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Avoid the Stopover of Commercial and Personal Tour with Private Jet Services

“Mr. Moore hasn’t just reached London in time for a business meeting but also managed to work on the commitment back inNew York, which was promised to the client which in return displayed his great sense of responsibility and professionalism. On the other hand, hapless victim of a delayed flight Mr. Frazier is tired and annoyed still struggling to reach the meeting”. The aforementioned is an imaginary situation highlighting the motley benefits of jet charter. Where former executive relished the benefits of flying privately provided by his company that proved to be highly productive, while the latter deprived of private jet travelling is battling to be productive.

Private aircraft’s reach numerous airports which has enabled many to reach the destinations faster than any of the commercial airlines. People flying for professional or personal reason have substantiated that their time is more valuable than waiting hours before boarding and the expected delay before the flight and then travel for another few hours to make their presence to the desired destination, this can now be a thing of the past. By chartering an aircraft executives can tap into the potentials of every hour and can also become even more productive.

Jet charters epitomize the experience of seamless travel. Opt for private jets to eliminate the stresses of airline travel like parking, layovers, lengthy check in, security lines, and loss of luggage. The private jet charter of your choice will let you travel in a stylish way. Dine with grace, manage a business, or just travel to relax your soul; hire a jet to enjoy the flexibility and freedom it offers when it comes to travelling.

Running short of time to board the flight? Nothing to fret. The aircraft will wait for your arrival. Fly right through the long lines and step right into your jet, cut back the travel time to directly reach one of the many executive airports nearest to your destination. The convenience of jet travelling will have you arriving relaxed and ready for your official conferences or vacation.

Luxury Vacations with Private Jet Charter

Flying commercial will offer just a few opportunities like coach or first class but private jet travelers have an entire fleet of luxury private jets at their disposal. Private Aviation has now become the desired method of travelling into some exclusive holiday spots around the globe.

Vacations in the Rocky Mountainsare great as a winter retreat to spend moments in complete solace. Private aviation is the only way of access because of the weather conditions and limited commercial flights. Besides, you can also plan your desired holidays on the CaribbeanIslands, which is the most in demand tropical destinations. Luxury private jet charter can take you directly to most of the islands avoiding commercial travel delays and long security lines. In addition, private aviation also let you delight in your vacations by departing at your ease without compromising your relaxation.

Private jets are constructed to offer you the ultimate in luxury air charter experience you deserve and also a blessing for stranded and disrupted passengers. Contact a private jet sales agent for more information about the possibilities which await you.


Exotic, enriching and memorable Places near Bandhavgarh

The most captivating place for the animal lovers in the midst of the Vindhya Hills is Bandhavgarh National Park which is known for beholding a large number of wild species. The topography and the amazing environment catch whole mass of attention to this wildlife reserve.

 hunting place for Maharaja of Rewa

The former hunting place for Maharaja of Rewa is now the famous hub for white tigers and other wild creatures including leopard, sambar, gaur, cheetal, Indian wolf, nilgai, caracal etc. With large biodiversity covering a total area of 437 km², this park has a large breeding population of leopards and various species of deer. Therefore, tourists specially the animal and nature lovers can find amazements at one of this beautiful natural habitat.

Apart from that there are some other interesting places to see in Bandhavgarh. Tourists generally throng here to have a wide amount of exciting experiences while making their trip to Bandhavgarh. Let us find some information about the attractive tourist places near Bandhavgarh.


Kanha is a 940 km dense Sal and bamboo forest decked with rolling grassland and meandering streams. This forest formed the famous Kanha Tiger Reserve in 1974 under the save tiger project. This reserve is the only habitat of the rare Barasingha and is being considered as one of the finest and best administered National Parks in Asia. It attracts many wild lovers and is the perfect habitat for animal and avian population.


Located in the forested plains of Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho is the most unique architectural attraction for the tourists. The famous Chandel temples are the specialty of this place which was constructed by Chandela Rajput kings of central India.  The famous temples in Khajuraho that have no relation with(to) religion and worshipping but famous for divine sculptures are – the Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Chaunsat Yogini Temple, Chitragupta Temple and Duladeo Temple. The temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, sun God Surya and the bridegroom temple respectively.


