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Why Stay Indoors When You Can Discover the Great Outdoors?

In Japanese, there’s a word for the health benefits of spending time in the woods: “shinrinyoku,” which literally means “forest bathing.”

Why is this relevant? With the rising concerns over ‘stranger danger,’ parents are afraid of sending out their children to play in public. When studies show that outdoor play is integral to the development and health of your kid, are we depriving our children of the active upbringing that former generations enjoyed?

Knowsley Safari Park

Recommended Daily Outdoor Play

With child obesity levels at all-time highs, it’s more important now than ever to get our kids out for the recommended daily exercise they need. Under-fives should be spending more than three hours in active play every day, whereas over-fives should be getting at least seven hours of organised exercise a week.

Not A Treat

Play England – an organisation that pioneers outdoor playing areas for children – believes that children should be actively outside for a large chunk of the day. But according to research, parents believe taking their kids out to the park is a treat, rather than an everyday necessity.

Although the evidence for the importance of outdoor play is increasing, parents still can’t shake the idea that if they let their children out of sight, they’ll be harmed.

However, there are also concerns about increased traffic on the roads, a reduction of open, green spaces, long parental working hours, and crime. When you could keep your kid safely at home, why wouldn’t you protect them from potential dangers outside?

The Benefits Of Outdoor Play

With the far-reaching web of the internet, it seems more likely that your child will be exposed to bullying, abuse, inappropriate images, paedophilia, and grooming online than in your local park.

Studies show that children who thoroughly play outdoors and get the right amount of exercise every day do better at school and their concentration levels increase. During your child’s formative years, exposure to nature provides vital stimulation for physical development and cognitive function.

Green spaces are also shown to reduce stress levels after negative experiences, so if your kid has had a bad day at school, take them outside for a game of badminton. Make things a bit more exciting at the weekends by taking them out to a safari park in Manchester, such as Knowsley, as zoos are both active areas and informative too!

Research into the effect outdoor play on the development of children shows: kids who are allowed to run riot in green areas laugh more. Laughter is a great force for good in children. It has been proven to boost the immune system and fight off all the nasty bugs kids are susceptible to.

If your child has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention-deficit disorder (ADD), symptoms are reduced after your kid has been playing in natural areas.

Children who play outside are more likely to be open to new things, than if they’ve grown up in front of a TV screen. Kids have wonderful imaginations and being outdoors enhances this creative side of their personality. It also forges closer ties to nature; crucial for a world where environmental issues will affect them and their children adversely.

Risks of diabetes and obesity are significantly lowered by kids who play outside. Running and jumping play key roles in strengthening bones and muscles. So go outside with your children and get yourself some exercise too!

This guest post has been composed and contributed in collaboration with Knowsley Safari Park. Discover this memorable day out experience in the North West of England!

Private jet tours create a tour like no other and can be extensive and unique as one can dream of or desire.

Private jet tours are a fascinating way to travel. There are so many places to choose from all over the world. From scenic to educational destinations and more, a private jet tour offers an experience like no other. Private jet tours allow tourists to travel to several areas and fill their itineraries with the top tourist destinations with all-inclusive package pricing.

Private jet tours

Travel the western part of the United States via a private jet tour. See Yosemite National Park, the wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon or try your luck at one of the Las Vegas Casinos. Visit San Francisco and take a tour of Alcatraz. There are various tours available for several days of travel allowing visitors to tour the top sights and attractions. Often meals and hotel accommodations and entrance fees are included in the packages available. Prices can range anywhere from $1,900 and up depending on length of travel time and size of the traveling party.

A more pricey option is private jet tours of the Middle East and Asia. Some of these start at $59,950. They are luxury tours and exceptional accommodations and amenities. On these types of tours, travelers can explore the culture as well as the cuisines of China, Vietnam, Greece, India, Hungary and many more. These tours are also available to be customized according to the traveler’s preferred interests. Though quite expensive, these tours can offer an unmatched experience like no other. Take in an Arabian Nights Feast or the sights and scenes of ancient Greece.

Visit a vineyard in France or tea plantation in China. Whatever you can dream of partaking during your travels, it can be made available to you on a private jet tour of these regions. Tour the scenic sights and landscapes on a private jet tour of Africa. Experience the views and wildlife of Madagascar or take a safari adventure in Tanzania. View the spectacular sight of Victoria Falls in Zambia or visit South Africa’s Cape Town. Go off the beaten path for a little while to visit a school or take a cooking class. Explore the Luxor and the Valley of the Kings or Abu Simbel in Egypt.

