore’s underground rail network. Regular buses are also available to take visitors over to Sentosa Island, while people who feel like stretching their legs can wander over to the island on foot by walking along the specially built promenade. However, by far the most stunning way to reach Sentosa Island and Universal Studios is by purchasing a ticket for one of the cable cars that take passengers high above the island, offering stunning panoramic views along the way.

After arriving at Sentosa Island visitors will see clearly marked signs pointing the way to the entrance of this special film-themed pleasure park. Universal Studios Singapore tickets can be bought on the day from one of the ticket counters at the entrance to the park. However, people who want to skip the queues can also purchase their tickets in advance.

Far Far Away Universal Studios SingaporeIn total, Universal Studios Singapore features a total of twenty rides, five of which are roller coasters and two of which are water rides. Some of the most popular rides in the theme park include Pantages Hollywood Theater, the wet and wild Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure,  Dino-Soarin’ and the live stunt show named Waterworld after the blockbusting film. The park is laid out in seven different themed zones, namely Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

One of the best things about Universal Studios Singapore is that queues tend to be much shorter than at its American counterpart, especially on week days. Once visitors have paid the admission price they are free to enjoy whichever rides and attractions they choose. However, simply wandering through the different zones of the theme park and soaking up the atmosphere is an enriching atmosphere.

Battlestar Galactica


Universal Studios Singapore features rides that people of all ages can enjoy. Fans of the Shrek films will be able to witness a brand new 4-D version of the film, while people want to discover how special effects are created should check out Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. Thrill seekers can enjoy wild roller coasters such as Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN, Transformers: The Ride and Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, while younger children are sure to love more sedate rides such as the Treasure Hunters vintage car ride


Written by:

Thomas Edwards has been an international traveller since the early ‘80s and has widely covered Europe, the USA and as far afield as Thailand, Hong Kong and China.  He has written as both a business, individual and family traveller and a language or two has given him the opportunity to engage with people to a greater degree.

5 Nasty Surprises to Prepare for before Booking a Hotel in San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful city and I highly recommend a visit to anyone who’s interested in exploring the United States’ finest urban environments. That being said it’s important to do your research before you book the first cheap hotel you happen to stumble across on the internet. Here are 5 important things to keep an eye out for when you’re booking your hotel.

Booking a Hotel in San Francisco


Parking in a major city will catch anyone from a smaller or more sprawled environment completely by surprise. Parking your car at your hotel all day can cost you nearly 50 dollars a day, so if you’re driving you’ll want to avoid the most expensive areas at all costs. The easiest way to solve this problem is to fly into San Francisco and then use public transportation which is much cheaper.  Considering the cost of gasoline nowadays it’s usually cheaper to fly rather than drive anyway.


San Francisco has beautiful neighborhoods and less beautiful ones. Even some of the more upscale hotels are located in relatively shady areas and you should always make sure that you’re comfortable setting foot outside the door of the place that you’re staying, especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or waiting at the nearby bus stop. To find out what kind of vibe your hotel’s neighborhood has you should find a website with extensive customer review sections like this, a San Francisco hotel site and check out what other people experienced.

Proximity to your Goal

Lots of hotel websites divide hotels up by their proximity to a specific part of town. Know what you’d like to see well beforehand so that you can plan for where you want to stay. While walking is great for you in general it can be tiresome and dangerous if you have to go walking for miles in the wrong part of town. If you already know that you don’t want to lodge near your intended visitation areas because of high prices you should make sure to work out plans for transportation before your arrival or you might find yourself stuck with incredibly overpriced taxis.

Hidden Fees

If the reviews mention random hidden fees but don’t specify what they are you should call the hotel. Be as nosy as possible. Find out exactly what they offer and ask specifically if each item costs extra. The last thing you want is to show up at your hotel ready to work on your big presentation for tomorrow only to find that getting wifi access costs something like 30 dollars a night, not unlike buying your own modem and router for a month.

Shady Hotels

The Hotel staff aren’t always what make a hotel shady, though of course they can. Always wary of hotels that get reviews about people who’s reservations get “lost” and are forced to buy another room. Also I like to place truly low quality and unsanitary lodgings in this category. Watch out for reviews about bed

bugs, smoke, loud noises, and hostile staff. Little motels at the outskirts of town tend to be the worst offenders, so make sure you do your research.