The other side of Narmada River is surfaced with marble rocks heights at Bhedaghat location. The tourists can explore the serenity of the cool location with the sunlight sparkling on the marble white pinnacles and casting of shadows on the pellucid water. These white rock shows bring majestic views of black and green volcanic eruptions to the visitors which brings more luminance during moonlit nights.


Famous for its resort and is best known as the capital place of the Gond Kings during 12th century that later was being owned by Kalchuri dynasty is the place called Jabalpur.  The famous cantonment area of Jabalpur reflects the colonial ruling and its residences and barracks still speaks the legendary values. Jabalpur which is now an important administrative centre brings greater significances to the commercial activities.

Thus, a tourist can explore many exciting elements at the tranquil vicinity of the Bandhavgarh National Park. Come and visit the one and only place where nature, culture, religion and wild lives exist with a perfect chemistry.

Top 5 Prague Museums

The bohemian city of Pragueis often referred to as being one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. The wealth of art, design and architecture in Pragueis staggering. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Cubist styles sit side by side, with the museums and art galleries bringing to life the eventful history of the city. To gain the best insight into this city’s culture on Prague city breaks, don’t miss out on these Top 5 museums:

Top Prague Museums

1. Museum of Decorative Arts: Housed in a fin-de-siècle building which is itself a work of art, the Museum of Decorative Arts was founded in 1885 to display exquisite examples of European decorative arts that tread a fine line between fine and applied art. Only a fraction of the museum’s collection is exhibited, but the pieces on display are superb, including a range of beautiful Bohemian glass and ceramics.

  •  Address: 17 Listopadu 2, Prague 1
  •  Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 10.00 – 18:00
  •  Admission: Permanent and temporary exhibits: Full 120 Kč/Reduced 70 Kč;

Temporary exhibits: Full 80 Kč/Reduced 40 Kč
Free every Tuesday 17:00 – 19:00

2. Antonin Dvorak Museum: Hidden away behind wrought-iron gates, the Dvorák Museum is housed in an elegant, early eighteenth century baroque summer palace. The exquisite russet and cream villa was designed by Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer, the architect responsible for some of Prague’s most beautiful churches. The building has had a varied existence (having served as a cattle market and also a restaurant), but in recent years it has been carefully restored and now contains a permanent exhibition of photographs and memorabilia of the life and work of Antonín Dvorák (1841 to 1904) from the Dvorák Society collection. The popular Hotel St George is right next to the Antonin Dvorak Museum.

  • Address: Ke Karlovu 20, Prague 2
  • Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 10:00 – 17:00

Admission: Full 50 Kč/reduced 25 Kč; Family 90 Kč

3. The Jewish Museum: Containing over 40,000 exhibits and 100,000 books, the Jewish Museum has one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art and culture in the world. The large number of exhibits is unique considering they are from a single territory, Bohemia and Moravia. The exhibitions of the museum are in six historic locations; the Maisel Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery, Klausen Synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall.

  •  Address: U Staré Skoly 1
  •  Opening Hours: Sun-Fri 09:00-18:00
  •  Admission: N/A

4. The Museum of the City of Prague: The museum’s permanent collection documents the history of the city from its foundation in the ninth century to the present day. The most famous exhibit is a 20-square-foot model of Prague constructed over an eleven year period in the early nineteenth century by Antonin Langweil, which provides visitors with a glimpse of the beautiful, inaccessible architecture that is hidden behind the high walls.

  •  Address: Na Porící 52
  •  Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 9:00 – 18:00
  •  Admission: Full:100czk Students:40czk Children: 40czk
Museum of the City of Prague
Museum of the City of Prague

5. The Museum of Military History: Housed in an impressive mid-sixteenth century Renaissance palace, the Museum of Military History contains Czech military memorabilia from the thirteenth century to the end of World War I. The collection includes scale models of battles and details of historic campaign strategy, as well as uniforms, weapons and the history of evolving military technologies.