Exquisite accommodations are available also for travelers rest and enjoyment. Expeditions can last up to 24 days and costs start at around $69,000 per person. Expeditions to Central and South America take tourists to the Mayan Ruins of Guatemala and the incredible Iguacu Falls, Brazil. Buenos Aires is waiting to be discovered on this tour, as well as the Wine Country of Argentina. A private jet and world-class experts are prepared to create an unbelievable and memorable travel experience. All meals including house wines, bottled water and bottle liquor are included as well as accommodations with these all-inclusive jet tour packages. Exquisite seating provides the utmost comfort for passengers as well as a highly trained flight crew.

Package prices range from $59,000 and up. The best part of private jet tours is the individualized travel experience that they can provide. Most are all-inclusive including hotel accommodations, most meals and entrance fees. Prime seating and comfortable travel is available on the jets used for private tours. There is also plenty of room available for passenger’s belongings including storage space for laptops, digital cameras and devices. Private jet tours create a tour like no other and can be extensive and unique as one can dream of or desire.

Aboriginal discovery in Australia

One of the parts of Australia’s heritage that makes the country so unique is its history with the Aboriginal people who were there long before the Europeans found the continent down under in the 18th century. After migrating over 50,000 years ago from Africa, indigenous Australians have become a compelling and fascinating part of the country’s heritage. Although currently there are just over half a million Aboriginal people in Australia, or 2.5% of the total population, their influence on Australia is undeniable.

Aboriginal discovery in Australia

Many people are familiar with the history of Australia’s Aboriginal people, more specially, the impact that this distinct cultural group has had on Australian history and culture. The various indigenous groups in the country were there for at least 40,000-50,000 years before the Dutch found the country in the 1600s and the British colonised it in 1770s. Over 200 languages were spoken by the individual groups, and the settlements were primarily in the same locations as the current cities and towns of Australia.

Whether you’re Australian or a tourist,an effort should be made to visit some of the incredibly preserved Aboriginal art and heritage. The following routes take tyou through some of the most beautiful parts of Australia, showcasing the history, heritage and art of the Aboriginal people along the way.

The Savannah Way

Linking the North Eastern state of Queensland to Western Australia through the Northern Territory, the Savannah Way goes through 15 of the country’s national parks and five World Heritage areas. The train runs through the famous Kimberley region, and visitors will pass through Darwin, on to Katherine, Timber Creek, Kununurra, Halls Creek and finish in Broome.  This trip takes about six days to complete, but driving through the beautiful Kimberley region will ensure that you see not only the coastline, but desert and tropics as well.

Explorers Highway

If you’re interested in a longer journey, the Explorers Highway is an 11 day drive from the north of Australia to the south, down the centre of the continent. Passing through the some beautiful wine regions, you’ll also be able to take a drive through the famous town of Alice Springs, see Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) and the Kings Canyon with an Aboriginal guide. You’ll also see some amazing Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park, which is a World Heritage Site.

South Australian Loop

For a one to two week drive through Australia, the South Australian Loop offers you not only a passage through the south east of the country, but you’ll drive through areas offering you unique opportunities to see kangaroos, penguins, sea lions and more. Between Arkaroola and Parachilna, you’ll see rock art, visit sacred sites, and be treated to some bush tucker.

Nature’s Way

This journey is a five day trip through the Adelaide and Mary River wetlands to World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, and back to Darwin. You’ll see the amazing crevices that the Dreamtime ancestors created in the Nourlangie Rock, and witness some amazingly preserved examples of X-ray art in the park itself. You’ll also be able to spend time exploring with an Aboriginal guide.

Sacred Sites

If you’d like to learn more about Aboriginal heritage in Australia, the sacred sites of Baiame Cave, Ban Ban Springs, and Murujuga should be top of your list of what to see. Baiame was the Creator God and Sky Father in several Indigenous groups, and a cave in the New South Wales area of Milbrodale houses numerous Wiradjuri Aboriginal paintings, one of which might depict Baiame himself.

Ban Ban Springs is the first area of Queensland to be registered formally as an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage location. It is a Dreaming place, and holds a lot of significance of the Wakka Wakka people.