Wesley McDonald has lived in San Francisco for almost 20 years. He is passionate about life in the city, travel and the hospitality industry. He’s an online producer for San Francisco Hote  experts


The Insight of Hindsight: Things you Should Bring on a Trip

You never know what you forgot to bring till you’re stuck in Prague without your bank information after you get your wallet stolen by a pickpocket, or you trip and break a leg to find that you don’t have a phone to call for help. To help you figure out what it is you’re forgetting, or to give you ideas about things you didn’t even think of bringing, here are some important travel items that I’ve found myself short of.

Extra Socks

This one looks strange to anyone who hasn’t actually run out of socks while traveling. Really it extends to other laundry as well, but socks smell, so they get the bolded line. Doing laundry on your trip is a chore better avoided. For a long term trip this is unavoidable, but carrying a week’s worth of clothes isn’t too ridiculous. There is nothing quite as dissatisfying as getting up in the morning in the middle of your grand tour of Europe to find that you have no socks to put on but the reeking crusty filth of the previous day.

Fingernail Clippers

You never realize how much your nails grow until you find yourself with no tools to trim them with. Besides what if you get a nasty hangnail? No one forgets their toothbrush, but other personal grooming equipment can be forgotten when you’re too busy worrying about having your passport and visa sorted out before your trip.


Before traveling we always focus on the adventure, the excitement. We never stop to think that we’re going to be sitting in a seat for 20 hours when flying across the ocean, or that there might be any down time to relax on our trip. Of course as soon as we leave we remember just how boring the times in between the good times get when you’re out there. A good book can kill 10 hours or more, even if you’re a fast reader, and is great for taking your mind off the stress that comes with all traveling.

Duct Tape

Inevitably, your bag will break. Whether it’s a zipper, a strap, or the handle, having your stuff falling out or just not being able to carry the thing effectively anymore are a huge pain in the rear that no one wants to deal with. Duct tape to the rescue! You tape it up real good and just keep on going. It doesn’t look too pretty, but it does make you look prepared. Travel is all about function over form.

Local Phone

For any kind of longer stay it’s important that you get a phone. Don’t get a real fancy one, just a cheap disposable piece of junk is plenty for calling the police or ambulance if you run into serious trouble. Depending on where you are there might not be anyone around to help you.

Never underestimate the value of these few items and your travels will be smoother than mine have been. It is always worth it to bring this stuff, and claiming a lack of space in your bag as an excuse is not valid. Get another bag if you have to.
Brandon travels frequently and shares his experiences about What to bring on a trip by writing for his blog and writing guest posts for other sites.

Interested in a trip to Chennai ?

For those looking for a holiday in India which offers something a little different, and opens the doorway to a unique culture filled with fascinating historical sites alongside modern city life, the city of Chennai will provide all of this, and much more. Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is now affectionately referred to as ‘the gateway to South India’ and is the successful port which acts as the capital of the diverse state of Tamil Nadu. If Chennai is known for one thing, it is a diversity and richness of culture, with a long history of Indian arts, literature, dance and theatre which thrives to this day and delights locals and visitors alike. A trip to Chennai will offer experiences a world away from other large cities in India such as Delhi or Mumbai, as the vibrant Tamil culture permeates through every street, and this city brings together urban, coastal and jungle cultures in a pulsing, yet harmonious vibe.

A Cultural Capital

For the culturally minded, Chennai is a hotspot for a range of unique theatrical practices which can be seen and enjoyed all year round. One of the most important symbolic practices in the city is the native art of the Bharatanatyam, a form of theatre famous for its elegant poses, complex dances and beautiful Carnatic music played on traditional instruments such as the thattukuzhi and mannai, a form of Indian drum. In dozens of theatres throughout Chennai, you can witness exclusive performances of this beautiful theatrical dance, complete with religious ceremonies dedicated to Ganesh and lengthy epic poetry recitals which date back almost three thousand years.