  • Address: Schwarzenberský Palác, Hradcanské námestí 2, Hradcany, Prague 1
  •  Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00
  •  Admission: Full 50 Kč/Reduced 25 Kč; Family 90 Kč

About the author: Stephanie is the expert for Prague holidays at

Are really tigers on the brink of extinction?

India is renowned as the perfect habitat for most of the wild creatures. It is the only land that beholds thousands of animal lovers to catch the amazing glimpses of these squeaking creatures. Wildlife in India is the most appealing part of this land that invites too many visitors to admire the royalty and bravery of wild creatures in spite of their beastly nature.


Royal tiger, the national animal of India is the supreme creature out of all that has been known for its intelligence and cunningness. The tropical forests are its natural home and since India serves the best environment for such creatures, tigers are found in abundance only in India. There was a time when tigers used to roam freely in the tropical environment of this amazing land and it is estimated that at the turn of the 19th century the tiger count was near to 100,000.

However, those were the days when the royal Raja-Maharaja used to made tiger hunting, their hobbies and great time pass. This unabashed activity was being considered as an act of bravery and great arrangements were made at the English residents for the same. These cruel acts were further continued by some big game hunters like Jim Corbett and Kenneth Anderson who found the act of hunting hundreds of tigers as their glorious profession as well as their interesting pastime. However at the end, Jim Corbett realized his unkind deeds and turned into a conservationist. This further also influenced the wildlife organization to create number of tiger reserves in the country. Jim Corbett National Park is among one of them that was a tribute to the great hunter and the conservationist.

But till then, the number of tiger species continued diminishing and are still on the verge of extinction. According to the latest survey released by the Government of India, the tiger population has been reduced to less than 1500 and the fear of complete extinguishing of this rare species has become a concern for today especially for the wildlife conservation of India since it is affecting wildlife of India.

These creatures are not only facing loss of habitats but are also becoming the pray to numerous poachers for their skin and due to fear of these man eaters. This dwindling effect has enforced the wildlife conservation and WWF and launched a tiger conservation program. To take the initiative, more than 83 national parks and tiger reserves were being established in India for the preservation of this rare species.

By the establishment of these reserves and biospheres an objective of wildlife preservation has been given a bit boost. These are now the natural habitat of the living species and the compatible and attractive environment is attracting many visitors to experience tiger tours in India.

But the efficacies to launch the tiger project 40 years back is still doubtful and we need some more measures to take to inspire the citizens of India so as to provoke the wildlife conservation and to encourage for Indian wildlife tours.

Let us take some steps so as to preserve our greatest asset that has encouraged too many people all across the world for breathtaking tiger tours in India.



Whale Watching in Maui

Whale Watching in Maui , Maui whale watching

Maui is one of the many islands in Hawaii that has achieved international prestige, with its beautiful beaches, gigantic waves, and surprisingly sophisticated urban centers. If you’re in the Hawaiian Islands for vacation, and you love water, then Maui might just be heaven for you, since so much of the island’s recreation revolves around the water.

If you get tired of exploring the beaches, surfing, or any of the other popular water activities, going on a whale watching cruise can be a great way to spend a day while you’re on Maui. Best of all, it’s something you can do with the whole family. If you’re in Hawaii during the winter, you’re almost sure to spot a whale.

Maui, as some vacationers are surprised to find out, is one of the well-known winter residencies for humpback whales. The giant marine mammals follow a migration path all the way from Alaska to escape the harsh winter climate of their original habitat.

A great thing about whale watching in Maui is the long period of potentially seeing whales. Normally, the whales start to arrive from Alaska during the colder months of September to October. Their number grows considerably once as the temperature in Alaska drops as winter nears. Whales usually stay in the Maui area until May.

There are two main ways that people whale watch in Maui. One is to simply stand on shore and wait for them to show up. There are certain areas in Maui where they are clearly visible from the shore. These include Lahaina, Kihei, Wailea, and Makena, to name a few. For the past few years, they’ve also become easy to spot in the North Shore.