Murujuga, which is also known as the Burrup Peninsula is a unique ecological and archaeological area. It contains the world’s largest and most important collection of ancient Aboriginal rock carvings, some of which might date back to 10,000 BC. Some of the most unique depict the now extinct ‘Tasmanian Tiger’.

Hopefully you’re now inspired so why not book some last minute flights, and start exploring.

Getting Cultural Experiences In Tasmania- An Island Of Inspiration

In Tasmania, the old flows neatly with the new, creating a seamless cultural fabric where everything fits. The island blooms with art and cultural influences from the ancient aboriginals and the more recent European visitors. String the markets, museums, galleries, playhouses and local events into a fine Tasmanian cultural map on your visit.

culture experience Tasmania

Give A Nod To Recent European Cultural Remnants

Explore Convict Sites

Visit the five World Heritage Convict Sites, such as Port Arthur, the Brickendon-Woolmers Estates near Longford, the Coal Mines Historic Site, the Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island and the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart.

Ponder A Previous Era

Visit the isle of the dead and Sarah Island. The isle of the dead is a fenced grave site in Port Arthur, full of the unmarked and headstone-less graves of convicts past. This area is at low sea level; European officers were buried on higher ground, as a mark of respect. Sarah Island was Tasmania’s first penal station, where convicts were imprisoned under the harshest conditions possible, felling Huon pines in the nearby rainforest. Now both convict sites are tourist sites, with walking tracks linking important sites.

Visit Colonial Landmarks

1. Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Museum

This museum is located in Beaconsfield, northern Tasmania. It is a testament to the gold rush of the past, full of machinery and hands-on, interpretive displays of how gold used to be mined, panned, melted and solidified.

2. Brickendon Historic Farming Village

This 1824 farming estate is still owned by the original family. If you want to know more about the world of early Tasmanian settlers, to their daily lives, their hard work and the conditions they lived in, this is just the place.

3. Clarendon Homestead

The Clarendon Homestead is a 19th century old homestead in the town of Clarendon, which is classified by the National Trust. The buildings in this area are beautifully preserved and a must-visit.

4. Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum

Australia’s oldest pilot station sits on the picturesque Low Head peninsula, where the Tamar River begins. This pilot station is still in use, as it has been from 1807. Explore the cottages built for European maritime pilots in 1805.

5. Maritime Museum of Tasmania

This museum charts Tasmania’s seafaring heritage and maritime history from its very beginnings till the modern day. Here you’ll find the largest collection of maritime artifacts, beautiful paintings and models of old ships.

6. National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

See the best of motor vehicles and motorcycles of Australia’s past – all 95 of them, Veteran, Exotic, Classic and Vintage. Privately owned vehicles are displayed seasonally as well.

Pay Your Respects To The Tasmanian Aboriginal Culture

The Tasmanian Aboriginal people maintain their cultural traditions via their arts in spite of the conflicts and impact of the European colonization. Tasmanian aboriginal women make beautiful shell necklaces using a traditional method that has been internationally recognized. They also make beautiful, functional and watertight baskets out of plant materials, kelp, or animal skin. Be sure to buy some of these handmade artifacts, some t-shirts with drawn aboriginal themes, aboriginal wood crafts such as spears and waddies from native hardwoods and so on. Many wooden handicrafts are stained with many colors of ochre, which has religious and spiritual significance for aboriginal people.

Go on a tour of the Tasmanian landforms and wilderness Aboriginal guides, descendants of the Trawlwoolway people. Visit spectacular rock shelters, old growth forests, mountains and waterfalls. Sample bush food, and listen to stories of how the ancient aboriginals hunted and foraged for their food. View their old hunting tools, and roam the cliff faces at Devils Gullet where aboriginals once mined rock.

Nelly is an avid adventurer and nature lover working for Adrenaline, who loves to share his experiences with others. Nelly regularly contributes freelance travel articles to adventure travel blogs.

Top 5 Adventure Lands In Singapore

People usually travel to Singapore to savor its glittering beauty, architectural grandeur and amazing food streets. However, little do they know that Singapore provides amazing adventure sports that thrills you and promises an adrenaline–driven fun on your holiday on this Lion City. Suitable for all ages, these adventure activities would completely change your outlook of this city where you’ll start regarding it as an adventurous land than a luxurious destination.