For those looking for more contemporary culture, few can resist the vibrancy and seduction of the Tamil movie scene, known as ‘Kollywood’, where the latest film technologies blend traditional storytelling and dance with action sequences and epic romances. Chennai has several renowned movie theatres, but ask any local, and they will tell you that by far the best is the Sathyam Cinema, situated in the heart of the city and famed for its quality, range of films on show and exquisite, high class service, food and drinks.

Beautiful Temples and Oases of Calm

If you are seeking some spiritual respite from the thronging heart of the city, head out to the district of Mylapore where you can find one of the most impressive, and one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva anywhere in India. Just a 20 minute taxi ride from the city centre, this temple represents everything wonderful about the state of Tamil Nadu; unique architectural styles, bright and entrancing colours, complexity of design and live devotional music and dance performed each and every night. A visit to the ancient Kapaleeshwar temple will truly provide a once in a lifetime experience – seeing the devotees milling around the altars of Shiva, Hanuman and Ganesh, bathing in the sacred waters and connecting with the colourful and joyful nature of their culture is something which can truly never be forgotten.

The Chennai Coast

It would be something of a travesty to come to this stunning part of coastal India and not make the most of the oceanic landscape which makes it unique. Nowhere can you get closer to the sea and its bounty than with the help of the fishermen of Barracuda Bay, who now regularly set of tours of the coastline and even allow you to do a spot of sport fishing. Just two kilometres from the district of Royapuram, near the centre of Chennai, the waters around here provide some of the finest fish which characterises the cuisine, and the chance to catch one could be a real thrill set against some beautiful scenery.

Hotels in Chennai

As a buzzing and thriving urban centre, there are dozens of hotels in Chennai which can provide you and your family with everything you need to really make the most of the city. With elegant and high class hotels such as the Raintree Hotel in Teynampet near central Chennai, you can enjoy all the finer things of Chennai culture alongside a relaxing rest in gorgeous settings. There are also several Radisson Blu hotels in Chennai which are ideal for a business trip or short break, and dozens of friendly and rustic guesthouses where you can get to know the famous hospitality of the region.


About the Author : Aakesh Adhikari is an Independent travel consultant and blogger who loves to explore new destinations. Check out his travel portal to learn more. It is about the things that are cool about travel, that inspire us to travel.

Explore The Sightseeing Locations of Rome

Rome sightseeing locations

Rome is a place which is visited by many tourists throughout the year; it offers excellent locations which are full of amazing scenic beauty. Rome car rental services helps in exploring the different locations in an easy way. One can book these car services from the online sites, different packages are offered for providing the maximum benefits at reasonable rates. Here are some of the sightseeing locations which can be enjoyed by taking car on rent:

Colosseum: It is the most extraordinary monument of Rome, its place, size and the history makes it more amazing. It is known as the place where gladiators met in mortal combat, the prisoners use to fight off hungry lions. The place is amzing and a must to see.

Pantheon: It is a very ancient building, standing for almost 2000 years. One can enjoy the true architectural beauty and can spend great time with family and friends.

Chiesa del Gesù: Built between 1551 and 1584, this church is a true example of great architecture. It was designed by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola; the perfect combination of gold with marble enhances the beauty.

Campo de’ Fiori: A market place which turns into a open air pub at night, liked by people for its different aspects. One can enjoy food, shopping and drinks here and can have fun time with friends or family.

Piazza Navona: Offers many cafes, bars on the pavements, this place is best for having a relaxed time with the loved one.

Museo Nazionale Romano: One can see many different sculptures, art works and different collections from the past centauries. Good to come with kids and families to have a great time while getting information.

Chiesa di Santa Maria Sopra Minerva:  Located on the site of ancient temple to Minerva, it is a very amazing place to see by renting a car service.

Museo e Galleria Borghese: A gallery where collections of Cardinal Scipione Borghese can be seen, the art works are amazing and are a must to see.

Roman Forum: People come here for seeing the famous ruins, which was earlier much decorated market. It is very old and offers great adventure as the ruins excite the people with its past story.

Chiesa di Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza: This is a very small church where people come for religious values; the architecture of this church is amazing. It is based on an incredibly complex geometric plan; the walls are concave with spiral top. This architecture makes the church more interesting to see and is liked by people a lot.

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