However, tourists may opt to watch whale watch while onboard a boat or catamaran. Finding a whale-watching service in Maui isn’t difficult at all, since there are many operators. Usually, the vessel starts off in any of the whale-populated areas mentioned above, like Lahaina and then travel out into deep water. Ships are legally allowed to be up to 100 yards away from a whale. If you’re lucky to be that close to a whale, you can get spectacular views.

Whale watching tours are popular, so it’s best to make reservations as far in advance as possible. Most boats have a very small legal capacity of around 25, and many of them take less than 20 people out at a time. While this can make reservations a little more challenging, the intimate group provides a much better experience!

Aside from actually making sure that visitors see the whales, the tour guides on whale watching cruises also offer some expert information about the animals and their habits. The guides often shed light on the whales’ pattern and what to expect from these creatures in the coming months. To avoid scaring the whales off, the guides typically don’t use megaphones. This works well with the intimate nature of the group.

Is it possible to go on a whale watching trip and not see any whales? Yes, but almost always, the tour guarantees it, or you get the trip for free!

Author Bio

Lori Hughes is the founder and owner of Island Trader. She is an entrepreneur, traveller, writer, and relaxation expert. She travels the world in search of turquoise water and island breezes, an island inspired lifestyle and tropical drinks.

Theaters in Branson

Theaters in Branson

When thinking about the best cities for entertainment in America, it’s easy to understand why the rural parts of this country would be overlooked. New York City has a large collective of extraordinary music venues, from something as big to Madison Square Garden to something more intimate like The Bowery Ballroom. Oh yeah, and they have this little district in Manhattan called Broadway. America’s second largest city, Los Angeles, encapsulates Hollywood. Need I say more? Las Vegas has their famed strip, a 4.2 mile long road that homes splashy casinos and exotic clubs galore.

Urban America is busy, vibrant and fun. Rural America has a stereotype of being agricultural, dull and conservative. One American town is eager to challenge these preconceptions. Branson, Missouri, a town in the Ozarks that is home to only a tad over 10,000 people, manages to bring in just shy of $2 billion in tourism annually. How on earth do they manage to do that? The people of Branson know that you don’t have to be big to provide some big entertainment.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater
Branson is home to some pretty extraordinary theaters, the most popular one being Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater. The theater, named after the 20th century television staple, has featured such artists like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra and James Brown. And that’s all in the last year. While that may appear to be impossible, the theater has gathered the most extraordinary tribute artists in the world, all of whom look and sound so eerily like the artist they are impersonating that it is often hard to tell the difference. It’s called the “Legends in Concert Series,” and it plays the American Bandstand Theater more than any other.

Kids who aren’t as familiar with those older artists needn’t worry; “Legends in Concert” also features rollicking tribute acts for Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and more of today’s hottest artists. There is another American Bandstand Theater located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but Branson is home to the original one.

The Circle B Theater
If rock and roll isn’t totally a tourist’s bag, that’s okay. The Circle B Theater is home to one of the best shows in Branson, the Circle B Supper Show. For a low cost, not only do audience members get a show filled with good old time country music, great dancing and lively humor, they get a sensational home cooked meal. The meal, consisting of savory chuck wagon style BBQ is prepared and served by the performers themselves. After dinner is served, the performers, who happen to be a close-knit family named The Horns, take the stage and deliver outstanding and gutbusting musical performances that pay a tribute to the wild, wild west.

Branson Variety Theater
For those not looking for a straight up musical performance and like to take in a little theater, look no further than the Branson Variety Theater. At any given time, the Branson Variety Theater is playing host to a number of splashy and garish musicals, usually celebrating the best music of yesteryear. Shows that can be found at the theater typically include “Hooray for Hollywood,” which pays tribute to the best musical numbers from the best MGM musicals back from the 50s, and “Shake Rattle & Roll,” a rocking collection of the best tunes that date back to the jukebox era.