Stretched across the entire city, you can find amazing adventure sports in every corner of this city which would never let you have a dull moment. Here is the list some amazing adventure sports for families, singles or couples who dare to take on such thrilling challenges:

Ski 360 singapore

  • Ski 360(degree)

Located along the east coast park, this place offers various adventure sports such as water skiing amidst the natural and pollution free ambiance. At a time 8 people can water ski in this park where a novice can attain a speed of 30km/hr and trained persons can even surpass the speed of 50km/hr. Your skate board is connected to the motor boats which takes you around the park where you can enjoy, relax and feel re-energized with the adrenaline rush.

  • I fly Singapore
iFly Singapore

If you always wanted to skydive but was not sure about helicopter ride or bad weather then Singapore provides with the best skydiving simulator in the world. Being vertically as high as 5 storey building, this place would give you a best diving experience without having to take any life threatening chances. It has a pool of 11 trained instructors who guides you throughout the task and assists you whenever required. Your complete family can enjoy this adventure sport as it is safe and fun for people of all age groups.

  • Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure Singapore

If you have ever wondered how a Tarzan rode around the forest on ropes, then this place virtually allows you to emulate that. Filled with trespasses, ropes, Ladders, bridges this place is an adventure land in itself. One can overcome his fear of heights by making and living in your jungle trees. Many adventurous sports activities are organized in this Bedok reservoir where you can either participate individually or with family. The usual track and field event is of 2.5 hours which tests your endurance and fitness along with giving you one of the most memorable experiences ever.

  •  Borderx

BorderX singaporeIf you fancy rock or wall climbing, then this is a perfect sports destination for you. Being the tallest indoor wall climbing facility in Singapore, this place is filled with adventurous Singaporeans and tourists in search of some excitement and fun. Usage of staples, cables etc is compulsory which makes this climbing facility one of the safest and fun filled places where you can enjoy.

  •  Megazip adventure park

Megazip adventure park Singapore

Located on the Sentosa Islands, this place can give you the delight of car rides, parachute jumping, free falls etc. Promising an entertaining family time, this place would leave you thrilled, enjoyed and mesmerized. You can get a list of more of such places from Singapore visa embassy. And while Singapore has tropical weather throughout year, June and December is the best months where you can enjoy the company of hundreds of other fellow tourists.

Author Bio: Peter Lee is a consultant associated with He is a travel buff and an avid blogger, who likes to study the work and business cultures of different places.

Holidaying at a Phuket villa

Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand. It lies on the southern portion of Thailand, on the west-facing Andaman Sea shore, on the southern point of Phang Nga Province. It is actually one of tourist’s favourite destinations. Phuket features a lot to supply its guests. One of the major capabilities that Phuket offers its tourists is the villas. It has a large amount of gorgeous villas with wonderful facilities plus a lot to give its guests. Phuket provides its guests with different choices of villas to generate their lovely holiday in Thailand unforgettable. Phuket villas are really well-known amongst tourists from all over the world.

Holidaying at a Phuket villa

You can come across quite a few luxury villas in Phuket that you can rent ranging from luxury beachfront villa, service apartment villas to hilltop villas with ocean views. All of these villas can be obtainable for long-term and short-term rental. Be it a family vacation, a wedding ceremony or perhaps a corporate meeting, renting a Phuket villa might be wise. In some cases renting luxury villas in Phuket could be more affordable than staying within a luxury hotel. These villas are way much more comfortable than staying inside a hotel or possibly a guest home. You might be provided the essential privacy, silence and an atmosphere to refresh and rejuvenate.

For anyone who is a tourist, accommodation will likely be one of your most significant concerns. You will discover a lot of luxury villas in Phuket which might be appropriate for unique pockets. Staying at Phuket villas, it is possible to be assured which you will likely be offered a terrific service and a lot more relaxation than your expectation. After spending the day in the Phuket Aquarium, Crocodile Farm, FantaSea, Butterfly Farm, Chalong Temple, as well as the waterfalls, relaxing at the villa may be the first thing that a tourist wishes to do.

These days booking Phuket luxury villas is exceptionally easy. You may do it from the comfort of your house. Booking a villa online is exceptionally straightforward and saves a great deal of time and dollars. You could obtain that through peak season, people today do the bookings three to four months in advance. So in case you wish to book a Phuket villa throughout summer holidays, it can be much better you start off your booking a couple of months in advance.