When you consider that these theaters are just a small sampling of all those available in Branson, it is a little easier to understand why Branson can bring in so much tourism revenue, right? They don’t call it the “Las Vegas of the Ozarks” for no reason.

Author bio: David Bryce is an online publisher for the golf resort Thousand Hills in Branson, MO. He blogs on the topics of golf, travel, and vacations.

Tour around London… on a budget


London - Tower BridgeBeing the capital of England makes this city somewhere that everyone should visit. However, it can get rather pricey – having a different price level in comparison to the rest of the UK. We have assembled a list of all the free things that you can do and see in this city. However if you are finding it hard to find accommodation, there are many free short term apartments in London which might appeal to you if you are looking for something a little bit cheaper than a hotel for your stay in England’s capital.

Trafalgar Square

This is one of Britain’s most visited attractions. Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery is here, it is also used as political demonstrations. It was designed by John Nash and was built in 1830. Here you will find lots of pigeons and people in this square, all relaxing and soaking up the London atmosphere.

Street Markets

Have a look round some of the markets that are held in London, for example Camden Market, Portobello Market and Greenwich Market. Of course if you want to buy something, it won’t be totally free. There are some great food stalls around, many suitable for vegetarians.

Street Performers

To the West of Convent Garden Market, there are many street performers to entertain you in the street. Performers sometimes like to get members of the audience to help them with their acts.

Art Galleries

Go by the Tate Modern and Tate Britain to experience some of the best art in the world. See a mixture of contemporary and British art from the past to the present.

The Military Tradition

Stop by Buckingham Palace at 11:30am and watch the guards do their march in the forecourt. Get there early to get a good spot to watch them march in front of the palace.


Most of the Museums in London are free, but the ones that have special exhibitions charge an extra fee. For example there is the “Museum of London” that has lots of exhibitions available for any age group and any interest.

Do’s and Don’ts While On a Vacation

Do's and Don'ts While On a Vacation

There may be times when you feel life has become too hectic and stressful. You may get frustrated of your monotonous work schedule, and feel like taking a break. A long vacation to a new place helps you take a break and rejuvenate. You may choose to travel with your family or friends, and sometimes even alone to relax your mind and have a good time.
This rejuvenating break from your hectic schedule may turn into a disappointing experience, if you make some common mistakes made by tourists. It is better to avoid making the following mistakes and evade problems that make your holiday a money-wasting, frustrating experience:

1. Having An Impractical Itinerary
This is a common practice prevalent in most of the tourists. They aim to see an entire country, in the very first visit. Being over-ambitious with very high expectations may lead to disappointments. Your itinerary must be practical and you must have a flexible approach.

2.Not Preparing A Budget
Preparing a traveling budget in advance can save you from unnecessary costs. It can help you to explore the new place in a better way without burning a huge hole in your pocket. You must always prepare your traveling budget and ensure that you do not go overboard.

3. Over Packing

Your holiday will be much more comfortable with less stuff to carry. Packing unnecessary items may increase your load, and you can always buy some of the items at the destination. Carrying extra baggage may hamper your fun.

4.Not Double Checking Important Documents
You may be in a hurry and forget to double-check your important documents. Any carelessness with the documents can cause major problems for you. It is recommended that you get additional copies of your important documents.

5. Overlooking Time Zones While Booking Trip
You must take the different time zones into consideration, while booking your trip. It is important to plan your trip according to these time zones. You must also consider the possibility of a jet lag.

6. Not Doing Research Before The Visit
You must do at least some research about the new destination, before visiting it. It is imperative for you to have some essential information about the country you are visiting. People who skip the research work, are more likely to face trouble while traveling.

7.Over Dependence On Guide Books
It is unwise to completely rely on the guidebooks while traveling. You must enhance your knowledge about the place by interacting with other travelers, and the people at that destination. Like-wise, relying on the help of a single person is not advisable. You must look for additional help also.

8.Carrying Lot Of Cash And Valuables
Carrying extra cash is not advisable while traveling. You must not exchange all your money into the other currency beforehand. It is better to change just a small amount of money, which is enough to sustain you, till you reach an ATM. Ensure that you are not carrying flashy valuables that may tempt the pickpockets.

9.Being Culturally Insensitive
Each country has a different culture, and you must not be offensive for the culture of your destination. It is advisable to understand and absorb the culture, and respect it. Insensitivity towards the culture is not likely to be tolerated by the locals of that country.

10.Ignoring Safety
You must be very observant and alert at all times, while traveling. It is especially important for girls to dress conservatively, and not attract unnecessary attention. You must not ignore the advice of locals, and be cautious about your safety.

Holidaying can be a lot of fun with these basic considerations. You can enjoy a luxurious holiday with FURNISHED APARTMENTS and make it a memorable one.

Author Bio:

Priyanka Iyer is Writing content for websites dealing in vacation rentals. These websites offer condominiums and furnished apartments for rent, whether you are on a vacation with your family or on some office work.

Best types of student travels

By Joy M.

For students arranging for a fun trip or vacation, budget is one of the most worrying variables. On the other hand, assurance may very well be taken from the simple fact that as of late there are lots of student vacation packages provided by tour operators at an inexpensive price. The modern world even makes it easier, as you have the World Wide Web to discover a number of the finest student travels to Europe along with other fascinating destinations all over the world. A bit of research combined with a suitable planning can provide you with one of the greatest experiences of the lifetime.

College students around the globe are often given a discount on items such as dining, accommodation, entertainment, food etc. It can be preferable to fully make use of these discounts because it will help you save an incredible deal of costs on your trip. Furthermore, travelling in groups also provides you far more chances of receiving discounts at a variety of areas. It is important that you look at hostels and room rentals when you’re on a student trip. It is on the list of most cherished experiences to travel the world with your very best buddies.

In contrast to family tours, student travel deals are an altogether distinct encounter with unique destinations. Apart from the United States of America, South East Asia and Europe are some of the most preferred location amongst students. Cities like London, Paris and Rome are renowned as the best shopping hubs in the world. Besides shopping, nearly all of the student travel packages consist of adventurous trips which include surf trips or snowboard trips. This is because the young blood in the students provides them the adrenaline high in this kind of adventurous camps.

Going for a surf trip is the newest fad among college students. Apart from, the surf camps are often carried out at sea side getaways. Aside from offering the adventurous rush of surfing, almost all of these beachside destinations are well known party hubs. This offers yet another incentive for a surf camp. It isn’t necessary for you to be an experienced surfer to go for such trips. The majority of the surf camps do provide you with beginners’ lessons that will certainly offer you a one of a kind experience aside from the boring monotonous trips. Surf trips are most common in particular in the course of the summer season, enjoying by yourself along with your friends on the beach!

What surf camps are for summer time breaks; snowboard camps are for winter breaks. The majority of these ski camps are only performed in the chilly parts of the world. Locations such as Canada, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, NZ, parts of South America are renowned for student ski camps. These camps not just provide the students with new learning abilities but additionally offer you them a whole new encounter. Enjoying the snowboard trips while in the company of your pals is probably the most cherished experiences of a person’s life.

Snowboard camps, ski camps, surf trips, trekking camps are a few of the most adventurous student vacation packages. Typically, you cannot get pleasure from such experiences while in the company of one’s family members. Hence, whenever you plan a student vacation, ensure that’s adventurous enough to make you high along with your best pals!

Discovering the Nile on my Egyptian holiday

Discovering the Nile on my Egyptian holiday

There are many amazing sights and experiences to take in when travelling to Egypt, but it’s not all about the pyramids, or even about diving in the Red Sea. Egypt is also home to the world’s longest river, the Nile, featuring a wide variety of wildlife and contouring itself to the land in such a way that trips down this ancient river, is one experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

What’s to see on a Nile Holiday?