Phuket is a great location to enjoy your vacation. In Phuket you’ll unquestionably feel close to nature and smell fresh air. For a excellent vacation, Phuket villa could be the greatest choice.

So the next time you are planning a vacation to Phuket, do not think much, go for a Phuket villa with out a second thought.

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Top Tips for Preparing for your Cycling holiday

A cycling holiday is a hugely rewarding and exciting way to explore the world. Read on for a guide to choosing the right kind of trip. We also take a look at training and packing considerations.

Cycling holidays

Cycling holidays are a unique way to discover the world. Cycling offers the chance to explore further than the usual tourist trail, but at a faster speed than walking or hiking. Cycling holidays are usually enjoyed by keen cyclists, but even occasional cyclists can think about taking a cycling tour. So if you’ve considered it and the thought is already sending those endorphins to your brain, then read on with this guide to planning, training and then packing for your cycling holiday.

Type of Trip
Cycling holidays are not as prescriptive as you may think and providers can usually offer a range of trips. The first choice to make is whether you take a tour or a self-guided trip. Singles looking to go on group adventure holidays may want to choose a road tour whilst those who want to explore the world for themselves can opt for a self-guided tour. Really it depends on your personality type.

Cycling holidays are usually split into grades going from leisurely or easy to tough and challenging. If you have good fitness levels and are an accomplished cyclist then obviously you can take the more challenging options, but if you’d prefer to take it easy then you’ll find you still get plenty out of the leisurely options.

Most cycling holidays do involve a few hours of bike riding every day. It is best to get yourself into a good level of fitness before you go so you can get the most out of your trip. Obviously most of us don’t have the time to go for a few hours of cycling every day but providing you are enjoying a decent amount of fitness every week you should be fine.

You will also need to be up to speed on bike repairs and maintenance. If you are fairly new to cycling make sure you understand the basics such as changing a tyre and adapting your seat.

Holidays will nearly always provide you with a choice of hire bike which you can research and book in advance. But many cyclists like to use their own bike which they know and understand already. Obviously if you take your own bike remember to check it is covered by your travel insurance.

Clothes wise you need light clothing which keeps your skin covered to protect you from the sun, but also pack plenty of high factor sun lotion. Lots of socks, decent shoes, a suitable day bag and waterproof clothing are all essential too.

A cycling holiday tends to offer a great mix of exercise, sightseeing and socialising whilst giving you the chance to cover a lot of ground and catch the hidden gems. Plan carefully as to which kind of holiday you want to take and what you need to pack.

Anna Mathews is a regular writer for adventure travel blogs. She enjoys cycling and group adventure holidays and fits in as many as she can each year.

Canada – Awesome Cruise Idea

Canada has been recently pointed as the most preferred country for business start, career growth, family life, getting married and children birth, starting a fascinating life with no regrets and easy chance to be taken and realized into great opportunities. The high living rate in the country makes it an awesome tourist destination, as well. This is a logical transfiguration, because knowing about the great lifestyle and standards, the tourists can be quickly convinced that Canada is a pleasant and charming land to have a vacation, an expedition or relaxing holiday for romantic couples.

Getting to Canada and to the main local landmarks is usually accompanied by long and exhausting airplane flights. After such a traveling, most of you will need at least half a day for recreation and sleeping to recover from the airport stress and the backaches. Though, we would like to offer you a better idea to meet the great Canadian culture by visiting most of the sublime places and attractions in the country. And awesome cruise idea that involves the lands of Canada could become an anti stress program for your summer or a pleasant conception for a family vacation.

The exciting cruise idea we recommend you will give the chance to see the most incredible and fascinating places of the eastern provinces in Canada. Canada’s Maritime Provinces, for instance, are those coastal sides and public beaches that are usually impossible to be reached by any other transportation. Of course, choosing the ship you will be traveling on must consists of nice mobile vacation homes with personalized extras and luxury additions. A cruise means living as a rich person for a weak sometimes, so do not be scrooge, while choosing your tour operator or ship. Furthermore, the usual vacation rentals on the land often do not come to our expectations. However living on a ship is a one lifetime experience that is itself an adrenaline.

Passing by the different and various regions of the coastal side in Canada, you will definitely come upon the oldest Canadian city. Saint John is a superb district, where three levels of cultural influence and inheritance form the enigmatic air and atmosphere here. Old English and Irish architecture styles still preserve in the local residential districts of the city. On the other hand, Saint John is this Canadian town, where the influence of Eastern Europe is the strongest. We will feel it in the local cuisine and some of the traditions among the origin families here.

Halifax is the Bay you will stop by during your awesome cruise across Canada, where you can admire the gorgeous ocean sides and the public beaches with the most luxury amenities in the country. Halifax, as a matter of fact, is known as the Canada’s Ocean Playground. It is situated on a beautiful hilly seaport, where striking rocky formations are making the “exterior” even more incredible and impressive. PEI is known as the island of the Prince Edward Island (as the abbreviation says). The royal atmosphere here will strike you the moment your ship will moor on the bay. Though, you will be able to have a quick walk only among the nearest streets, because your cruise must continue and land right in Sydney. Here, you have the entire time to see all of the brilliant and attractive landmarks of the Canadian capital.

Car rental services: A best way to enjoy the country

The billeje USA services are very much in demands as they are the best way to explore this amazing country. Different cities of USA can be seen in very relaxed manner as these cars offers high quality services. Round the clock services are offered by them, right on the door step at any point of time. One can book them as per the choice by considering the budget and the purpose. With so many different amazing cities, it becomes difficult to select the best one for the trip. Like Chicago, it is liked by many people for its amazing sightseeing locations. One car rent a car and can enjoy all the various aspects of the city in the best way. In terms of size and population, this city comes in the second place after New York City.

billeje car rentals services

It is said that thousands of people come to New York City every month for one of the other reason; in such case the rental cars help them in going to different areas for personal or professional purpose. There are many monuments, galleries and parks which can be seen by taking the rental car. Even the shopping areas can be enjoyed to the fullest, as New York offers many great streets. Other than these two cities, one can also have some fun time in the city of sins, Las Vegas. Popular bars and casinos can be explored in the best way; these cars offer all the varieties of car so one can select them accordingly. For luxurious travelling experience, one can book the big cars like limousine, SUV, etc. they offer the experience of travelling in style.

Yellowstone National Park is a must to visit during the trip to USA as it is the world’s first national park. The views of the place is amazing and it offers many billeje usa different adventures, by renting a car it becomes easy to enjoy all the various aspects as halts can be taken as per the need. Unlike the public transports, there are no issues on time or on stops and speed. For the beach lovers, Miami and Hawaii are two best cities to visit. Different beaches can be enjoyed during the visit as every beach has its uniqueness and significance. Even different clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping areas can be enjoyed by taking the help of rental car services.

Other than the above mentioned cities, there are many more popular cities in USA like Los Angeles, Washington, DC, San Francisco, New Orleans, etc. which can also be visited by taking the help of these car rental services. Best is to make the bookings in advance after confirming the dates of trip to the country so that the best car is availed at reasonable rates for better travelling.

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Eclectic Experiences In The Sandy Beaches And Rocking Hotels In Goa

I had heard my friends in college raving about Goa and the Goan spirit of ‘Sussegado’, which means timeless fun. I could never tear myself from their tales about the stunning beaches, cold beers, the liberated spirit of the foreigners and eager explorers! So when my husband asked me where I wanted to go for a honeymoon, it didn’t even take a fraction of a second to scream out ‘Goa’! For a few days the resounding mantra to all whom I could lay my hands was “we are going to Goa”!

Of course this promising journey started from the beaches and the bohemian spirit jolted us! It was fun to see bikini-clad foreigners flaunt their skin, alcohol flowing freely and vendors selling their wares. The sun-kissed beaches in North Goa like Baga, Calangute and Anjuna stole my heart and we were happy that time or budget did not stop us from visiting Goa!

It was not just fun, frolic and enjoyment but it literally changes the state of your mind and every moment I spent here can be labeled under “Happy Hours of my life”! The friendliness of the people here is also infectious and I was dumbstruck to see unknown strangers greeting each other and all of them sported an attitude “life is just to celebrate and no worries whatsoever!”

The experience was nothing like I ever imagined and I really did not expect to fall in love with this place headlong! Let’s take a peek-a-boo on some good hotels and the things you should do when you visit in Goa. A crash-course on how to maximize the merriment, cheer and the joy of your Goan trip and of course some not-so-pleasant experiences that should be taken with a pinch of a salt!