While you might not be able to go all the way to the source, the real luxury option of travelling down the Nile is to do so by cruise liner. You can take a boat from Cairo and head all the way down to the Aswan Dam, or begin at Luxor and cruise slowly back towards the Mediterranean, culminating at Denderah.

However if you prefer a more traditional voyage, there are Egyptian sailing boats that can be used, giving you more control over where you end up and travel through. During either of these options you can stop off to visit tourist attractions or to take pictures of some of the sights along your way.

Depending on which part of the Nile you visit, whether it’s in the north around Cairo, or much further south on Lake Nasser, you’ll have a wide variety of wildlife to catch glimpses of on your journey. There are crocodiles, birds of many varieties, and plenty of fish. If you’re lucky, you might see a fisherman wrangling one of the country’s famous and majestic Nile Perch. These fish can grow upwards of 100lbs, making for quite an amazing sight when they jump from the Nile waters.

One advantage of the Nile’s length is that it allows for a cheap travel option for many of the country’s inhabitants. Lots of these people are farmers and fishermen, who use the river to transfer their goods to the cities in the north. If you happen upon these boats, you stand in good stead of being able to buy some of their local produce, giving you a real taste of what life in this part of the country is like. Getting your food fresh from the farmers is a wonderfully healthy way to keep yourself full of sustenance on your Nile trip.

Plenty do on the Nile

Whether you’re there to enjoy the scenery, interact with the locals and try their produce, or simply take the scenic route to visit some of the country’s most iconic temples and tourist attractions, an All Inclusive Egypt holiday is one of the best ways to appreciate Egypt. easyJet Holidays offer affordable trips to this part of the world, giving you plenty of options to create the holiday that you want.

Barcelona Museums: Get in for free!

National art museum Barcelona

Barcelona is a hotspot of Spanish and Catalan heritage, so much so that it can be hard to fit everything in. Thankfully, cultural Barcelona breaks don’t have to break the bank, as with this handy round up you can find the right time and place to see the top museums completely free!


Maritime Museum

First Saturday of every month

Barcelona’s Maritime Museum, at the bottom of Las Ramblas, is built into the Drassanes Reals, in the old city walls, and houses a number of exhibitions throughout the year. Originally the royal shipyards of the city, the museum holds some fascinating models and installations depicting life during the time the dockyards were active. You’ll also find artifacts brought back to Europe from the first voyages to the Americas, and the centerpiece of the museum, a full-size replica of Juan de Austria’s galley boat.

History Museum of Barcelona

First Saturday of every month

In Barcelona’s medieval Gothic Quarter, the History Museum of Barcelona is a fascinating exploration of the excavated chambers and corridors buried deep beneath the city. Underneath King’s Square you’ll find yourself in Roman-era Barcelona, complete with the walls and pillars of a 2000-year-old city and the Roman streets laid out in front of you. Above ground, the building housing the entrance to the ruins is just as impressive, encompassing the magnificent former Royal Palace and the King Martin watchtower.

Ethnological Museum

Free entry

The Ethnological Museum, on Paseo Santa Madrona, showcases a wide variety of social and cultural studies and artifacts, and is widely considered to be one of the city’s best collections of ethnic pieces. These pieces tell the story of the origins they are connected to, such as the Catalonian musical instruments, the ancient Moroccan ceramics, and even the historical and contemporary artwork of Japan, all under one roof. The exhibitions serve as a fascinating insight into research and fieldwork, and the museum also offers workshops and concerts, promising a unique free attraction during even a short break to Barcelona.

Art and Design

Picasso Museum

Free entry

The Picasso museum is a must for art lovers on a Barcelona break, as it showcases a huge collection of the artist’s early works, all the way up to the “Blue Period”.  The museum focuses on Picasso’s deep affinity with Barcelona, which was so strong that the museum itself was built to fulfil his wish to leave his finest art in the hands of the city he loved best. Here you’ll find a full biography of the artist’s life, interpretations of his work, and several guided tours and events, as well as specialist exhibitions which change every 3 months.

Museum of Textiles and Costume

Free entry

Inside the Palace of the Marquis de Lilo is Barcelona’s Museum of Textiles and Costume. The museum reflects the significance of textiles in Barcelona’s history, focusing on its importance as a major export and showcasing the designs and styles of fashion and costume throughout Barcelona’s history. The building itself is beautiful to explore, with much of its 13th-century architecture still visible, and the range of textiles dating back as far as the Arab conquest of Spain are a fantastic way to discover the city’s past. The more recent exhibits display beautiful 17th-century Baroque fashions, a real delight for fashion lovers and a great place for inspiration!

Finally, if you have time, make sure you head to the Barcelona Chocolate Museum on the first Monday of the month. Discover the history of chocolate through the ages as a medicinal drug, an aphrodisiac and a necessary nutritional food, and watch chocolatiers at work as they create huge chocolate structures right before your eyes – a treat for the whole family during your Barcelona holiday!

About the author

Written by S.Gibson, part of the easyJet holidays travel writers team.

A Quick Guide to Palma, Majorca Spain

Palma Cathedral spain

The Balearic island of Majorca is famous for its family friendly resorts and vibrant nightlife. Capital city Palma however is completely different, offering a cosmopolitan culture for visitors to explore and sample. Palma is a fascinating mixture of old and new, with Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals sitting alongside numerous art galleries and restaurants almost effortlessly. This combination makes Palma a great city to explore. Here is what’s on offer:
Eating in Palma

Palma Town new spain

The tree-lined promenades of Passig d’es Born offer a picturesque eating experience with a vibrant atmosphere. A popular dining spot for tourists and locals, the numerous bars and restaurants cater to a variety of tastes. Why not try your first authentic Spanish tapas or taste one of the unique local dishes, such as Palma’s own Sopa Mallorquina (a dry soup, served with bread).

Fish lovers should go to Casa Fernando, named the best fish restaurant in Palma by the Vintage Holidays blog, can be found in Ciudad Jardin. Casa Fernando brings simplicity back to your dining experience and involves you with the preparation of your meal.

On the Portals Nous Yacht Club waterfront you will find the Tristan, the most exclusive restaurant on the island. It features luxurious interiors and a delectable choice of pasta and meat dishes.

If traditional Spanish tapas are what you want, La Bòveda restaurant offers some of the best in Palma. The small and quiet restaurant, which was featured in the Guardian’s ‘Top Ten Eats in Palma’, often features live music, the makings for a perfect romantic meal.

Historic Palma

Palma today is full of trendy boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes, but reminders of its multicultural history can be seen all around the city. Remains left behind from the Roman Empire and Talaiotic settlement are a must-see on your holiday to Palma.

The Roman Catholic cathedral, La Seu, is visible throughout Palma, thanks to its 44 metre tall nave. La Seu was built in 1601 on the site of an Arab mosque and features the world’s largest stained glass window. Close by you’ll find the Arab quarter; a maze of narrow streets where museums, courtyards and the Bays Arabs can be found.

Palma’s Bellver Castle is famed for its unique circular shape and gothic architecture. The castle’s hilltop location has stunning, unspoilt views of the harbour, making it a top tourist destination for those on Majorca Holidays.

For a more relaxed pace, visit the Parc de le Mar, sometimes known as ‘Park of the Sea’. Built around an artificial lake, the park offers a selection of cafes and restaurants. Regular outdoor concerts and the nearby art gallery make this area popular with locals and holidaymakers alike.

Evening Entertainment in Palma

Whether it’s a quiet drink in a small bar, or something livelier, Palma’s variety of bars and clubs offer a diverse, colourful night out. For an authentically Spanish experience, L’Havanna is a Latin night club, featuring live acts and salsa dancing. Bar Barcelona is perfect for sociable drinks with friends, look out for the jazz and soul nights hosted in the upstairs bar. This bar is accessible via one of the two glass lifts is Tito’s; a club located 50 metres above the Paseo Maritimo. The interesting shape and panoramic views make it a top night out on a Palma holiday.

This guide was written by Hannah Knott of lowcostholidays