  • Bogmallo Beach Resort: I wanted to know what’s so special of this resort when our guide recommended it but when I stepped into its lounge I was mesmerized by its beauty! This hotel is right on the sea and when we had our candlelit dinner in the open-air restaurant, we could see the waves lashing on the parapets and hear the drone of the restless sea!

We had chosen the Beach cottages as these quiet and private hideaways with the cozy balconies and king-size bed was perfect for our honeymoon! The restaurant ‘Coconut grove’ was superb and it was designed like a beach shack…With soft music in the background and delicious Goan dishes on the table, it was really an awesome dining experience except when the bills were presented to us! My hubby’s eyes popped out seeing the price of the coffee and I couldn’t stop laughing my guts out!

  • Alila Diwa Goa: When we started our rounds to South Goa, we shifted our bag and baggage to Alila Diwa Goa in Majorda, South Goa. Can tell you it was a perfectly romantic experience with the beautiful sea views, champagne, strawberries, chocolate and the complete works! The Spa here was an affair to remember with outdoor patio, private Jacuzzi and the chill shower was really awesome after a day spent in the beach! But what I couldn’t fathom was though they had said that they had back up for power …there was complete black out for a few minutes …and that really gave me the creeps in a new place!
  • Tucked Away Hidden Beauty spot! I have heard of the adage ‘beauty and the beast’ but when I visited the tucked away beaches like Morjim, Ashwem and Manderm I could coin a new term ‘beauty and the beaches’! It is great to enjoy a picnic and there are some great seaside delicacies that you can enjoy from the beach side shacks here…it will surely etch a mark in your memory! The best thing is that it is not commercialized and only very few tourists come here.
  • Night life in Goa! A Goan trip is not complete without experiencing the night life and much fanfare is always made of the parties in sandy beaches under moonlight! So we decided to go to Club Antoos Disco. The huge and pulsating dance floor, the large pub and the party lovers jiving to the wonderful music beats was a great experience!

I enjoyed to my heart’s content and it is rightly said the first time you come to Goa its satiating an urge, but after the second visit, it becomes a life-long tradition! So if you plan a trip to Goa book some good hotels in Goa and set aside a few days from your busy schedule as you cannot tear yourself away from its beauty and pampering!

About the Author : Aakesh Adhikari is an Independent travel consultant and blogger who loves to explore new destinations. Check out his travel portal to learn more. It is about the things that are cool about travel, that inspire us to travel.

Kerala Holidays: Visit seven wonderlands of Kerala

Kerala is one of the greenest lands on the earth that is the perfect portrait of South India tourism. Kerala is also known by several names some call it as “Green Strip Land”, others call it as a “God’s Own Country” and sometimes it can be called as “Paradise on the Earth”. This southern India destination has myriad sites to see but the distinct backwater of Kerala can be enjoyed in unique way as well. Backwaters of Kerala are most exciting journey that takes you to the crystal clear water land where the marine life of waters can be immensely enjoyed. Kerala offers wide array of tourism sites where you can experience the lifestyle of Keralians with great pleasure.


  • Trivandrum: Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala that is also known by its proper name of Thiruvananthapuram. Trivandrum is the gateway of many sprawling hills that are surrounded by English government buildings and besides, you can see numerous local traditional wooden houses. Apart from these, several museums, art galleries, temples and zoo can be visited In Trivandrum also.
  • Kovalam: Kovalam is a beach town in Trivandrum that is world renowned as well as a famous Padmanabha Swamy Temple is situated there too. Kovalam is another side, a former fishing village where you can find pleasant weather all the time and having a beautiful beach resort also. The Kovalam beach is also known as the “Paradise of the South” and it creates unique ambience of seashore.
  • Alleppey: Alleppey is recognized for its crystalline blue backwater that is also known as “The Venice of the East”. Alleppey is dotted with immense natural beauties that showcase the picture of Kerala’s culture and traditions. This city is home tof many Shree Krishna Temples that are all major tourist hubs of Alleppey. There are a number of recreational activities conducted every year in Alleppey such as boat races and etc. Alleppey is also popular for houseboats, beaches, marine and coir products.
  • Cochin: Cochin or Kochi is the significant commercial place as well as it is also known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea”. It is now the main commercial center of Kerala and having one of the supreme natural harbors in the world. Cochin is the houses of Chinese fishing nets, Dutch buildings, Portuguese artistic, British monuments etc. The prime attractions of Cochin are such as Kumarakom that is a unique backwater tour of Cochin and also there is a Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary in Cochin and Bolghatty Palace which is a famous palace of Cochin and it was built by the Dutch dynasty.
  • Kumarakom: Kumarakom is the divine destination of South India that is special because of its backwaters. This idyllic town is blessed with many mangrove forests, lush paddy fields and coconut groves. There are lots of waterways and canals situated in Kumarakom as well.  Vambanad Lake offers you have fun with famous snake boat races that are held during Onam festival and other popular Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a home to varieties of birds that include waterfowl, cuckoo, owl, ducks and migratory birds and many others.
  • Munnar: Munnar is the hill station site that was constructed by the British planters and it takes three hours from Kerala to reach Munnar. It is the charming land of tropical forest, carpeted with green tree, rolling hills and many more.
  • Wayanad: Wayanad is the delightful landscape of Kerala that provides beautiful panorama of natural vistas and also mist clad hills. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is the famous for abundant flora and fauna where you can see wide variety of wildlife forms. The fast flowing river of Wayanad provides unique beauty of river and there are two important festivals celebrated in Wayanad that include like Thirunelli Festival and Valliyoorkavu Festival.

Puja Yadav is a travel devotee she take a trip to India and she enjoy her Kerala Holidays. She enjoys exotic delicacies, swimming, hanging out with friends and losing her mind to house music. She happily shares her personal experiences with the readers through her creative India Blogs and articles.

Four Inexpensive Mediterranean holidays

Mediterranean holidays

Are you looking for a budget holiday this summer? Although it can be a tad difficult to find a holiday destination that’s easy on your pocket and alluringly attractive at the same time – it is not in fact impossible. Holidays in the Mediterranean can be surprisingly inexpensive and below is a concise overview to show you how just how affordable certain  locations can be, while not compromising on the spectacular summer, the beautiful beaches, the rich culture, and the delicious cuisine.


Greece is an incredible country with an amazing varied landscape; from rugged mountains to gentle hills, to large expanses of creamy white sand with buildings clustered around the harbours, Greece is a hub for cultural enthusiasts as well as the general fun-lover. The Melissani cave (accessible by an underground boat trip), the Corfu Archaeological Museum, the shipwreck at Smuggler’s Cove and so on. Besides these sight-seeing hotspots, Greece also offers many options of snorkelling, scuba diving, rock-climbing, trekking, golfing, and cycling.


Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and offers tremendous budget holiday options with some stellar night life to look forward to. Paphos is the main tourist hub of the country and there are many resorts to choose from, such as Protaras that is ideal for both family trips as well as romantic holidays. Towns like Polis and Larnaca offer both outdoor activities in the form of adventure sports and rich historical insights with their old traditional buildings and crafts. Whether you prefer a cultural trip with archaeologically oriented travelling, a more casual sports-oriented one or just plain old relaxing, Cyprus has something for every tourist.

Mainland Spain

Spain attracts tourists with its brilliant climate, cultural heritage, and some unparalleled scenery. With golden yellow sand beaches, clear sparkling waters and evening and night entertainment – Spain has something for every kind of soul. Irrespective of whether you are quiet and reticent or loud and fun-loving, there is something for everyone in Spain. With the many different “Costas” to choose from – Costa Del Almeria, Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol; a holiday in Spain can be as long and as diverse as you want it to be. Besides the usual range of sport activities like trekking, scuba diving and the like – Costa Del Almeria also offers windsurfing and mountain biking.


An incredible country at the crossroads of continents, Turkey houses the best of both the East and the West. It is bordered by four seas – Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Sea of Marmara, and Aegean and has been one of the centres of the civilised world for 3000 years. As well as the delights of Istanbul and the Islands, there are also many cheap Turkey holidays that offer a wide range of summer activities like adventure sports. From trekking, horse-riding and paragliding, to numerous water-sports like scuba diving and white water rafting on the beaches or inland, the coasts and islands of Turkey allows you to have the holiday you want. If you are looking for a more intellectual holiday, there are many cultural sights to visit, such as the Aya Sofya – Istanbul’s famous monument built by Emperor Justinian, the ancient Bodrum Amphitheatre that is now an open-air museum and Ephesus: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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